General Petreaus’ Affair “Remarkably” Revealed On ELECTION NIGHT
November 11, 2012

President Obama installs General Petreaus at CIA….when times were good.

Is General David Petreaus, one of the most decorated and admired U.S, Generals in modern times, being blackmailed?

Even the major media is reporting that the coincidence of his departure as head of the CIA, just before his opportunity to testify before Congress about the Benghazi tragedy, is too convenient for comfort.  The General has admitted the mistake of being engaged in affair with a woman who had been writing his biography, Paula Broadwell, a married mother of two.  We don’t forgive this behavior, but do you think General Petraeus is the only high-ranking U.S. officer deployed far away from his wife and family for years at a time, who has had such a relationship?

Isn’t it quite likely that General Petraeus’ affair was known well before now?

Petraeus and biographer Paula Broadwell

But now it is being used to leverage him, his reputation, perhaps his entire pension, because he did not endorse the administration’s “myth” blaming the CIA for not responding to the Benghazi tragedy?

No one is buying the Obama camp’s story.  And lets be clear that the Obama camp, before and now after this tainted election, includes Vice-President Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Chief White House adviser and campaign strategist David Axelrod, senior White House adviser and campaign strategist David Plouffe, and perhaps most concerning:  former President Bill Clinton.

Why won’t the Secretary of State answer for Benghazi? Why won’t she testify because of “scheduling?”

Americans of all parties should be very concerned that Hillary Clinton has now released a statement saying that she will be “unavailable because of scheduling” to testify this week before the House Committee investigating the Benghazi mess.

Can a Secretary of State say NO to a House investigative committee?

Every key leader in our government, and even those from the past, seem to have their fingerprints on the dirty deed that happened on September 11, 2012 at 5 p.m. Eastern time.  All were in some way, personally or electronically connected with the news that our Ambassador in Libya was UNDER ATTACK.  By his own voice, this was uttered in a desperate cell phone call to state department contacts.

So, that our President is departing for Asia when the Congress of the United States is wrestling with policies and negotiations to stave off an economic cliff, and the Benghazi investigation which his administration claims “deserves time so that we can truly learn from it” according to David Plouffe, is TELLING.

No one wants to be within the reach of a subpoena?

General Petraeus being sworn in as CIA Director. Now his resignation cloaks Benghazi for the administration.

Today CNN is reporting that the sudden discovery of admired General Petraeus’ hushed affair with biographer, Paula Broadwell, was only revealed to The Whtie House on Election Night.  Yet the same undisclosed tellers say that Petraeus was being investigated for some time, but not intentionally, just as part of ANOTHER investigation.  Another claim is that one woman in his office “revealed” that she was being harrassed by his lover, Paula Broadwell, and turned the news over to the FBI.  And how often is the FBI investigating CIA emails anyway?

No one died in Watergate……

Everything is “unnamed” and “undisclosed” in time for Republican investigators in the House to act upon it early.

Where is Bob Woodward on this story?  Where is the FREE PRESS?

Right now, it is at The Kitchen Cabinet.US.



One Response to “General Petreaus’ Affair “Remarkably” Revealed On ELECTION NIGHT
November 11, 2012

  1. This adminstration is the most corupt we ever had.We have a President that paid $2 million to keep his personal information sealed and he was not born in US.,he is dis honest and the election was dis honest.Now he is working on a third term.He is getting rid of people who will be in his way he does this by digging up dirt on them  so they resign  or  blackmailing them.President would like to get rid of General Petraeus or put the blame on him for the 4 americans  and the Ambassador who were killed in Lybia.Also i heard in 2016 Petraeus was going to get in politics this adminstration would like to ruin Petraeus chances for that and stop that from happening. Because Petraeus is a Republican What this adminstration is trying to do is do away with the Repulican party.Think this president is trying to remain President forever and stop elections.