History Repeats Itself: Eric Holder To Follow Watergate’s JOHN MITCHELL?
June 3, 2013


ERIC HOLDER CHANNELS WATERGATE Attorney General John Mitchell.  Refresh your memory as to WHY John Mitchell resigned in disgrace and went to PRISON.  It’s so similar, it’s scary:

“Mr. Mitchell, the nation’s only Attorney General to be imprisoned, was the last of 25 Watergate defendants to go to prison, serving 19 months for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and lying under oath. He left prison in 1979 and was disbarred. The scandal forced President Nixon to resign in 1974.

John N. MitchellWhen he took over the Justice Department in 1969, Mr. Mitchell said, ”I am first and foremost a law-enforcement officer.”

Almost immediately, he embarked on a series of activities that the courts would later hold to be in violation of the Constitution. At first, they were directed chiefly against foes of the Vietnam War and black militants, then against officials and journalists suspected of leaking damaging information, finally against politicians from George Wallace to George McGovern who were deemed threatening to what was seen as the precarious position of Mr. Nixon.”




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