POLITICO: Obama Doesn’t Like Romney

According to a new, but probably self-interested book by Politico, President Obama is developing a real dislike of Governer Mitt Romney.  Obama has had his problems with John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and even Congressional leader Eric Cantor.  But Politico’s Greg Thrush says the President has a special place in his heart for Mitt Romney…and it’s not a HAPPY place….

The LEFT Jumps The Chicken! Gets PLUCKED!!!

Tonight…nationwide gay “Kiss-Ins” could spur some confrontation with traditional Americans who support Chick-Fil-A.  “Occupying” Chick-Fil-A is probably a LOSER for the Left…but watch.  They won’t restrain themselves, and protesters will become just another reminder to Conservative voters why we’re not just willing to line up for CHICKEN…we’re going to MOB the polls.

Let’s Eat Some Chick-fil-A!

Who wants to eat with Rahm Emanuel anyway?  The Chicago Mayor joins with other liberal leaders around the country in punishing Dan Cathy’s popular Chick-Fil-A restaurants because Cathy closes on Sundays and publicly supports traditional marriage. That’s a crime? Can a Mayor block a business because its owner sticks to his religious principles?  In Obama’s America…yes.  Welcome the quick-witted Joy Overbeck as a new contributor to The Kitchen Cabinet.  You’ll LOVE her.

Democrats To Play MARRIAGE CARD At Convention leaks out.  The Democrats may add gay marriage to the national platform.  The goal?  Further divide the country.  Will Barack Obama be re-elected on the back of the most liberal agendas in American history?

More importantly, are Democrats across the nation, willing to go along with Obamacare and Gay Marriage?


Why Pelosi Won’t Release HER Tax Returns

How is it that a Congresswoman making $174,000 a year, comes out of Congress richer than when she arrived?  Nancy Pelosi has had a very good reason for shutting down discussions about releasing tax returns.  She doesn’t want the Pelosi family trus, up by 2/3 just this year alone, to be scrutinized.  Here are the figures.


For the first time, the most respected pollster in the nation, Rasmussen, puts Mitt Romney out in front of President Obama.  Not just by an eyelash.  Beyond the error of margin.  Could it really be happening? Read the cold, hard numbers…that give us hope.



Democrats Latest Tactic: REGISTER THE DEAD

Fair and free elections might be hard to come by this November.  Crafty and well-organized efforts are underway by “non-profit” Democratic groups who are inflating voter registration in the tightest Battleground States.

In Virginia, Democrats are trying to register….dead voters.  It’s only a crime, if you get caught.  Read about the Virginia investigation of Democrat ground teams who will do ANYTHING to win.


READINGS from THE BOOK OF BARACK!  Not to be confused with the Bible, but internet writer “Iowahawk” puts the BUDGET into SCRIPTURE and it’s HILARIOUS!  It’s our pockets that are being cleaned out…at least try to laugh while it’s happening??????  You’ll love this, and so will your friends will too.

ABC’s Brian Ross Should Be Fired

ABC’s Brian Ross should be fired.  The hungry habit of breaking news at any cost,  should be broken.  After the last 24 hours of explosive and damaging “journalism” it’s time for everyone who delivers news in America to take stock.  Where are the old-fashioned codes of ethics?  Just ask Tea Party leader James Holmes what it’s like to be thrust unexpectedly and unfairly into the national limelight.  An apology is invisible, after explosively misrepresenting someone’s NAME.

What You DON’T Know About Selecting The VP

Who will win the Romney Vice- Presidential Sweepstakes?  The Kitchen Cabinet has a pick, and there are some predictable choices, and a DARK HORSE.  Read up on the strategy of how campaigns look at the Vice Presidential pick….and see what YOU think!