What You DON’T Know About Selecting The VP
July 18, 2012

Is it ....ME? Senator Rob Portman and Mitt Romney

There is a lot of speculation leaking from national news rooms and political onlookers about whom might take the prized position of Vice President in the Romney campaign.

The Kitchen Cabinet continues to hear urging for “someone who can energize us!”  “Someone exciting!”  “Someone who can deliver the Latino vote!”  Actually there are very intricate and strategic parameters which guide the selection of a Vice President.

Talk About Charisma...But Does Marco Want To Make It On His Own?

Most important test to pass? BE CLOROX CLEAN.  In this day and age, a moving violation on your traffic record can disqualify a possible vice-presidential nominee.  Campaigns don’t want any dirt, any Herman Cain press conferences, no vague birth certificates, and no FAILURE TO FILE INCOME TAX. Being vetted for VP is like getting a Top Secret security clearance.

Here are the selection issues to consider in the final FIVE:

Condoleeza Rice:  Perfect in SO many ways.  She would be the first, highly-prepared Republican woman to be on the ticket.  Provost of Stanford, former Secretary of State, former National Security Adviser, a team player, and a woman and a Black woman.  The response to the “float” of her possible choosing was fantastic.  Women in the middle like her, Black women love her climb to the top, Independent Women like her, and Romney needs to do a lot of work on the women’s vote.  Her African American heritage and life story counters Barack Obama, and gives him heartburn in his own community.  In many ways a masterstroke.  But what about her BUSH BAGGAGE?  That’s the hitch.

Pawlenty Of Minnesota

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty:  Not that charismatic, but willing to grab a shovel and dig.  Comes from money in Minnesota, and there is actually a strategy to win the nomination that would INCLUDE Romney carrying Minnesota.  That’s why Pawlenty would be in the mix.  Otherwise? Two white men running on another GOP ticket.

Governor Chris Christy:  Fabulous soundbites.  He admits that he is not quite healthy enough or experienced enough for this election cycle.

Congressman Paul Ryan...Straight Forward

Congressman Paul Ryan:  An exciting choice, and a bulldog on policy and deficit reduction.  The Left HATES Paul Ryan and his courageous stands on Capitol Hill.  He is definitely one of the best and brightest in our Party.  He is just so valuable in the House…especially if reforms are on the way.  Heaven knows he can pass ANY test the campaign requires.

Senator Marco Rubio:  Deep down, he knows that one day, he will have the opportunity to run for President.  ON HIS OWN.  There are many reasons why serving out his time in the Senate and building his own record would beRubio..IN?  Or Out. most attractive to Marco Rubio.  But Rubio shares a lot of Romney’s passions, and he knows this is a do or die election.  Mitt Romney might also want him in the Senate…where he is destined to be a great leader.  Especially in a transformational time.

Senator Rob Portman:  FROM OHIO. FROM OHIO. FROM OHIO.  That’s all you need to say.  If he isn’t Tonight Show material, don’t worry.  Just keep in mind that as the head of the Office of Management and Budget, he

Shy....But SMART.

knows his way through the national budget like no other.  He would be indispensable to Romney in re-inventing how we spend money in America. Aside from that, just remember that John Kerry would have been President in 2004, if he had gotten only 90,000 more votes….in OHIO.

A Dark Horse????

JEB BUSH:  Hmmmmm  Everyone whispers about him, no one dares to say the name.  The Bush name is just a bit tired…but Jeb Bush is hugely admired and would cinch FLORIDA.  His wife is Latino, his son is superstar handsome and Latino.  They all speak Spanish.   Couldn’t hurt!

The bottom line?  The Romney strategists have been crunching numbers to see where the selection of a Vice President MIGHT help pick up game-winning support.  Voters don’t elect a Vice President…they vote on who is going to be PRESIDENT.

Don’t look for personality…look for character and skills.



13 Responses to “What You DON’T Know About Selecting The VP
July 18, 2012

  1. I so disagree with this —- the person that Mitt picks at VP may well be the key to winning or losing this election. It might not have mattered in the past but this time it will play a major role.

  2. Why would you put another black in?  Didn’t everyone learn yet?????????  Or another Bush, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!   USE SOME COMMON SENSE!

  3. In a HEARTBEAT. Barbara….we only look at the color of people’s EYES. It’s their minds, their hearts, and integrity that matters to women in America. And we’re sure you didn’t mean it that way. We want Obama out because he is attacking us with his incompetence.


  4. We’ll see….but when folks go into the polling booth…they vote for the person in the President box. Thanks for your comment though Richard! Always interested in your opinion.

  5. Barbara Fugate:  Not sure why you have a problem with “putting a black in.”  We had problems with Carter, but we still elected another “white man.” 
    I feel there are many conservative black men that might make a wonderful VP.  Herman Cain, I believe, was one of them… to bad he had skeletons in his closet.  Can you imagine if we had the media back in 1959 that we have today?  Kennedy would NEVER have been elected. 
    I digress…  Alan West is another future hopeful.  
    This one would not be considered a VP candidate, but Clarence Thomas is a wonderful conservative.  At least he voted against the individual mandate being constitutional. 
    Ignorance is not limited to the color of people’s skin.  Look at Debbie Wasserman Schultz….

  6. I can not believe that Allen West isn’t being considered at all. This man is squeekie  clean and is a Patriot. He is a very smart, intelligent person…

  7. Linda, I too wonder why Allen West isn’t being considered. Yes he is a flame thrower, but the flames are always aimed in the right direction, and he would fulfill the role of bull-dog, allowing Mitt to focus on presenting his positive plans and message. When it comes to the fearless ideological arguments, Allen could handle them just fine, for he is as well-spoken as he is courageous!

  8. GOOD question. I know there was a campaign at work to put him into consideration. Possibly, because he would do the most good in Florida, and Rubio already had that position. And grabbing the Latino vote is even more important than getting the African American vote? Thanks for your comment!

  9. How about someone that is not another insider t***.

  10. Has anyone considered Rand Paul?  His nomination would unite our Party and guarantee a victory in November.  His father, Ron, would release his delegates, endorse Romney and ask his followers to vote the Republican ticket – eliminating the off chance that some of them will not vote or vote third party or write-in.  We need a SOLID united party to win and Rand Paul just might make that happen.

  11. I don’t like anyone that I have read that Romney is considering.  Why isn’t Allen West being considered?  He is a true conservative as well as a loyal American.  He also would help get the black vote.  I would like to see Bachmann being considered, but too many Americans still don’t want to see a woman in that high an office.  That strikes me as funny, because it is woman who run the home, raise the kids, work their outside jobs and in most cases handle the money.  Not all single parent mothers are on welfare.  I would also vote for Caine.  Who cares if he has had affairs.  Show me high office government officials who haven’t, 

  12. I think Allen West would excite voters.  He is a dynamic and forceful man, maybe that is why he is not being considered.

  13. jeb Bush’s wife is a Latina