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Let’s be TRUTH TELLERS To Independent-Thinking Women:

CONTRACEPTIVES:    *If the government gives you free contraceptives…do you really think you’ll get to choose the kind you PREFER?”

Whatever Happened to CALIFORNIA? Socialism.

California isn’t a state…it’s a PLANET.  Living by its won rules, enjoying the world’s best weather, and slowly sinking into an ocean of red ink.  Read here how the State of California, Democratic bureaucrats, and 40 years of over-indulged social programs has WRECKED our greatest state.

Romney Campaign Hires Controversial Adviser?

Worried?  Mitt Romney nails down the nomination and starts to turn to the Left by bringing on a communications expert who is from the gay community?

There are many top professionals who are gay and have served in ALL Republican administrations.  Here’s the story, and where Romney REALLY stands.


Obama and his team are trying to BUY the VOTES of Independent women by offering free contraception in this election year.  Are our votes for sale?  Here are some easy talking points to help you tell your friends the truth about this cunning political ploy.

Enlightened Women Are EVERYWHERE…But Especially In Northern California!

It’s time for ALL women who are worried about the economy to be in the SAME Party.  The “Keep Your Hands Off Our Paychecks” Party.  Enlightened Women of Northern California are leading the way.   Pick up some tips…from them!

It’s About Jobs: Why Governor Haley Picked Romney

Governor Haley Endorses Mitt RomneySouth Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has come out in support of Mitt Romney to be the GOP Presidential nominee just in time to help Romney in the Iowa Caucuses.

The Iowa polls are very fluid and candidates like Newt Gingrich are hitting radical highs and then coming right back down to earth. Ron Paul is now barely the front runner, but Romney looks to be picking up those leaving Gingrich.

Bill Cosby Remembers Mothers…His Way

Take a breather and enjoy Bill Cosby sharing one of his great comic routines about Mothers.

Messy rooms.  Crime and Punishment.

And most of all?

About how Dad’s skirt of all of these issues!


The Economic Downturn Hits CNN

CNN announces sizable cutbacks in all staff.  Cable News Networks and the Big Three broadcasting networks are gasping for advertising dollars and trying to run leaner organizations because alternative sources for news, like The Kitchen Cabinet’s Front Page, offers honest, fast news for busy Americans.   This latest set of layoffs is going to hurt CNN.  Read how money will affect HOW you get your news in this coming, crucial election year.

Be Nice To Rick Perry Day- Sonja Eddings Brown

Governor Rick PerryHonestly?  I don’t think Rick Perry ever really wanted to run for President.  Perhaps his wife WANTED him to run.  Southern Conservatives came to the statehouse and invited him to run as an alternative to Mitt Romney.  Some key national political fundraisers flashed big numbers in front of his face, and how flattering must that have been?  And by the way, Rick Perry is also termed out in Texas.  Looking towards the Oval Office was probably a nice alternative to becoming an emeritus member of the Dallas Republican Club.”

The Real Herman Cain

Herman Cain stepped into the hot lights of the media today and faced the growing allegations against him.  The Kitchen Cabinet catches you up on the politics, the innuendo, and the new accuser to come forward.  If Herman Cain thought he could quiet the speculation today, he was wrong.