Russian Immigrant: You Don’t Want Obama’s Socialism
October 9, 2012

Russia’s great identity: The Kremlin

A Russian Immigrant woman, Ruba Wold, writes a column today for CDS, trying to impress upon other Americans how WRONG it is for President Obama to “redistribute wealth” provide “government healthcare” and move America away from its respected roots.  She does a great service, and each of us should share it with friends.  Especially YOUNG friends.  Here are just some of her poignant thoughts edited for TKC:

“Since most of my life I lived in a country where socialism was at a very mature stage of 70 years, I experienced, firsthand, the way of living under such a system. Young American people have no idea how unfair and inefficient it is. They hear these loud slogans of fairness and sharing, but they do not take time to learn why the idea DOES NOT work. I experienced it on my own skin for 26 years.

German friends gather in Russia home for spartan dinner.

My family lived in a small Siberian town, more like a village. Everyone in the village had to grow fields of potatoes and different vegetables that we preserved in large amounts for the winter. In the summer we also lived off the forest. I loved picking berries and hunting for mushrooms.

Twice a month, if we were lucky, a truck with supplies would reach our village. We always knew what everyone would have for dinner that night. Not many people owned a refrigerator those days. So, if the truck brought chicken, we had to enjoy it that night. Every family in the village had a fair share of the sausage, sugar, apples or popular condensed milk cans according to their family size. Often we had to give up our portion as we could not afford to buy it.

Russian Market…except only high-level Russian government leaders can afford the food.

Other items we were looking forward to arrive were shampoo, socks and underwear. Yes, shampoo was in deficit. Not a certain type of a shampoo, but just a shampoo of any kind. As for socks, I learned to knit socks, when I was 12. Our old neighbor lady knew how to make yarn, so I groomed our fluffy dog and gave her the wool. I had socks for everybody in the family, but it did not work so well for us in the summer. Eventually I learned to knit almost anything. It was much harder to deal with the underwear situation, as we had no stretchy fabric to make it from.

The reason I share these memories with you is to show what kind of life can be, when government controls every aspect of your life. Since there was no competition to produce more or better, or less expensive goods, industries had little concern in producing quality or a variety of products. They had to produce quantity, however, to keep their workers somewhat in shape. When I first came to America I was overwhelmed to the point of frustration with selection of vegetable oil brands, for example. Later I understood why it is so great to be able to have a CHOICE.

Health care in the government system of Russia is..”take what you get and be happy about it.”

When my father, at age of 36, had a stroke and after a few weeks in the hospital we were told that he needed to go home, as he was incurable, we were dumbstruck but had no choice, nor did we have the right to seek another opinion. We had to accept the fate, as we were assigned to the only clinic in the area according to our residence. After suffering for eight years, my father passed away at 44.

The socialistic regime did collapse, proving that it does not work. You might ask why people did not stand up for themselves sooner?

Well, first of all, they could not rebel due to the fact that Russian people have never had the right to bear arms and therefore they all were totally defenseless. All we could do is scream out our frustrations at a kitchen table.

Russian prisons send the same message they did 70 years ago….”Do what you’re told.” Little or no health care is provided for anyone incarcerated.

The other reason is Russian propaganda machine was state of the art. People knew about the outside world only what they were supposed to know; they have been fed lies for 70 years and our children were raised by the government, brainwashed with images of baby Lenin since birth.

Luba Wold sums up beautifully here:

It’s heartbreaking to see how unaware people are willing to give their freedom away for government hand-outs, which lead to dependency, cripple people, kill their spirit of reaching for the stars and eventually annihilate the sense of responsibility for their own lives.

And the last point I need to make: There obviously is a need for some social programs in a society. Any civilized society needs to provide support for the less fortunate, like people with disabilities, who cannot provide for themselves. And this country has an abundance of such programs.

Times are always tough…if your family is not “plugged in” to the Russian government.

What is admirable about people in this country is how compassionate and giving Americans are. Not because they were told by the government to give, but because they want to help. How many nonprofit organizations, not subsidized by the government are in the United States? Think about it. And I am not saying that Russian people are not compassionate or not giving. It’s not true. But when we are all equally poor, we have nothing to give.    

