IT WAS A COVER-UP: The Obama Administration LIED About Al Qaeda
November 16, 2012

General Petraeus does the right thing….for the country.

General David Petraeus had to be a bit uncomfortable as he appeared before Congress this week.  One of the most respected and decorated generals of our time, he walked onto Capitol Hill carrying the burden of a scandal.

But did General Petraeus step down, so that bullies in the Obama administration could not blackmail him, or prevent him from continuing to speak out against the lies of The White House?

Petraeus may be guilty of adultery, but NO ONE has ever dared accuse him of lacking courage.  FROM FOX NEWS:

Former CIA Director David Petraeus stoked the controversy over

A hot spotlight cooled by the truth.

the Obama administration’s handling of the Libyan terror attack, testifying Friday that references to “Al Qaeda involvement” were stripped from his agency’s original talking points — while other intelligence officials were unable to say who changed the memo, according to a top lawmaker who was briefed.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told Fox News that intelligence officials who testified in a closed-door hearing a day earlier, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Acting CIA Director Mike Morell, said they did not know who changed the talking points. He said they went out to multiple departments, including the State Department, National Security Council, Justice Department and White House.

Benghazi, Libya Consulate explodes on 9-11.

General Petraeus said he investigated the Benghazi, Libya attack HIMSELF.  Within days he made a formal report stating that Al Qaeda was responsible for attacking our Libyan consulate  on September 11th, an obvious effort to mark Al Qaeda’s historic attack on New York City.  Petraeus’ report was apparently not flattering to other agencies in the administration.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the general’s already contentious relationship at the CIA, became moreso as Petraeus refused to be quiet about the trail of lies about the Benghazi tragedy concocted by The White House.  Apparently, after General Petraeus reported Al Qaeda was the culprit, that fact was erased from communications.  A NEW sets of facts were generated, UN

General Petraeus not walking lock-step with the President.

Ambassador Susan Rice was the first to put them on the record.  The appearance now is that lies, and coordinated lies, were carefully-crafted to keep up the image of the President in the final weeks of a tough campaign.

Consider why:

The Obama administration had prided itself in embracing an “Arab Spring.”  Osama bin Laden was captured and the achievement was promoted as if Barack Obama deserved some of the credit.  Most importantly, the bad press about President Obama missing a large share of his daily security

For her part, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice may be named Secretary of State.

briefings would be especially damaging when coupled with a surprise attack on Americans, by Al Qaeda on 9-11.

Better that the whole ugly mess was the work of an evil video…attacking Islam.

This is the story line emerging in the growing coverage of Benghazi by the major media this week.  It’s a tale that is too rich in scandal for even the friendly New York media to ignore.  But the most important story may be that General Petraeus, exposed in an embarrassing affair, gave up his job rather than line up with Hillary Clinton, the President, the UN Ambassador and others sent out to pretend like Al Qaeda was never involved.   A U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered by Al Qaeda, and The White House

Petraeus paying big price for his affair.

appears to have tried to cover it up.

Equally worrisome?  The Obama administration clearly had a big “end game” for this election.  Online, with substantial investments in the most cunning social networking strategies ever in the history of U.S. campaigns.  The only thing that could have compromised their sure-fire win….was for a giant international scandal or an unforseen Al Qaeda attack exposing President Obama’s administration as weak and unprepared to protect Americans.

So was it just one lie?   Or was it many?  Read more here:




40 Responses to “IT WAS A COVER-UP: The Obama Administration LIED About Al Qaeda
November 16, 2012

  1. we the people can make a change ,through prayer we can do the possible and GOD can do the impossible.

  2. I would believe anything D Patraeus as compared to anyone in the Obama adm.  I dont care about his affair that is between he and his wife.  Its no big deal, look at the presidents who have done the same.
     Now with DP talking, what has happened to Gen Hamm. It was reported early on that Gen Hamm had help ready to go and was told to Stand Down.  Today, i have not heard one word about that.   WHY.  To me, that would be very important. He would know WHO SAID IT. THen I heard he was relieved of his command.  This is all very important info and not being talked about   Thanks  

  3. We all saw the truth of what happened to our Military; and we saw Obama watching the killings of our Military; and he was paying off some of the terrorists $50,000 each for their people that died in this travesty.  The Military knows the truth of what happened, and they filed a suit against Obama for Treason and being a Terrorist.

