Jay Leno Pitches Softball Questions To Obama
August 7, 2013

ObamaLenoTonightShowJAY WE HARDLY KNEW YOU! During Tuesday night’s Tonight Show Leno tip-toed over the word “Benghazi” and worked straight through The White House TALKING POINTS! Thinking no one would notice that he threw softballs to the President? It was like a brand new Hollywood-version prez:

-Suggests that the unemployed should WORK for their benefits by building bridges and other infrastructure?

-Thinks immigrants should pay a penalty, back taxes and “go to the back of the line?” (JUST AS LONG AS THEY CAN VOTE)

-That he’s ALL about jobs, decent, affordable healthcare, and a “ladder” into the Middle Class? (Where ARE the jobs?)

-Obamacare “If you don’t have healthcare you don’t have to do ANYTHING!!!!!” (that’s an understatement…)

-TRAYVON MARTIN: He “wasn’t perfect and neither were you or I Jay” You weren’t in Florida either Mr. President, and whether he was “just like you” has nothing to do with his guilt or innocence.

-And he closed with MICHELLE OBAMA’S health foods success!

As a parting gift, Leno was given an autographed Matchbox car version of the presidential limousine. Our superstar President was gone having given a national, 45 minute campaign speech, without anyone HOLDING HIM ACCOUNTABLE…for ANYTHING.



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