THE HILL: What Really Happened In Libya

Become an expert.  When President Obama faces Mitt Romney and the nation tomorrow night, make sure YOU know what really happened when Al Qaeda attacked and assassinated our Ambassador to Libya. Then let’s all measure our President by how much the TRUTH matters to him.  At present, his administration appears to have perpetrated a cover-up, more misleading than anything seen since WATERGATE.

Do Terrorist Attacks CHANGE Elections? YES.

Do you think United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice sits in her office pondering what her future in government might be, after being USED by The White House and the Obama campaign to lie about one of the most violent terrorist attacks ever?  This isn’t the first time terrorists have tried to influence an important election.  But this IS the first time a President…played along.   Read on!

One Third Of All Cleveland Children…Go To Bed Hungry

Meet four of the most IMPORTANT women in the City of Cleveland.  They feed the homeless in a city where many in the African American community go hungry.


It’s also a city where Barack Obama is anchoring his campaign.


How can the President ask for votes…when his own community is suffering so?


PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: What National Women’s Leaders Are Saying

Top conservative women’s leaders weigh in on Wednesday night’s debate, and we have their comments right here at TheKitchenCabinet.US.



It’s Not Just Mitt’s Looks Women Love…It’s His HEART.

The news media can keep trying, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to disguise the authenticity of a man like Mitt Romney. This week women who have worked shoulder to shoulder with Mitt Romney as a Governor, an Olympic leader, and in business, tell the truth about the next man who SHOULD be President.

Who IS The Most Dangerous Man In America?

If you have a paycheck….these days Barack Obama might feel a little threatening!  If he’s re-elected Middle Americans and that ugly Upper Class can kiss more of their tax money goodbye.  Joy Overbeck gets it right.  Obama’s team is targeting women, and their prayer is that Independent Women will forget about the mess Obama’s made of the economy and go to war over 1970’s abortion rights!

What You DIDN’T SEE on 60 Minutes

Bet you didn’t know you MISSED some of Paul Ryan’s most important comments in the 60 Minutes interview last night.  Sometimes what’s on the editing room floor is even more important than what was aired.  Hot Air and Michelle Malkin to the rescue!!

The Only Way Obama Can Win…IS TO CHEAT

Election strategists say the 2012 Election will be a barn-burner.  National polls show the same.  But the Obama camp is preparing another war.  In Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia..all Battleground States…Obama strategists are working to win WITHOUT the voters.  It’s going to take every single one of us, to send Obama packing.

The Two Brightest Thinkers In America: Romney/ Ryan

Mitt Romney makes a VP choice who will energize Evangelical voters, reach the hearts and the minds of Conservative-leaning Independent Women, and give Vice President Joe Biden heartburn as he ponders upcoming debates!  Romney/Ryan is the new mantra of 2012….and it’s a good pick.  Paul Ryan is the 2nd brightest mind in politics today.  Mitt Romney…is 1st.

Harry Reid’s 5 Lobbyist SONS

Harry Reid Family:  Four sons and only son -in-law all lobbyists in Washington.Harry Reid’s entire family is in the business of influence peddling.  Each of his four sons and even his only son-in-law, have been making their livings either directly or indirectly through the influence of their powerful father.  And Reid DARES to challenge Mitt Romney about ancient tax returns?  The government is home for the entire Reid family empire.