It’s All About The U.S. Supreme Court
November 6, 2012

We’ve been outsmarted.

We are all in shock.  There could be ballot counts that might temporarily raise our hopes, but it’s useless.  Karl Rove is making his case on FOX NEWS right now that we should keep counting.  Less than a thousand votes separating the two with hundreds of thousands of votes left to count.

We have to agree.

Count every vote.

But it is foolish to ignore the carefully-crafted trends and the masterful outcome that we are left with.  This has not been about the economy.  This

Conservatives will have to pray for the health of the Court.

“Battle for the Soul” of America has always been about the U.S. Supreme Court and gaining control of it.  Social liberals in America have gladly brought our economy to its knees by installing an absolute NOVICE in The White House agreeable to carrying water on gay marriage and other social agendas.

Dick Morris felt Pennsylvania AND Wisconsin would be Romney’s.

This November 6th, pollsters and their forecasts, strategists at all levels, have been humiliated by a quiet, determined, expensive, multi-level and unforseen social and mass media campaign.  It succeeded in insuring that the Democratic Party would be able to HOLD the Senate and direct the next White House nominee to the Supreme Court.

There was nothing weak about Governor Mitt Romney or his message.  Romney is a transformational candidate and probably the best-prepared man to run for the presidency in decades.  The Left was probably twice as motivated to shutdown Mitt Romney, because he stood for the antithesis of 21st century social policy.  He campaigned to RESTORE America.  To strengthen traditional families.  And honestly, for many, many months, most of America didn’t even recognize his message…it had been unheard for so long.

A tough, top campaign, but short on the ground game.

There will have to be statistical investigations.  There will have to be political investigations to find out where the unprecedented election day votes came from for Obama.  But we know for a certainty that the GOP spent a billion dollars waging a 20th century campaign in the 21st century.

We spent the bulk of our hundreds of millions on TV, when no one was watching TV.  The remainder was spent on Direct Mail which most Americans toss before it arrives on our kitchen counters.  That left in the bank, was spent on robo calls when Americans were unplugging their phones.

Person-to-Person is always the best campaign. But now we’re personal ONLINE.

Door knocks were the last prong of the GOP campaign, and an unprecedented effort was made.  But it was neutralized IN ONE DAY, by the Obama campaign’s smart, state-of-the-art online social networking campaign.  Obama’s strategists developed 30 million followers online and then simply e-mailed polling places to them and told them Romney would steal their lifestyle choices.

It worked.  And the GOP did its best.  Strategically we were beaten by a younger crowd, and passionate activists with their dreams set upon a big social agenda.

They’ve got America right where they want us.  Buried with Obamacare and exploding taxes.  With Barack Obama and Harry Reid awaiting a cough by one a member of the Supreme Court.




12 Responses to “It’s All About The U.S. Supreme Court
November 6, 2012

  1. I’ve not felt this defeated in … really forever!

  2. when are they going to impeach obama and his staff for killing 4 americans.  when are they going to charge him treason. i heard that if he was reelected they would impeach him.  when will america have justice for his part in killing 4 americans.

  3. I believe we were had !! I think there needs to be a investigation into these polling machines ! All the young people will carry this debt burden for a very long time !! I say check into it as i saw a woman cheating with her 82 year old father whos signature did not match, and had a absentee ballot on file !! they were escorted out but imagine how many millions got away with this hind of stuff !!

  4. My wife and I had already been praying, the Lord revealed all this during the election. (How it was crooked.) 

  5. Well, I hate to say this but I guess you are correct.  The only other thing I can see was Chris Christie’s deplorable display with Obama, even before promised relief was delivered to New Jersey.  It was noticed and talked about all over the world, so, it had to have had an impact on the election here at home.

  6. Before the GOP can win we have to shut down the liberal media.  We have to have an all out offensive.  Hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbooks.  Stop watching liberal newscasts.  Write letters to their sponsors telling them that we will not purchase their products or services until the liberal media starts reporting the truth, and investigates Democrats as well as Republicans.  We need to get some honest reporting or we don’t have a chance.  Even with Obama’s strategies, if the media reported and investigated all the “crap” that Obama has pulled, and reported it timely and fairly, Romney would have won.

  7. Obama and his  administration has lied, cheated, cover uped and defrauded the AMERICAN people, he had the worst,most vicious deplorable campaign, again full of lies…He is giving our hard earned tax money to Muslims of Brotherhood, Taliban and Al-qaidha all whom are guilty of terrorists acts upon Americans, Obama new in real time the AMBASSADOR and 4 seals were being tortured and slaughterer and did nothing to stop it, instead he goes to bed and then off to Vegas….This is just a few things that has my feathers ruffled….I believe if something is not done to get this man out of our WHITE HOUSE we will see AMERICANS and our MILITARY act in a modern Civil war, and I will support them….AMERICA STANDS FOR GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY FIRST and ABOVE ALL…..

  8. hi dear obama and biden i dont want obamacare i can’t afford obamacare and tax twice no way i keep medicare period i want medicare u try took my money your pocket by obamacare i dont trust and scare obamacare no way keep medicare i hope congress fight say no obamacare ,,, keep medicare obama pay it debt frist for medicare
    thank you
    sam burleson

  9. The only thing GOP was remiss about: they did not play  the game.  America has proved it likes DIRTY Campaigning.  Blocked at every turn because from the Pres.elect on down to the last of them they play dirty.   Obama comes with so much baggage that is unthinkable and it just seemed to go by the wayside ignored.  Why?  From Benghazi all the way back to his dirty tactics in early politics in Chicago, the dirty politics capitol.  When you have a man asked to surrender  his bar license because he perjured himself(IL.  bar) it should send a red flag.  But no…he passed through…WHY?  His wife (the wives are scrutinized closely)  lost her license to practice law because of insurance fraud.  Nice Couple.  Does anyone know for sure what this man’s real name is?  Did the  people elect Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama?  I don’t even want to get into the  issues for the campaign, abortion, immigration, unions, because they were all self-serving and will prove to be a problem later. If there is a recount it will be useless…it will still not be a right count. .  Time will tell. 

  10. LIFE style choices… what MITT brought forward to those who are in something other than traditional, same sex, living together, etc. Traditional communities will not accept.  THE thing is….  we have turned a blind eye to how many non traditional lifestyles there are…..  and how many of these choices are SUCKING the government …..thus allowing the lifestyles……
    daughter lives with her sorry druggy boyfriend= 2  they have a child =3  parents can’t/refuse to take care of them = 7….x how many people in this country…   LIFE STYLE CHANGES…..AMERICA is not a TRADITIONAL country anymore….. and then the women who make a living having babies…..  
    THIS “CLEVER” traditional lifestyle…. has never been all it seemed… there has always been the “sub culture”  living together with out benefit of marriage… however the government never made it so easy to survive up until the last 30/40 years….    
    Why believe that with hard work and faith in God things will get better…..when the government will take care of the “family” with NO change in personal mind set.

  11. I want a recount…especially in thoise battleground states…!!!

  12. hi sir judge i am deaf person my name is sam burleson from houston tx 45 miles to willis texas i vote mitt romeny .. i wont support obama not good job i not good idea obamacare pay twice with tax no way how i can afford pay obamacare i wont obamacare no way i keep medicare good life cheaper pay 20% good keep it judge u tell to mr obama no cut my medicare and my family keep medicare good reason keep health period … where from mr obama ? born keyna i saw catch news mr obama said from keyna africa there grown up together that why obama fool to people i want back mitt romeny for welcome white house i trust mitt romoey good honesty and smart  he want clean up debt and fight war other coutnry repact to people
    thank you