Hillary Has Canker Sores…Can’t Testify
December 28, 2012

Such a long walk to Capitol Hill?

Is Hillary Clinton  one of the most capable women of our time, or one of the most capable and completely self-interested women of our time?

Today Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit reports the Secretary now is probably unable to testify before congress because she has CANKER SORES!

Just when Mrs. Clinton had rehabilitated her debatable record in Washington and Arkansas for that matter, she returns to her old behaviors from White House days. Lies and deception.

What IS so secret about the Benghazi tragedy?

She obviously holds the truth to the Benghazi murders.  For many reasons, not the least of which is covering for the President of the United States, she continues to refuse to do her duty and testify before Congress.

John Boehner should call out the U.S. Marshals.

First Mrs. Clinton wasn’t available to testify when called by House committees investigating the Benghazi tragedy, because she would be “travelling.”

Not feeling well…or waiting out the clock?

Then Mrs. Clinton wasn’t available because she fainted from the flu, hit her head, and experienced a concussion.

Now Hot Air reports that Secretary of State Clinton won’t be available to testify before Congress because she has bad canker sores?  Or is she just waiting out the clock hoping that her term will run out?



Clinton has pledged to remain in the job until Kerry is confirmed, which Obama said he was confident would happen “quickly.” The Senate is expected to take up Kerry’s nomination in early January, but multiple Republican senators have already said they won’t agree to a vote on Kerry’s nomination until Clinton testifies about the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi. Illness and a concussion has prevented Clinton from appearing thus far.

Kerry…waiting in the wings. It’s HIS turn after all.

Clinton promised to appear before Congress at one point, but the State Department backpedaled from that position quickly after it became public.  State then said that Clinton couldn’t testify until after Congress received the report from the Accountability Review Board’s investigation into Benghazi, which they hinted Congress might not see for another 90 days — or possibly never see in its entirety. They got the ARB report last week, at which point State announced the resignations of four officials who never actually resigned at all.  Accountability!

So yes, there are plenty of questions to ask Hillary Clinton about the “systemic failures” and “leadership and management deficiencies” that arose under her command at State, now that Congress has seen the report.  There are plenty of questions to ask Hillary Clinton about the surreal resignation dodge of the past week.  Asking those questions requires her presence, however, and it’s becoming clear that Hillary has no intention of submitting herself to those lines of inquiry in public.  She and State are trying to run out the clock and leave John Kerry in position to deal with the aftermath.

The Obama administration is hiding the truth on Benghazi.  Secretary of State Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Vice President Joe Biden, and President Obama are all complicit in a cover-up of the murders of four Americans.  If top secret military or intelligence missions were at stake, they

Pledging allegiance to……US or THEM?

should testify in closed session and EXPLAIN.  But the facts are that these four top government leaders marched into an airplane hangar and received the dead, lied to the families of the dead about an Islamic video, and have continued to lie about the entire episode to all of America.

It may simply have been to protect the most important re-election of our time, and to insure that voters did not witness a perfect and dangerous example of Obama’s weakness as Commander-In-Chief.

Regardless of the motive, the administration is lying to us.

Where is the Free Press? Why is the media not holding the administration accountable as was always the case in Watergate, Iran/Contra, and every other White House scandal you can name?




14 Responses to “Hillary Has Canker Sores…Can’t Testify
December 28, 2012

  1. Why is she trying to protect Obama?  She knows he’s right at the epicenter of the Benghazi scandal.  Why won’t the media hold B.O.’s feet to the fire for his ineptitude, disastrous policies and just plain failure?   Isn’t part of equal opportunity the equal responsibility for one’s mistakes?  Or does the affirmative action (not legitimately elected, either) president get yet another pass? 

    Hillary get off your fat pantsuited rump and tell the truth!  Problem is, we still haven’t gotten the truth about Vince Foster and the others who mysteriously ended up dead during the Clinton administration because they must have known too much too!  

  2. Because she and her husband reign the White through the Obama administration. They never intended to leave, and didn’t. 

  3. It’s all about the Musical Chairs going on at State; the Barbarian Ruling Elites will reward their own, punish those who threaten them. Nothing will come of this other than already Planned by the Controllers. How can the Warden let the inmates make choices, especially when the prisoners voted to be put in chains?

  4. Do you want the real, truthful answer to why the media won’t hold B.O.’s feet to the fire for his ineptitude?  The real, truthful answer that nobody will utter is, because he is black.  Bottom line.  That’s all that needs to be said because that is the truth.

  5. She’s waiting for a sweeter Bribe from the OB Admin.  She’s not stupid.  It takes the right price to lie under oath…

  6. This is totally unbelievable, not that ‘they’ stoop to such lies…but that people BELIEVE the kind of flapdoodle put out by our “leaders.”

  7. If you want the media to do its job, elect Republicans.

  8. YOU have it already..what are you trying to pull on me..Just get that lying commie in to testify..now…she’s been theatrical for far too long…and she is every bit the traitor that b.o. is….every excuse in the book..and THAT book is getting every bit as big as the 2700 pg. one.

  9. How long does this moderation take..??  I really do still have a free speech, don’t I??

  10. Where did it go, please??

  11. Just proves that incompetence knows no race/sex barriers.  There was an interview on CNN BEFORE the attack where they stated quite clearly that they planned to destroy the embassy, there was no mention of any video during this interview. I believe that was completely concocted by The Administration as an attempt to cover up their incompetence of office. Seriously, does anyone here think that John Kerry will be any less incompetent?  I will admit one thing though, the “old cronies” system work well for the democrats. “Can’t make it to president? whats ok, we’ll find some place for you….how about Secretary of _______ !” (fill in blank)

  12. Just like to offer some mediating thoughts. We agree that the entire country and especially the Cabinet should be furious with Secretary Clinton’s dodging. John Kerry will be no less self-interested, and Hillary Clinton is always seemingly out for HILLARY.

    But we take exception with the rude comments in this strain. Disappointed to be honest. The Kitchen Cabinet wants constructive and thoughtful remarks. Even venting. But not profane or vicious attacks. Don’t you agree that gets us NOWHERE? And marginalized our point of view?

  13. You could be quite right here. Not a bribe, but a promise…and possibly for the Supreme Court. If she is too tainted however, she won’t be app provable!

  14. Don’t you think the lies & cover-ups have gone on long enough? Aren’t you tired of the race card being played when it appears that constructive criticism is so damaging to this administration? The truth Hurts they say, so own up to it! They will not. Think Benghazi &n 4 men  who were murdered! These could of been our fathers, husbands, sons,or brothers. What Justices did these men or their families get? The answer is NONE. Instead they watched in real time as they died! The last two men could of been saved or maybe all. No one will ever know because the command to Stand Down was given! The Deceiver In Chief is the Commander of our military forces. The buck stops with him & all of his Cronies! They were murdered because they knew too much & were a liability, so they had to be silenced to the dastardly deeds they knew! Is it something to know if you get in this administrations way, you are wiped out!