  4. HEY!!!!!   Look over there…….! It was a video….. on You Tube!  Impeach the Poser!

  5. Obama did nothing but lie and con Americans to get there votes  I thought Americans were smarter than that 

  6. Congress better do something democrat majority or not. This is about protecting Americans not covering it up. Sick story of our current government. I plan on going to the White House to protest, if nothing is done. 

  7. I want to know why Obama seems to get away with all these cover ups and lies to the American people. He dose not have Americas best interest in mind at all. I don’t care who Patraeus slept with as the other lady said that is between him and his wife its none of mine or anyone elses business. But the man that is suppose to be the president of the US should be honest and trustworthy and he is not!! He is the biggest liar to ever step foot in the White House. Obama needs to tell the truth and tell us why he sat back and watched 4 Americans and told help to stand down. I’m sorry but Obama is a traitor and does not belong in the office of president. He needs to be impeached and put in prison for treason.

  8. It was not going to come out til after the election. anyone knew that but now what Impeach a president? that will take 4 years and if not who do we get instead? bozo biden. I say take them both to trial on murder and obstruction of justice charges. Should have been done well before the election

  9. Nixon was bad How Does OBAMA think hes any better ? Get the whole bunch of them .
    And if we Don’t  in the end GOD will . and I can’t wait .

  10. Why do we not have a board to look into the mishandling of Benghazi.  This President is not forth coming with details.  He is trying to discredit the people who would be able to incriminate him.  When is Obama going to have to answer for his lack of leadership.  It is HIS fault that these 4 men were killed.

  11. Okay, so IMMEDIATELY after the Benghazi attack, he [Obama] spent $70,000 American taxpayer’s money, and made the EXTRAORDINARY effort to *APOLOGIZE* to the Libyan, Islamic-extremist terrorists who attacked our Embassy & the safe-house, which killed an Ambassador, (2) SEALs, and another American… MORE THAN A MONTH *AFTER* the Benghazi TERRORIST ATTACK, he [Obama] *FINALLY* addresses the American public, to defend Susan Rice.

    I think his priorities are #twisted.
    I’m outraged that his INCOMPETENCE cost four American lives!!

    His arrogance to Americans is proof he doesn’t deserve the Presidency.

    Yes, Mr. Obama,
    Americans DESERVE the TRUTH about Benghazi. And not YOUR version, or your Administration’s spin on it.

    If you meant what you said about “When they go after the U.N. Ambassador because they think she’s an ‘easy target’, then they have a problem with me.” … why can’t you take the hard-line with Libya’s terrorists??

    I’m sure what you MEANT to say was: “When terrorists go after U.S. Ambassadors and Americans on our sovereign territories, then YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH *ME*!”

    How DARE you challenge Senator McCain & Senator Graham, “and others”… to go after you [for answers? accountability?]…
    Be careful what you wish for, and the arrogant challenges you issue.
    Someone just may get enough Americans to demand accountability.. FULL ACCOUNTABILITY!!

    I consider your lies and double-standard treatment when it comes to terrorists and Americans, treason. Treason is STILL a reason for impeachment. YOU can’t change that!

  12. james…you have got to remember that nobamas supporters are all brainwashed gullible morons…if nobama tells them that after the sun sets in the pacific ocean tonight, it will rise right back out of the pacific ocean tomorrow and set tomorrow night in the gulf of mexico, they would believe every word of that and be watching the pacific ocean tomorrow morning and the gulf of mexico tomorrow night to see it happen…

  13. I only wish he had been a stand up guy sooner! 

  14. BRENDA…well put. Sonja

  15. The person who says we are whacked sorry but the name you use for your self tells what kind of person you are, and I can also tell you must be one of the mindless obamabots. I’m afraid calling us losers is the pot calling the kettle black. Obama is a liar and as much of a fraud as that election was. Obama, Biden, Clilton, Rice and the list go’s on and on that need to be tried for treason to this country. We have a president that wants to destroy us and is doing a pretty good job at doing just that and we still have you idiots that refuse to open your freakin eyes and wake up. Its like your a bunch of brain dead zombies. Again I say Obama is a liar, traitor and murderer maybe if it was someone in your family he sat and watched die and wouldn’t let anyone help save them maybe you would wake up and see him for what he is

