There Really WAS A War On Women

We lost the women’s vote.  The youth vote.  The Latino vote.  Basically everything but the votes of white men and married women.  Hmmmm, this might be reason to assess the GOP’s strategy in a new century when America is now a quilt of increasing colors and interests.  Because Tuesday, November 6th will go down in history as the day…we missed the boat.



In a story today sharing the presidential endorsements of national military leaders, Romney’s list dwarfs that of our Commander In Chief!
This might be the most telling sign of all that the Obama presidency has been a failure.
Must see to believe.

The REAL Numbers? Obama is Losing BIG

You think President Obama is WINNING?  Even the Washington Post and ABC News must confront the glaring numbers.  At least 84% of likely voters who supported Obama in 2008 say they’ll support him this year, while 13 percent say they are switching to Romney.  And those aren’t the only indicators signalling that Tuesday night is going to ROCK AMERICA.

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Oliver Stone Turns REPUBLICAN

We wouldn’t have missed THIS for the world!  Oliver Stone strips off his Liberal costuming and in an effort to pump sales for his new book on Obama….he talks like a Republican!!!  Is he a Mitt Romney supporter?

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No One Died In…Watergate

The sickening mismanagement of the Libyan tragedy and the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, has erased any shred of faith women voters could have in President Obama.  He failed the test of Commander-in-Chief when our Consulate was under attack by Al Qaeda on September 11th, and he fails the test of integrity….by not owning it.

Romney Could Have Used A Big Stick…And Didn’t.

Dissatisfied with the final debate because Governor Romney didn’t ATTACK?   FOX NEWS Charles Krauthammer put it best.  “Mitt Romney went big.  Barack Obama went small.  Very small.”  Romney did what he always does.  Looked two years down the road, while everyone else…was watching a debate.  Read WHY Romney is winning by a growing margin.

And Now…A Word From Our Armed Forces

What REALLY Happened On That Stage

Conservatives everywhere were waiting for Governor Romney to confront President Obama about the Libyan tragedy.  It didn’t happen.  Because the debate between two contenders…suddenly was a debate of THREE.  Read The Kitchen Cabinet’s assessment of why the President was standing…alone.

Biden? He Threw OBAMA Under The Bus!

Do you remember the Joe Biden who debated SARAH PALIN?  There weren’t so many lies and missteps to disguise in that debate.  Cartoonists and Photoshop experts have had a ball re-telling the story of the Biden/Ryan debate.  But the big takeaway?  Biden didn’t mention Obama….or his GREAT LEADERSHIP…even once.

One Third Of All Cleveland Children…Go To Bed Hungry

Meet four of the most IMPORTANT women in the City of Cleveland.  They feed the homeless in a city where many in the African American community go hungry.


It’s also a city where Barack Obama is anchoring his campaign.


How can the President ask for votes…when his own community is suffering so?