The GOP: Will Karl Rove Ever Win A National Election Again….

20131107-072444.jpgConservatives, Independents, and wounded Republicans will never win another major election with telephones, door knocks and direct mailing. TV ads won’t do it. Stellar debate performances won’t be enough. Even an enchanting candidate may not be able to overcome the advantage that Obama’s ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA has crafted through sophisticated online data and outreach.

EXCLUSIVE: The 2012 Election Was Won By Stealing Your Private Information

GOP Leaders and strategists are starting to understand how the Obama camp delivered shock and awe on Election Night.  The real secret behind President Obama’s win was DATA.  We believe Obama online strategists had some secret weapons giving them an unfair advantage:  Google & Facebook.

The Truth Emerges: U.S.Military Was Told To STAND DOWN in Benghazi

Such a long walk to Capitol Hill? Pajamas Media reports today that two more whistleblowers are preparing to reveal deadly facts which tie The White House and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and his staff in Benghazi.  A messy and failed diplomatic mission to move weapons into Syria was behind this ugly cover up, which caused the death of four brave Americans.

The 2012 Obama Campaign: The Most Corrupt Presidential Race In History

Who directed the IRS to intimidate Conservative groups?Everyday there is a different version of the truth in the land of President Obama.  Today, apparently George Soros is the demon BEHIND the intimidation of Conservative, kitchen table political groups.  It’s time for The Kitchen Cabinet to fill in the blanks.


Read on.  No IRS employee or executive would risk their career, without a directive FROM THE TOP.

Marine Defends His Right To Bear Arms

Corporal Joshua Boson, left, on the front lines.One former U.S. Marine says NO.  He isn’t parting with his automatic rifle, or his right to bear arms.  Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein and others say the time has come to limit the availability of such dangerous weapons in America, and to have more information on those who DO buy guns.  What do you think is best for

Making 2013 Your Year Of Contentment

We can march into 2013 discouraged by the national scene or by freeing ourselves from it.  Washington is a locomotive out of control, but there are some ways that women can head into the New Year with optimism and by taking control of our own futures.  TKC’s Sonja Eddings Brown suggests a few simple ways to put space between you….and your government.

Very Little Of “AMERICA” Left In American Politics

Is our country “owned” by the social elite after the 2012 Election?  We’ll see as the “fiscal cliff” is negotiated.  As P.J. O’Rourke famously observed: “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”  Instapundit Glenn Reynold’s has a unique vantage point.  Read on.

Congressman Allen West Bows Out…Social Agendas Bow IN

Congressman Allen West…calls it quits.  The recount wasn’t helping his numbers and in ANOTHER Election 2012 shocker for Republicans, the Tea Party favorite West…is going home to Florida.  There’s lots of humble pie waiting for the GOP this Thanksgiving.  But there’s a thread running through every single loss.  Take a look.

IT WAS A COVER-UP: The Obama Administration LIED About Al Qaeda

A Cover-Up to protect the re-election of Barack Obama.  That’s what the Benghazi tragedy has wrought.  Today General Petraeus told the truth.  Awkward in a week where he was exposed for hiding an affair.  But the general may be displaying more character than anyone knows.  Read on.

General Petreaus’ Affair “Remarkably” Revealed On ELECTION NIGHT

Is General David Petraeus, a decorated, admired and most effective U.S. General being blackmailed because of an affair?  Stepping down as Director of the CIA just before he was due to spill what really happened in The White House on September 11, 2012 when Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, is opening eyes even in the major media.  Here’s what we think.