  16. Well said everyone.  The question is–is ANYTHING going to be done?  This man has FLAUNTED his disrespect for our nation, democracy and TRAMPLED our constitution–over and OVER.  FLAGRANTLY!!  As such, he legally should be considered “An enemy of the United States of America”.  Could someone with a legal background get the definition of treason and apply it.  He SHOULD now be on trial for murder, on top of everything else.  How can he be our President?  Why and how is this man still in office?  What is our next step?  Can we press charges as “We the people?”
    In an extreme case such as this–there has to be an avenue that we can pursue as citizens. We’re not talking about differences of opinion here.  Not democrat vs. republican.  We are talking about the security and foundation of our nation.

  17. Why did Patraeus have to step down when Clinton did not step down because of
    adultery?  We need this man to lead out military. 

  18. Yes, yes, But Mr. Obama IS President now by the voice of the majority.  How will your hate language ever change anything?  You keep stirring people up and all you are doing is wasting time.  I know you have some good points, but the hate and spit that are flying from your mouth will keep reasonable people from hearing you.  Please let’s get on with trying to be part of the solution.  There are congresspeople to talk to and local budgetary issues and health care problems to solve.  Our education system is among the lowest globally. We can do this, but not through a lens of vengence because some did not get their way.  I don’t know the average age here but let some of us old folks give you a clue.  We ARE at War in the Middle East – get it?  War means people get killed.  War means the government does not have to answer questions to your satisfaction.  War  means government “coverups” if that is the only word you can understand.  It is not right, no but it is WAR.   War is a hideous outcrop of the very hate I read above.  The Middle East hates us because of GW Bush.  Please drop your ignorance and go READ some history.  This is no different from WWII, Korea or Vietnam.  And no, we didn’t have the answers and there were plenty of things that still beg answers on all sides.  And if you want to worry about something – worry about Israel and that mess right now.  There is where it is all going to go down folks. Please educate yourselves on world issues.  You sound and look ridiculous to those of us who have seen worse and who have lived War and know American history.  Stop whining and start reading.  Then get off your butts and be part of the positive solution this country was at one time capable of.

  19. Laura…you are absolutely right. But we have some unfinished business. The Obama administration covered up and lied about the Benghazi incident to PRESERVE the election. The Obama campaign used YOUR stolen information to put octane in its campaign outreach. The FTC said the TAKING alone was illegal. How about using it to jack an election?

    After we feel we have investigated these two pieces, we WILL move forward in a proactive way. And frankly, we agree with you in that regard. But we are without a free press at the moment, and I speak as former newswoman with ABC. Our members of the media are OWNED by Disney, General Electric, Comcast and Time Warner. They are just lucky to have JOBS. Right now…those of us with news ability….must REPORT.

    The Kitchen Cabinet will continue to do just that, to the best of our ability.

    Thanks for your care, and your willingness to share your intelligent viewpoint. It’s not that politics has not always been this way. You are right. It has. But now our country’s economy is about to collapse and President Obama’s team was driven more by an agenda of gay marriage and other social issues, than a real commitment to save our economy. That’s why you saw the SENATE sewn up, and the HOUSE untouched.

  20. Sonja, 

    Thanks.  My fear as an American is that I have never seen us so divided.  We are ripe for the picking.  I appreciate the view points above and believe me we have lived through presidents before who have been involved in these sorts of things.  The point about the press ownerships and biases cannot be disputed.  I just keep asking folks to put their energy into trying to be part of the solution on a grassroots level in their communities.  That is how we will get stronger.  Truth be known my friend, there are few of us on these blogs who are in a political or financial position to do the things folks are talking about now.  The constant raging about it can maybe be an outlet for our frustrations but the energy needs to go back into our country’s fixing.  The people will do it.  We have done it before and we will do it again.  Somehow we have to quit eating each other and our administrators alive.  It just can have no possible good outcome.  Thanks for your work and I pray our country can put this election behind us and begin to find common ground among the factions so we can take our country back and keep it intact.  With the constant angry fueling by ALL the media, on both sides of this thing, this just looks like an almost impossible task.  But I think there are enough old boomers out here who stopped a Vietnam War, marched and fought for the Civil Rights Movement, blazed trails so women could in fact be in a position like yours and booted Nixon out – to do just that.  Doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you sit on, we are all Americans.  That is what we need to find as our basic value.  Thanks again.  Bless your Holiday.

