The Painful Truth About A Massive Loss
November 7, 2012

Right back where we started.

Did the economy take some turn for the BETTER?

Did gas prices drop $2 and we missed it?

Did you hear or read anywhere of unprecedented turnout or new Democrat registrations?

Did Barack Obama dominate Romney in all three national debates?

This wasn’t a win, it was a surgical strike.  Only achievable through the enormous reach of the INTERNET.

Here’s what happened:

Democrats did a better job of getting out the vote, than Republicans in 2012.

Voter Turnout was down 20% from 2008 when so many new voters were highly-motivated to elect the first  Black President.   Approximately 57 million voted for Mitt Romney and over 59 million voted for Barack Obama at last count.

How was Obama to win with low approval ratings and fewer voters at the polls?  By uniting a brain trust of the nation’s superstars in social networking and joining forces with the power of Google, Apple, and Facebook, democratic strategists were able to identify Latinos and Independent Women in their own neighborhoods.  These were the winning voters necessary for Barack Obama’s delicate re-election.

The architects of Obama’s win, David Axelrod and David Plouffe.

Then, David Plouffe and David Axelrod, Obama’s chief White House and campaign advisers, served up the following messaging strategy:

1-Promise Latinos that the children of Illegal Immigrants would be able to stay in the U.S.

2-Convince 20-40-year old women that reproductive rights were on the ballot.

3-Promise free birth control to 20-40 year old women on budgets.

4-Promise the fantasy of free healthcare.

5-Collaborate with the heads of the major media to block negative stories about Barack Obama OFF the national stage.

This Obama campaign’s cunning media strategy had legs because the media MADE IT SO.  But the deathblow came from Internet outreach to voters.  The Obama campaign created an unmatched database of over 30 million followers on Facebook and electronically contacted each in the most important groups and the most strategic zip codes.  As many as possible received absentee ballots.  On Election Day and during Early Voting,

Facebook reaches 46 million every night. EVERY night.

Facebook was a powerful online force in sending out personal polling information and for getting out the vote!  Even with only a 2% or 3% response rate the Obama campaign had a giant and engaged force.

In Ohio,the Obama campaign landed one million cell phones among their most willing supporters. Many were African American and supportive of democratic giveaways.  The phones created their own network through which texts could be sent to voters between 18 and 40.  Friends got friends to the polls.  Combine electronic and online outreach of this magnitude with a ground force and…

YOU WIN. Especially in the tight state of OHIO.

Almost invisibly and completely by surprise.

The GOP meanwhile, led more of a traditional 20th Century campaign… in the 21st Century.

We believe this is how Obama won with FEWER votes than he had in 2008.

A huge loss to the country and to the American people.

The award for “Media Malpractice” is given to NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN for coordinating the Obama campaign messages and keeping Benghazi off the front page and the nightly news.

How did Republicans hold onto the House of Representatives?  Social liberals who were the architects of this Democratic campaign didn’t care about the House!  They focused all their efforts on retaining control of the Senate and The White House.  With the same unique toolbox however, it appears that there were targeted strikes on sympathetic and possibly problematic congressional candidates.  Mia Love’s brilliant campaign was clobbered for instance in a surprise loss.  Popular Lt. Col. Allen West in Florida was defeated, and longtime Romney supporter Tony Strickland was defeated by a congressional opponent who doesn’t even LIVE in his District!

The Obama campaign’s secret backroom.

The whole cunning strategy played out brilliantly…for Democrats.

The landscape of electioneering has now changed forever.  This massive defeat for Republicans is no reflection upon Mitt Romney’s talents.  It is a reflection on the age of our Party.  We were beaten by a younger and technologically more current crowd.  From this point forward, no one has to WIN an election by turning out passionate voters.

Just engineer it.




12 Responses to “The Painful Truth About A Massive Loss
November 7, 2012

  1. Ok and very well put. Lets move on and forward to coin two phrases. We must look beyond getting our tails spanked and pointing fingers. Lets breath in breath out and start rebuilding our party. out with the old because they don’t work and in with the new. 
    Lets use these freebies against them! Phones and all that Maybe even have some skype accounts. 
    Ok lets begin to compile a short list of candidates to ask if they would like to run For president in 2016. We must do it right now. I’m serious. Right now. Here are my suggestions:

    2016 Some possible GOP names to remember and toss around as potential Nominees for President at your local GOP office:
    John Thune
    Bobby Jindel (sp?)
    Rob Portman
    Jeb Bush
    Allen West
    Chris Christie