                 -Luba Wold, American Russian Immigrant

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11 Responses to “Russian Immigrant: You Don’t Want Obama’s Socialism
October 9, 2012

  1. thank you for speaking the truth,it is sometimes out of fashion to do so.I apprciate your courage and willingness to speak the truth.

  2. We had a Russian immigrant customer say the very same thing Very informative and thought provoking Glad that she is in America and hopefully won’t have to live like that again !!!!

  3. Thank you for this article.. I am sure it was hard to express but you did it so eloquently..May we not travel that path..

  4. Isn’t it something how the USSR kept from their school children for 50 years an accurate picture of America; And OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM has kept from OUR SCHOOL CHILDREN for the last 50 years an accurate picture of COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM and their EVILS!

  5. It is always great to hear from someone with first hand experience living a life in a socialist/communist state. I am grateful she is able to share her story. Now, I pray that her story does not fall on deaf ears.

  6. My wife was born and raised in Russia. She has been living in the states for a little over 9 years. She lived there for 49 years. We have spoken about the conditions there and I can tell you that this lady is 100% correct. The Russian government actually used to tell the people that they were really well off, much better than the Americans who were starving in the streets. This inspires me to be as active as possible against the liberals and obama because I do not want this crap to take over our country! Socialism and spreading the wealth does not work. I am not rich but it not the governments fault…I had my chance. All of us here do.

  7. I have studied Russian History and all that you say rings true, but Obama is Moderate Democrat not a socialist. He is concerned with matters concrning more than 47% of all Americans who have little power or money. He wants to grow our middle class which is shinking daily. It will be a sad day if Romney should take office iin theWhitehouse. Children will continue to go hungry living on the streets. Women will revert to back ally abortions and coat hangers to rid themselves the bastards born from rape, incest and maternal
     death in child birth. There will be more war because Romney believes it is good business. War is war nomatter how you sell it. Many more young women and men will die under Romney’s plans. Our eductional system will be starved by his plans to cut public spending. Our children will languish and our society will slowly become a group of have and have nots. And need I remind you that only 1% of Americans own the wealth in this country, so you are probably not one of them. So continue to spray your non-sensical ideas in a world that is hell bent on destroying what our ancestors built and fought for in America. God be with you and yours as this battle unfolds.

  8. Says you. Where do you dig up all these claims? My guess is obama headquarters. I do not really care for either party but the democrats are the worst of the bunch right now. I do not agree with you. I respect your right to think what you will but I do not trust obama and he will finish destroying our country if given a second term. If you care to look around the dems have been in power for 4 years now with the exception of the house since 2010. Things are much worse and not looking to improve under the current leadership. Not only that obama has made racial relations ever worse than 4 years ago. I feel that he is a racist and if you reading what he has written you can not help but agree. He has spent our tax dollars like they were monopoly money and he removed 716 Billion dollars from medicare to help fund his obamacare. Now how am I better off? No he is going to stop my medicare advantage. How in the world is that helping me or anyone but himself. That medicare money went to fund thousands of more new IRS agents. Just what we need, larger government and more KGB agents. Also are you comfortable with the feds having access to your bank accounts. Oh and how about the proposed 1% transaction tax on all credit card, debit card and bank transaction? Hows that going to work for you. Last but not least how about all the debt he has added on our future generations? I don’t know about you but I do not want to pass his massive spending and Chinese borrowing to my kids and grand kids. Locate his books and open your mind with what he has written. I just hope that you have the nerve as well as the ability to actually see what he stands for. OMG!!!

  9. Oh by the way comrade socialist I have served my country both in the military and as a firefighter/rescue  U.S.M.C. 1968/1971

  10. I know that everyone is saying that public schools are indoctrinating children, but I simply wished to elaborate upon it. This is a first-hand account of exactly what I have observed going on at school (I’m in ninth grade):

     We are taught that America is a Democracy. It’s NOT, it’s a Republic, there’s a HUGE difference!
    Obama and Biden are glamorized and presented as heroes in Social Studies.
    Communism, Socialism, and Nazism is not gone over as it should: kids should KNOW exactly what victims of these have gone through, but we remain ignorant for the most part.

  11. Good afternoon:
    If Barack Obama ran an airline… (
    If Barack Obama was in business rather than in the White House and was running an airline, what kind of airline would he run?
    Michael Haltman
    The Political Commentator
    New York, New York
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