  21. If an American Citizen had done what the Obama administration has done we would be arrested and held indefinitely under laws in The Patriot Act and Under H.R.1540 NDAA Sections 1021 & 1022.  The Obama aided a known terrorist organization.  This is strictly forbidden in The Patriot Act and Under H.R.1540 NDAA Sections 1021 & 1022.

  22. What about the “stand down” orders? Petraeus has already stated it didn’t come from anyone in the CIA.

  23. My fellow christians!.  We need to wake up to the reality that this world is not our permanent home and so our behavior should reflect this.  Jesus said that God will bring a new heaven and new earth!  It is unbecoming of who we are when we use words and express attitudes that do not reflect the heart of God.  Calling the president a liar in a public forum or anywhere else without first hand knowledge of the information is purely gossip and slander.  We should not look to politics to bring about the kingdom of God – that duty is accomplished through the gospel and living quiet righteous lives.  Not self righteous loud lives!  If we are frustrated with what’s happening in the world then pray for it but don’t pray against it.  Let us turn our eyes and heart to reaching out to unbelievers in our neighborhoods, schools, work and among our acquaintances and family members.

  24. There is just so much here to comment about.To begin with, a little bit here and a little bit there is all Obama needed to win. I have read where a bunch of military ballots were lost or delivered late and that they would have been pro Romney. Next, the jobs report was revised just a couple of days after the election and it was, I researched the whole Libya thing as it was happening and to bring military jets over another country’s airspace could have started a war..just one problem with that. look at the map. Benghazi is on the coast..there is no other cont ry’s air space, it is water.. I even looked up where there were military bases. Italy. I looked up the miles and the air speed of the jets and figured it would be about 45 minutes and if you load the planes figure an hour and a half. The navy seals were fighting off the terrorists for 7 hours  until they were killed. next. the stand down order. Think about it. how could it be covered up if there was a big military mission? that would be a good motive to issue a stand down order. next. the video. I have seen it and it is ridiculous. even the terrorists themself wouldn’t take that seriously. Not to mention that the guy that made it was on probation already and as part of the probation, he was ordered not to use the internet, so we as a government were covered and in no way would owe an apology because all we had to say was that we ordered him not to do what he did, thus making us a responsible government, so why the apology? next. the photo  op with Gov. Christie. nice to look presidential but then the recovery was horribly slow .  If you add all this up, Obama would not have won the election. period, end of story, so all this talk about he won by a majority is a crock.and this whole “divide and conquer thing putting the rich against the poor is crap. there are more rich democrats in the house and senate than rich republicans  Besides to demonize republicans by a black man is nuts due to the fact that it was a republican that is responsible for Obama being in office to begin with.. His name was Lincoln..remember him? he freed the slaves..

  25. P.S. and as far as the General stepping down about an affair?this is just speculation on my part but I think he wanted no part of this scandal and this administration and I think he used the affair as a reason to leave, knowing it would come out anyway. and another thing I forgot about that is the white house waited til after the election to mention that as well. If added all up, there is no way he would have won. and this is not a black and white thing or republican or democrat thing. it is very simple. it is a truth verses lie issue.If you lie on a job application and get hired, it says right on the ap that if anything is found to be untrue it is grounds for termination. If Romney were in the same place and he did these things I would want him gone as well. If it were my Mother that did these things, I would want her gone as well.It is about deception………

  26. one last comment. I was linked here from my face book, so I hope it is ok to be here. I read the bio’s of the leadership here and you are all very impressive. I think I have an answer to all the problems in the country. option 1) I was raised by a single woman and if men had to carry a child for 9 months perhaps we would have less wars. so option one is to have a woman in the white house. 2) option two is this. did anyone think to keep Reagan’s DNA? If only we could clone Reagan..I miss him..My ex wife whom I still respect greatly worked at Wiley, Rein and Fielding in D.C. and Reagan was a client. Ellen (my wife at the time) had a call. The girl said “it’s Ronnie on the line” I was there to take her to lunch and commented”oh,who’s Ronnie? A hot date”? She smiled and told me it was Ronald Reagan..I said that in that case, it was OK..LOL Keep up the good work and I hope I didn’t intrude on your site..

