Egypt’s Military Coup d’état Ends Mohammed Morsi Government
July 3, 2013

Morsi Government EndsThe government of the Muslim Brotherhood party’s President Mohammed Morsi ended today in a mostly-non-violent military-led coup. Morsi is currently under house arrest and Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has announced the suspension of the constitution. The Egyptian Armed Forces then released this roadmap back to a democratically-elected government:

-“Suspending the constitution provisionally;

-The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court will declare early presidential elections;

-Interim period until president elected. Chief Justice will have presidential powers;

-A technocrat, capable national government will be formed;

-The committee will offer all its expertise to review the new constitution;

-The Supreme Constitutional Law will address the draft law and prepare for parliamentary elections;

-Securing and guaranteeing freedom of expression, freedom of media;

-All necessary measures will be taken to empower youth so they can take part in decision-making processes;

-The EAF appeal to the Egyptian people with all its spectrum to steer away from violence and remain peaceful. The Armed Forces warn it will stand up firmly and strictly to any act deviating from peacefulness based on its patriotic and historic responsibility.”

This coup d’état resulted from Morsi’s attempts to morph Egypt from a secular state like Turkey into an Islamic state in the mold of Iran. The Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi’s party, had been promoting jihad and world-wide domination by Islamic rule. The people of Egypt, who had put Morsi into power one year ago after massive protests led to the end of eight decades of military rule, had soured on Morsi and in massive protests over the last week, demanded that he work with the opposition parties and agree to a more compromised approach to governance. Morsi refused.

Anti Obama Sentiment In EgyptThe Egyption Armed Forces then sided with the people and gave the President a 48 hour deadline to begin making compromises. After Morsi again refused, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi began taking control of the country. At this time, all Muslim Brotherhood TV stations have been silenced and Morsi has been moved to an unknown location.

The Obama administration which has been a strong supporter of Morsi was trying to pressure him into working with the opposition so as to avoid another change in Egypt’s government. Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had refused to help former President Hosni Mubarak when his government was in crisis citing his rule as being dictatorial. During these latest protests, the Egyptian people have made no secret of their distaste for the United State’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Morsi and his plans for the Islamization of Egypt. Plans which the military have now rendered mute.



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