    Its never too late to start thinking about 2016 and who will get us out of this mess. I’d also highly advise that they start campaigning ASAP in largely metropolitan and populated areas. Use Libya in more commercials. Also Farm communities don’t hold enough sway as in urban areas (unfortunately…). In Ohio -We need our candidates to show up more at OSU, Kent State, University of Cincinnati, CSU, CWRU, University of Dayton, and OU. We need our candidates to spread their message to the younger voters as well as to the black and Hispanic vote. We need someone who knows the Blue Collar and unionized work force better especially in steel, auto, and coal. Northeastern candidates largely do not do well in Ohio on average – Remember John Kerry – “Oh I gotta git me a huntin’ license.” ? Yeah Didn’t do well after that in Ohio and nationwide. Also we must regain the grip on California and the GOP candidates must show up there more. That won it for the DNC. Its 55 electoral votes. That’s the big prize and something the GOP needs to target in the next election. I’d make sure if I was running for President to fight for that state all the way and make the dnc sweat. I’d not just hit the wine counties, oh no. I’d go right to East LA to USC. I’d go to San Diego to Eureka. California is the big Prize people and it should not be ignored. If we loose it again, we loose the race. I’m tired of seeing California go to the Dems. We have a lot of work to do and a short time to get there. We need to start right now.we have 1440 days to get our business in order.
    This has been a wake up call to use technology everywhere and use it a lot more. Thanks to Skype – Well its time to monopolize on that technology and use it everywhere and in every GOP office. Have mini skype gatherings at people’s houses or GOP offices using skype and speak with representatives and candidates running for office. The more people have one on one conversations with the candidates the better. If I was running for president, I’d have a nationwide skype q&a session every other day so anyone can log in from their home and speak to me over the internet for free. Please look into that technology and lets use it to our advantage. I’m dead serious.

    We did well locally though and did better than in 08 however we are still looking at an ass in the lead. I’m happy to hear that Jim Renacci, Matt Lynch, and Dave Joyce all won.

    So please pass this on to your local GOP chairperson and tell them we the people are pissed off and either lead or get someone else to do it.

    Thanks & Keep your chin up!

  2. This is what I posted on FB. Totally on your wavelength. 

    I don’t think it’s Mr. Romney alone. I think it has a lot to do with It’s mostly the American people – and the machine. It’s like the left brain people vs right brain people. It’s rhetoric vs logic. It’s being informed & concerned vs platitude & emotions. Substance vs feelings. Integrity vs Pushing the envelope. Gratitude for past, concerns for posterity vs here and now and me me gimme gimme. Love vs. revenge. Cool vs wonk. (It’s very similar to bible studying, bible believing, Christ following church vs cherry picking, pop-culture relevant, bible literate, feel good church + Atheist + other religions –> I am a Christ follower…)
    People don’t know what Lyndon Johnson said about enslaving blacks to be Democratic voters for the next 200 years. Pundits are talking about making inroads into pop culture and Latinos. If we depend on politics, we won’t win 2016. Even with the likes of Rubios, Jindals and Cruz’s.  
    America has changed – for worse. This decline can be forever if we depend on politics alone. 
    It is more about Spiritual matters. 
    Less people voted than last time. How could that be? I wonder if evangelicals really came out and voted. I know TOO MANY pop-culture Christians leaning Liberal. 
    And on the other hand, like a friend of mine, who is a devout Christ follower, did not vote. He wouldn’t tell me why. 
    I digress.
    We need to up the strategy to be AHEAD of this digital age. AHEAD. The campaign was just barely catching up with post modern marcom.
    Don’t just hire wonks. Hire marketers.  

  3. and then there was SANDY and CHRISTIE ( the turncoat) to thank as well! But, in the end, the Republicans run a too conservative  campaign. 

  4. Very good synopsis of what happen.  You are so right when you refer to the GOP as “old”, especially in being innovative and being able to exploit  use of social media and the internet.  The RNC needs to have a very serious after action review, revamp its processes  and marketing strategies.  It has no laurels to rest on and needs to serious getting to work on the 2014 Senate and 2016 Presidential races.  By the way engage the brain before you speak.

  5. Isn’t it a shame that we have to be more like them to run a winning campaign – we have to sell out to the devil.  Who is going to be left to work in this nation and support all those special ‘entitled’ ones who choose to sit back and collect and just get free stuff.  There are not enough to pick up the tab.

  6. The “Obama Cell phone” claim was evaluated by Politifact and rated “Pants on Fire”. It is a false claim. George W Bush updated a 1985 FCC program called “Lifeline”, in 2008, to include cell phones. The claim that the Obama campaign gave away “Obama” phones is simply not true. But none of you will believe that, because it doesn’t fit your bias against anyone who has beliefs different than yours. I notice your “articles” don’t have “authors” or any valid references/citations to authoritative information. Links all point to sites that support your views. Someone willing to actually do a little footwork would quickly find that your claims are unsupported. But, I know I can’t convince the brain dead to be alive, so think whatever you want. It’s your loss.

  7. Thanks JB. It was widely reported that the Obama campaign invested in one million phone in Ohio. Not a bad strategy. Some paid for, some put into service through the government cell phone program. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Seems you don’t post comments that aren’t right wing enough. Why give a voice of reason a pulpit, eh?

  9. That’s actually a ridiculous comment Thomas. One only has to go to a number of our posts and see that we have let a vigorous exchange of ideas happen among our commenters. Those however, that can’t seem to express themselves without being vulgar, racists or misogynistic are not allowed to post. We have standards here that many on the Left would rather flaunt than work within to engage with us.

  10. No, my comments were spot on and no worse than any of the other postings I have seen here. Say what you want, but you censor thought the diverges from yours.

  11. Where’s Marco Rubio’s name?

  12. Dear Heavens!  Did we not learn anything?  I look at the list of names suggested above and I do not see one woman!  Did we overwhelmingly win the female vote?!!!  At least there was a suggestion to add Rubio to cover the Latino vote but what about the Latina vote?  For the most part they are as conservative as many of us on many issues.  And Tom, be serious, you don’t need this website – you have all the major networks and many left wing sites for venting.  We do not need the left monitoring this site – those who run the site are quite capable.