  27. Jeff, Thank you for the comment about single mothers. I too am a single mother of a son who is in the process of joining the Marines. It’s funny you should mention Ronald Reagans DNA… I have also wondered and wished that. Now, this is for Ron… I appreciate your beliefs and agree that this “Earthly World” is just temporary, however, I am in the here and now… not in Heaven and the things that are going on in the world greatly concern me as it should you. 

    I don’t know if there have been more cover ups in this administration than in others or if I just paid closer attention but the one thing I DO know is that our country is in trouble!!! Not just financially but morally as well. We can bounce back financially but morals are taught.

    I understand that there are things the general public can’t know (for the safety of our country) but when the POTUS blatantly covers up, lies to and abuses his power that has been entrusted to him, then WE have a bigger problem than finances. 

  28. Ron- Yes we are to pray for our country!! But I believe the reason our country is in the shape its in is because Christians have kept their mouths shut. Some times God wants us to fight for what is right. I’m a Christian and sorry but I am speaking the truth when I say Obama is a liar its a fact what he is doing to our country is a crime and every true American should be angry. The man is a traitor and a murderer and should be in prison not in the white house. We as Christians sat back and kept our mouths shut as they took God out of our schools lets just say it as it is they have taken God out of our country while we just sat back and let them. Yes we pray for our country but some times God needs us to act too. The man is any thing that is anti- God and anti-American he hates us and is destroying our country that’s a fact. He needs to be impeached and tried for treason then spend the rest of his life in prison for his crimes against America. Plain and simple

  29. This article reeks of bias. You are full of it.

  30. Jamie, thanks for the kind words.. Re/ Ron and Shelly. One time I walked one block to the corner store for a soda. I am in Tampa Bay and a lightning storm ensued. It was bad and lightning strikes all over. As I was debating on a quick run back home, I said to the cashier ” well God will take me when it’s my time to go, so I guess I will chance it”. The cashier wisely said,” God gave you a brain and the free will to use it”. I waited for the storm to subside. The point is that just because we are Christians does not mean we just sit back and do nothing.A person who prays to God for a job cant just sit on the sofa all day and expect a knock on the door from the “job angel”. This is very serious and we all need the truth. I agree with Shelly here and admire and respect Ron for his beliefs. I to am a christian, and without sounding really nuts, God has shown himself to me in any ways, so I was given the gift of actual “belief” instead of the “faith” that I had for so many years that God DID exist. I guess somewhat of a reward for my years of faith. But I do not sit idly by and watch an election be stolen with lies and deceptions. Ron, did you ever stop to think that perhaps God wants folks like you, me and Shelly to do something about it? When in question just look at the facts.The people who believe in Obama, Believe in a good thing and are good people, but if WHO they believe in is gaining their trust through deception, then there is a problem. Do you think evil or bed people would be the ones to fix the problem? No. It is up to the good and Christian people to do something. So Ron, open your heart and pray to see what God WANTS you to DO , and not what he DOESN’T want you to do. You have to put some wings on those prayers for something to happen. All Shelly and I are doing is trying to put some prayers into action and protect this wonderful country that we all “PRAY” for.

  31. It reeks of “opinion” based on facts. Perhaps you don’t get enough of the opposite opinion and bias from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, NYT, LAT ad nauseum?

  32. It WAS a cover-up. What’s biased about that? Official congressional testimony confirms it. We have no free press at the moment, and by your remarks, we guess you feel the same way? We have a presidency that has been preserved by lying to the American people. Someone has to say it. General Petreaus has sunk his career to say it. We’ll stand with him. Thanks for your willingness to offer a different view. sonja

  33. As we commented above, we welcome your explanation or demonstration that the Obama campaign and administration did NOT cover-up the Al Qaeda involvement in Benghazi…to avoid breaking the election wide open. Especially, when the Obama campaign knew it had such a potent election day END GAME. Share your view not just your insults. We welcome it. A decorated general has washed his career down the drain to tell the truth, The Kitchen Cabinet is happy to stand with him. If you have another set of FACTS, please get back to us.

  34. have to agree Brenda. In every way. We have been wondering privately, how do these servicemen endure years of separation from their wives? We have to be realistic about the “ask.”

