About Us

The Kitchen Cabinet 

For over six years,The Kitchen Cabinet has been a source of independent political news, information and analysis for women. By uniting over a hundred thousand of the most engaged leaders of women across the U.S., The Kitchen Cabinet has become a leader and a trusted source for some 25 million a week.

The mission of The Kitchen Cabinet is to unite and inform economically-concerned women: Those who work inside and outside their homes, those with and without economic power. Women who devote themselves to their communities and who rock the cradles of the next generation.

In the 1960’s John Kennedy gathered his own “Kitchen Cabinet” of trusted, personal, and influential advisers who met in The White House dining area.  In the 1980’s Ronald Reagan formed his own “kitchen cabinet”  of close, personal advisers.  Today, it is time for tried and tested women to form their own KITCHEN CABINET.  To unite their votes, and be truthtellers about the economy.