July 27, 2012

President Obama...the new CARTER. ONE term only.

In July of 2008, Barack Obama polled right where MITT ROMNEY sits today.  Rasmussen Polling the most respected and accurate pollster in the country puts Romney ahead for the first time by FIVE big points this week.  The downturn of the economy is “killing the President’s re-election chances.”  PROMISE?  Here’s Rasmussen’s numbers:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney attracting 49% of the vote, while President Obama earns support from 44%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

MItt Romney Is Winning It...THE OLD FASHIONED WAY.

The numbers are similar to the 49% to 43% advantage Romney enjoys on the question of who is trusted more to handle the economy.

Seventy percent (70%) of voters see Obama as politically liberal, while 67% see Romney as a conservative. However, the president is seen as more extreme ideologically. Forty-three percent (43%) see him as Very Liberal, while just 24% believe Romney is Very Conservative.

Most voters are either politically Moderate or Somewhat Conservative. Sixty-two percent (62%) place Romney in that group while just 25% say the same for Obama.

It's The Economy Stupid

This is damning for the President.  The economy is the NUMBER ONE concern for Americans.  On that subject Romney leads Barack Obama in some polls 63% to 29%.

Let’s get out our vote.

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6 Responses to “ROMNEY PULLS AHEAD!
July 27, 2012

  1. Its up to Women to save this country. Not enough men with guts to stand and fight anymore. I’ve said this for 8 years and believe it with all my heart. Women are more responsible and dedicated to family. Women vote as if your life depended on it.

  2. Hope!

  3. If re-elected, Obama will destroy what is left of we once knew as America. If Americans want to keep America free and successful, Obama CANNOT win!

  4. Obama showed his arrogance and disdain of hard working small business owners. Anyone that would not be concerned about the path this man is leading us down has their head in the sand or is hoping to get “free stuff”. I am shocked at some otherwise seemingly intelligent people who do not recognize that the Democrat party got hijacked. This is NOT the Democrat party of even a few years ago. Wake up people before we are all doomed to mediocrity ruled by an elite few. 

  5. I believe the “you didn’t buid that” speech was the tirning point and got Romney energized.  As a business owner I heard the speech live and it was like a slap in the face to hrad wor, risk taking and success.  This man doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.  He stomps on the American Dream while creating an American Nightmare.

  6. I am more afraid of Obama now than I was in 2008. Our livelihood depends on voting him out in 2012.