Obama Campaign’s $100 Million Panic

This will be the most expensive heavyweight presidential battle in history.  Donors and political consultants might also find that there has been more WASTE than ever in history.  Barack Obama is scrambling to hold steady against a surgically-focused TAKE-OVER campaign by the Romney team. Right now, despite splurging with a $100 million Summer advertising blitz against Governor Romney, the President’s punches seem to be missing the target.

Bill Maher’s WAR on WOMEN

Bill Maher, David Letterman, Ed Schultz…Rush Limbaugh?  What is fair game when it comes to talking about women?  Here’s the catch.  Liberal men get away with more….because they’re on the “right” side of every issue.  WSJ’s Peggy Noonan skewers them all.  Must read for Cabinet women, and men who love and RESPECT women.


The more we look at Obamacare, the more we think we’re in FRANCE!  Take a look at just a dozen of the new federal taxes that will soon be draining paychecks…near you!  Start with your HOUSE.

OBAMACARE: 83% Of Doctors Consider QUITTING

Want to put fear in the heart of a mother?  Just tell her that her family doctor is going away.  Polls of U.S. doctors reveal that tens of thousand of physicians are considering closing their offices because of Obamacare.  Isn’t their a better way to transform our health care system…than by punishing those who take the best care of our us?


In an era when Voter Fraud has become almost a profession for some, is it really too much for state governments to require every voter to show proof of identity?  The Obama administration seems to be investing a lot of time and money to OPPOSE a fair and free election.  But…why?   SHOW YOUR I.D. and be PROUD of it.

California: Legalizing THREE-PARENT Families…Or MORE

California wants to make “multi-parent” families just as legal as two-parent families.  The California State Assembly is just about to vote three and even four parent families into LAW.  Shocked?  This will spread the responsibility for a child over a handful of ADULTS…not just two committed, and perhaps biological parents.  But has anyone asked their KIDS?


Obama’s 18 Minute Sob To Big Donors

President Obama’s pockets are empty?  In a campaign call made from Air Force One, AIR FORCE ONE?  Obama cried out to donors who have not been as generous this election cycle as the last one.  His message?  Mitt Romney is raising enough money to OWN Congress and The White House.  Is that what we want?  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  You can read the President’s leaked pleas….here.

READING THEIR MINDS: One Kitchen Cabinet Member’s Smart Look At Obamacare Decision

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Supreme Court in recent weeks.  It will be a long time before Law Schools have peeks at the analysis, personal interviews, and the underlying vision of the Justices as they reviewed Obamacare.  Today, The Kitchen Cabinet offers one man’s view.  A Kitchen Cabinet subscriber….who really digs in deep.  Fascinating assessment of Chief Justice Roberts and how he may have guided his Court.

Behind The Scenes Of The Supreme Court OBAMACARE Ruling

The lesson learned from this week’s Obamacare ruling?  Don’t mess with Chief Justice John Roberts.  There are indications that Roberts outfoxed the Obama administration, by deceiving The White House…with VICTORY!  Closer inspection of The Supreme Court’s ruling sheds light upon what were likely some sensitive backroom negotiations.  Here’s how John Roberts…did the right thing.

One Small Step For A Woman…One Large Step For CHINA

Go Liu Yang!  Chinese women have to be cheering in the streets to see one of their own LEADING a mission in space, and demonstrating that Chinese women are equal to Chinese men.  There are the technological achievements to speak of as well….but they just don’t compare with the visual of a woman leading two male Chinese astronauts into SPACE!  Here are the details!