There Really WAS A War On Women
November 9, 2012

Barack Obama won the women’s vote 2 to 1. He won the Latino vote 7 to 3.


Imagine.  The Republican Party failing to attract the votes of Latinos and Independent women.

Single women, younger women below 18-35, working women, or simply just, Independent women.

In a sense, there HAS been a “War on Women” in the Republican Party.  Not philosophically, but socially, and certainly strategically.  No one in the GOP wanted to focus on winning the women’s vote in 2012   We happen to know.

Democrat strategists commanded the discussion on women…in the absence of a BETTER message by the GOP.

We took all those meetings.

And those advocating for Republican Latinos and LATINAS, will tell the same story.  But as the “experts” sift through the numbers and learn from the lessons of 2012, the Republican Party has an opportunity to leap into the 21st Century.

Trying to do it…ALL.

Women are breadwinners or co-breadwinners in 2/3 of all homes.  Not only are many of us holding our homes and communities together with our bare hands, we are now a huge part of the national economic locomotive.  The GOP needs to speak with greater focus and respect to women of all ages, mothers or not, married or not, and of every culture and faith.  The GOP has to communicate its strong message of economic wisdom and provide solutions which speak to Latinas, African American women, women of all cultures and economic levels who want to be part of the American dream.

The GOP, at all levels….a man’s world. The U.S. economy? IS NOT.

The GOP is very male-driven.  At all levels. The nature of the business of politics is not to the liking of every professional woman.  Or man!  But there are many outstanding women with experience in politics and with the skills of the private sector, who can add wisdom to our political strategies and outreach.  The 2012 election hints that its time for a bit of sensitivity training in our Party and time to put some more chairs at the table.

Economically-Conservative, Independent and Latina women would have carried ALL the water in this election had they been acknowledged.

Mia Love, though defeated in Utah in 2012, is a new GOP superstar.

Women of all ages would have been some of the best messengers to the next generation about the stakes in this election.  We, by the way, lost the youth vote too.  Mia Love is more representative of the new Republican Party than Karl Rove.  And this is the message that the GOP must embrace.

Watching Ann and Mitt Romney walk off into the sunset, makes so many of us wish we had the power to roll back the clock.  There will be a flock of missteps in Election 2012 which experts will write about, but there was nothing wrong with our candidate. Governor Romney was under-served by highly paid consultants who gave lip service to the Independent Women’s vote, but were baffled about how to attend to it.

The ache of lost opportunity.

In a way, our Party was simply beaten by a younger, smarter crowd. Experts in online outreach and in COMMUNICATING to their audience.

When all was said and done, the GOP ran a 20th Century campaign…in the 21st Century.



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