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The 2012 Obama Campaign: The Most Corrupt Presidential Race In History

Who directed the IRS to intimidate Conservative groups?Everyday there is a different version of the truth in the land of President Obama.  Today, apparently George Soros is the demon BEHIND the intimidation of Conservative, kitchen table political groups.  It’s time for The Kitchen Cabinet to fill in the blanks.


Read on.  No IRS employee or executive would risk their career, without a directive FROM THE TOP.

The Mastermind of the Barack Obama ONLINE VOTING “MACHINE”

Name this face.  You may not know him now, but you will  hear a lot about him in the future. His name is Harper Reed, and he led the most hi-tech online attack on the GOP ever attempted.  Simply put, Harper and his colleagues won the Election of 2012, even with an ailing candidate.


The question is, was it legal?

The Painful Truth About A Massive Loss

Mitt Romney has been a transformational candidate, and one of the most prepared men ever to run for the presidency.  The Republicans didn’t lose the Election of 2012 because we didn’t have a great candidate, we lost because we were outgunned on strategy and tactics.  The Democrats KNEW their audience and DELIVERED it with 21st Century tools.

Here’s what you may not know about how we LOST.

Joy Overbeck: Dems Invade Your Facebook!

Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by four points in this week’s Rasmussen presidential poll.  But David Axelrod and his stealth, Democrat team of social networking strategists might have a big November surprise in store for the GOP.  With 27 million on Barack Obama’s Facebook alone… unprecedented, hi-tech, social networking attack is on its way.