Marine Defends His Right To Bear Arms

Corporal Joshua Boson, left, on the front lines.One former U.S. Marine says NO.  He isn’t parting with his automatic rifle, or his right to bear arms.  Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein and others say the time has come to limit the availability of such dangerous weapons in America, and to have more information on those who DO buy guns.  What do you think is best for

No. Carolina Democratic Party: “GOP Is Declaring War On Women”

NC Claims GOP war on womenThe North Carolina Democratic Party is putting out ads claiming that the GOP is declaring all out war on “women” — at least on Democratic women. NC politics has undergone some upheaval with reapportionment and they have lost some districts and now are fighting amongst themselves.

As usual, scratch a Democrat and you get a whiner . . .

Thanksgiving… Sarah Palin’s Way

A Personal Thanksgiving Reflection by Sarah Palin:

This Thanksgiving my family will bundle Trig up and grin while we watch him through ice-frosted eyelashes as he curiously takes in all that is around him in the crisp open air. I hope your Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to find that reminder of what really matters, too. For me, my perfect picture of thankfulness is my perfectly awesome son. With him, all is well with my soul and I know I am blessed.

Most Frequently Stolen Passwords

Your password.  It’s probably a crafty combination of an old address, your first boyfriend’s last name, and your birthday?  If only we were all so calculating!  Too often, women in particular choose passwords that are easy to remember, and easy to break through. Promise your password isn’t, “password.”  Because according to, and Splashdata’s annual list of “worst internet passwords”, THAT tops the list of passwords NOT to use:

Who Called The Police In The Penn State Scandal? A Woman.

The Kitchen Cabinet received this post today from Fox Sports, and thought it prescient:     “I have news for … any … man trying to rationalize McQueary’s behavior:    If that had been a woman, damn right, she runs into the shower to save the boy.   I am a mom. And what I know for sure after 2-1/2 years on that job is there is nothing more scary than the thought of your kid hurting…..

What You Don’t Know About Mormonism Won’t Hurt You

CNBC takes a peek into some things voters may not know about Mormonism, and Mitt Romney.  Just six weeks away from the New Hampshire Primary, Romney is likely to play a role in the GOP in 2012, if not as the nominee, perhaps as Vice President.  Interesting and honest info here.

Calling All Mothers

Who wasn’t involved in the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s sickening abuse of young boys.  How could so many family men sleep at night knowing the secrets they were keeping?  A warning for parents about the prevalence of such sexual predators in our schools, our communities, and our homes.  To make things worse, Sandusky is on the taxpayer payroll…even now.

Worst Paying College Degrees & Highest Paying College Degrees

If you were going to go back to college, what degree would you pursue?  In’s new survey, you might be surprised which college diploma’s deliver the best starting salary.  Of course today, ANY job is a good job.  At almost any salary.   Check out the lowest, and the highest paying diplomas in 2011.

Bill Cosby Remembers Mothers…His Way

Take a breather and enjoy Bill Cosby sharing one of his great comic routines about Mothers.

Messy rooms.  Crime and Punishment.

And most of all?

About how Dad’s skirt of all of these issues!


In The Military? Run Don’t Walk To MilitaryConnection.Com

If you are a military family, or have friends and loved ones who have served, they need to know about  It’s one-stop shopping for all of the valuable information, benefits, educational resources, calculators, products and personal help that a soldier or his or her family could need.  And not so surprising?  It is the work of a woman…who is Changing America.  Meet a real patriot:  Debbie Gregory of Simi Valley, California.  She might inspire you to start YOUR own business.