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The GOP: Will Karl Rove Ever Win A National Election Again….

20131107-072444.jpgConservatives, Independents, and wounded Republicans will never win another major election with telephones, door knocks and direct mailing. TV ads won’t do it. Stellar debate performances won’t be enough. Even an enchanting candidate may not be able to overcome the advantage that Obama’s ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA has crafted through sophisticated online data and outreach.

EXCLUSIVE: The 2012 Election Was Won By Stealing Your Private Information

GOP Leaders and strategists are starting to understand how the Obama camp delivered shock and awe on Election Night.  The real secret behind President Obama’s win was DATA.  We believe Obama online strategists had some secret weapons giving them an unfair advantage:  Google & Facebook.

Tech Companies & Social Media Are SELLING Your Personal Data

EntrepreneursTurnOligarchsDo you mind if Google, Apple, Facebook, Verizon take your conversations, your e-mails, your phone calls…and without your permission…calibrate the information about you AND SELL IT?


Already DOING it:


HillaryRestoringFaithHillary Clinton is soft-launching her 2016 campaign with a series of speeches about American foreign policy.


Will she confess about Benghazi?

Jay Leno Pitches Softball Questions To Obama



During Tuesday night’s Tonight Show Leno tip-toed over the word “Benghazi” and worked straight through The White House TALKING POINTS!

Egypt’s Military Coup d’état Ends Mohammed Morsi Government

Morsi Government EndsThe government of the Muslim Brotherhood party’s President Mohammed Morsi ended today in a mostly-non-violent military-led coup.


Morsi is currently under house arrest and Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has announced the suspension of the constitution.

Benghazi Investigation Subpoenas Issued To Four At State Dept.

Darrell_IssaRep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has issued Benghazi investigation subpoenas to four State Dept. officials with “direct knowledge” of the attacks. He also blasted State for dragging its feet and stalling the investigation…

Where In The World Is Edward Snowden?

NSA Leaker Edward SnowdenThe 30-year-old NSA Leaker of classified information, Edward Snowden is no where to be found. Arriving in Russia on Sunday, June 23rd, he was believed to have left on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Cuba to eventually end up in Ecuador where he was to be given asylum.


Reporters who booked flights to get an interview with the International fugitive found they were trapped on a plane empty of any sign of Snowden…

History Repeats Itself: Eric Holder To Follow Watergate’s JOHN MITCHELL?

John N. MitchellERIC HOLDER CHANNELS WATERGATE Attorney General John Mitchell. 


Almost 50 years ago, Richard Nixon’s friend and chief law enforcement officer choreographed the biggest political scandal in presidential history.  Until now.  Refresh your memory as to WHY John Mitchell resigned in disgrace and went to PRISON.


The similarities are uncomfortably familiar.

The Truth Emerges: U.S.Military Was Told To STAND DOWN in Benghazi

Such a long walk to Capitol Hill? Pajamas Media reports today that two more whistleblowers are preparing to reveal deadly facts which tie The White House and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and his staff in Benghazi.  A messy and failed diplomatic mission to move weapons into Syria was behind this ugly cover up, which caused the death of four brave Americans.