Benghazi Investigation Subpoenas Issued To Four At State Dept.
June 25, 2013

Darrell_IssaRep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has issued Benghazi investigation subpoenas to four State Dept. officials with “direct knowledge” of the attacks. He also blasted State for dragging its feet and stalling the investigation and issued a heated letter to Sec. of State John Kerry that included the following:

“[T]he Department has been unable to provide firm dates for a single witness interview. In fact, it is my understanding that interviews will not occur until the middle of July because the State Department is just now preparing documents and other materials for the witnesses to review. I respect the witness’ interest in preparing to answer the Committee’s questions; however, I am concerned that waiting weeks or months while the Department prepares witnesses to be interviewed creates the risk that their testimony will have been rehearsed or coached. It does not require weeks of preparation to answer questions truthfully.”

CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson released the names of the four who were subpoenaed: Fmr, Asst Secy of Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell, Former DS official Scott Bultrowicz, Principal Depty Asst Secy Near East Affairs Elizabeth Dibble & Acting Asst Secy Near East Affairs Beth Jones.

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