  35. Someone asked in these comments “where do we go from here and what do we do”?  First it will take money and a research team to find a lawyer that is enraged as we are to take the ‘case’. Most Americans do not want to let this be swept under anything.  Our administration let four loyal Americans die a brutal death while they watched.  Help was an hour away but was not sent. For 7 r (seven) hours two Navy seals fought a  losing battle and they knew it but they were  of a tremendous  loyal courage.  Much braver and more loyal than anything in our Whitehouse today. It can be done if anyone wants to bring them to justice.  There are more than you can imagine who will all stand together and fight this atrocity. Does anyone remember the lady that was bullied on the bus?  She is doing better now than  she ever dreamed she could do.  Why?  America came to her aid and did not let  this bullying beat her.   iT CAN HAPPEN.  First your congressman.  Other than money..this will get things moving.  True Americans are loyal and not only the lotteries can raise money.  ’nuff said.

  36. To those who say its not important about Petraeus affair..well it is if there has been any leaks from the CIA…this is a scandal of the extreme proportions.About Bengazhi I believe what he said…the cover-up was to ensure his re-election…I say treason and he sould be imprisioned for allowing those brave men to die the way they did.My question is..with all those lawmakers in that court ,some having been lawyers before…why can’t they ask the right questions in order to get the answers they need…like i saw that Matt from associated press question that Charlene Lamb.She was in a tizzy by the time he got thru with her about Israel defending themselves.

  37. Rosemary. Thank you for taking a stance. I have a marketing background and we need to fight fire with fire. To begin with, lets us assume that this site is being monitored so there may come a time when we need to communicate by email. any time Rice is mentioned the conservatives are called racists or woman haters. No one ever put Rice down. The point is that she was used as a patsy. so 1st thing to do (since this is a woman’s blog) is find any and every black woman who agrees with us to deal with the Rice issue.A statement needs to be made that no one really thinks that we are against Mrs. Rice.We need to clear that issue off the table.Good democrats have been brain washed. Divide and conquer has been the tactic. Is it not a funny coincidence that right after the election Israel is being bombarded and is now surrounded. Egypt was our ally and Turkey was our Ally. now they support Hamas and this is all supplied by Iran. Benghazi has shown that we are weak and the white house will do nothing. Listen to Bolton on Fox. Turkey just called Israel a terrorist state. Does no one get it? I am not an alarmist but I am afraid to say that we could find ourselves in WWIII if we are not careful.B.H.C. Barrack Hussein Chamberlain. does anyone study history? The important thing is to remove all this division between Republican and Democrat or white and Black or rich ad poor. We need to get as many democrats that want the truth. It.s all about public opinion. Obama has the media in his pocket. This is way bigger than we think. It is as if the terrorists had a birthday cake on 911 at Benghazi and Obama lit the candles by doing nothing. And why is Hillary doing nothing? Get black women deal with Susan Rice. Have Democrats Deal with Obama. Get McCain to stop asking Rice for an apology and start a stance that she was a victim because she was following orders. TAKE AWAY THEIR AMMUNITION. lets start a petition from DEMOCRATS saying if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have voted for Obama. 61 MILLION POPULAR VOTES FOR OBAMA 58 MILLION FOR ROMNEY.  If we could get 3 million Democrats to sign the petition saying they would change there vote it would make more of a point than anything else. just 3 million. it could get our message out and neutralize this whole Public opinion thing.  

  38. I really wish one of you members of this organization could use your contacts to convince Condoleezza  Rice to make a statement in regard to Susan Rice. After hearing all the accusations that this is against women and blacks..Condoleezza Rice is black, a woman, oh and by the way, a Rice. So how could she be accused of being against women or blacks. I had said earlier that Susan Rice should be left alone. However, in regard to her being Secretary of State, I feel strongly that we need someone we can trust. If everyone else knew the facts, then she must have known, and if she didn’t, then she is not qualified.  

  39. Jeff, Susan Rice is not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is. Susan Rice is a UN Ambassador and she knew exactly what had happened. 

  40. Jamie, I know who our secretary of state is and I also know who is on the short list to be secretary of state and Susan Rice is one of them. I was talking about the fact that she should NOT become S.O.S. and the point was really about the race card being used when allegations are being raised. I was saying that if Condeleezza Rice made a statement as “a citizen” at least she couldn’t be accused of being a racist woman hater.Either way, if she knew, then she lied, if she didn’t, then she should have known. John Kerry, Susan Rice,Thomas Donilon, Samantha Power and Kieth Ellison are all possibilities.