Making 2013 Your Year Of Contentment
January 1, 2013

New Year’s Football can’t last forever!

By Sonja Eddings Brown,

We can delay a few more hours.  Dig into ranch dip, and pretend like football games are the most important thing on our agenda.  But this week we move into a new era in America, and no one can stop it.

While four more years of an Obama “vacation” administration will be hard to take, most voters realize that nothing in the country HAS really changed, or WILL really change.  We are hopelessly stuck in the tar of beltway self-interests, opportunism, and discord.  Democrats have jobs.  Republicans do not.  Capitol Hill’s lobbying industry is

This January day is hard to look forward to, but there’s no stopping it.

more secure than ever. A new flock of interns and newly-minted “electeds” will arrive and be taught the same old tricks.

The Senate is controlled by Dems.  The House controlled by Republicans.  The White House….will continue to be controlled by the Left.

The most important lesson for women and their families to learn from the billion dollar battle of 2012, is that Washington is not watching out for US.  Washington is watching out for Washington.  It’s time for Americans and their families to find ways to protect themselves from the institutions which are swinging away from our best interests.

Move if you have to…but don’t let your kids waste away in a poor public school,

If your public school is betraying you, leave it.  Find a charter school as close to home as possible. Charter schools are sprouting up everywhere and are not controlled by failing school districts.




Family FIRST.


Instead of building our families around our standard of living,  return to the truly rich years when Americans built their standard of living around their FAMILIES.




Get ahead of your own money…by learning more about it.

Don’t panic over the new taxes coming your way, get smart about your own money.  Single moms have a handful of options in the tax code which can provide a tiny bit of shelter.  Find a close and trusted friend or acquaintance who is a professional accountant and get some advice.



Even if your only hope is to find an old paperback written by top financial helper, Suze Orman, get started!  Start getting AHEAD of raising taxes by being smart about your own funds.  Be inventive about WHERE you live, WHAT you do to scrape by for a living, and about WHAT kind of future you want to have.  Make 2013 your year to DIRECT YOUR OWN LIFE.




Don’t be victimized by Obamacare.  There is no better healthcare than CARING about your own health.  The internet can be the best friend of any single mom, any daughter taking care of her aging parents, or anyone trying to understand his or her own health.  Explore credible healthcare sites provided by masters of medicine like the Mayo Clinic and others.  In today’s world, patients and parents should consult with doctors, not abdicate responsibility to medical professionals who may or may not know you well.  Today’s internist’s offices are filled more and more with folks who haven’t been able to take care of themselves.  Let’s make room for those who really need the care of a physician and treat ourselves with more sleep, exercise of any kind, moderate diets.  Support systems of great friends or trusted family members are also indispensable. In the 21st century, exercise, eating smart, massage therapy, and having the support of friends, a faith community, or just a companion to talk to, can make a big difference in your physical and mental health.


Don’t let the Media control your day.   Journalism is a lost art in the major media.  This is not an easy statement to make, but informed  Americans knows it’s true.  There are infinite internet sources available to learn the news of the day.  Read, compare, and make up your own mind.  But simply because national and international happenings can seep into the innocence of every day, doesn’t mean you have to permit it.  Check the news when you are hungry to know.  Don’t let “breaking news” control your day.  The news that really matters is what’s going on between the four walls of your own home.

No replacement for good friends.

Finally, take a look at your  relationships.  Your most personal bonds.  Can you improve them?  Would you like to have a second chance, repair bad feelings, rebuild trust in your family or with your parents? The most important glue of our lives, is not money.  It’s not our jobs.  Isn’t it relationships that matter?Instead of counting the days to the Inaugural, inaugurate a new, and committed relationship with your son or daughter, your wife or ex-wife, friends, or extended family.

The greatest power in our universe is not Washington.

It’s hope.


Feeling in control of our own destinies.

Washington isn’t going to rebuild America.







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