POLITICO: Obama Doesn’t Like Romney
August 6, 2012

No Hard FEELINGS?????

The President’s polite brush off of questions about challenger Mitt Romney are apparently fake.  A new E-book coming from Politico and written by Glenn Thrush, claims that Barack Obama has developed real “anger” towards frontrunner Mitt Romney.  Apparently this new fire comes as a relief to the President’s handlers.

“That scorn stoked Obama’s competitive fire, got his head in the game, which came as a relief to some Obama aides who had seen his interest flag when he didn’t feel motivated to crush the opposition.”

Doctored Photo.....But HOW MUCH?

Imagine Barack Obama just going through the MOTIONS!!!!

The E-book, “Obama’s Last Stand,” and consider the source, purports that Obama has more disdain for Mitt Romney than he ever had for John McCain OR Hillary Clinton:

“When President Obama talked about Mitt Romney in recent months, “aides picked up a level of anger he never had for (Hillary) Clinton or (John) McCain,” writes Politico‘s Glenn Thrush in Obama’s Last Stand.

Thrush notes that Obama “began campaign preparations feeling neutral about Romney, but like the former governor’s GOP opponents in 2008 and 2012, he quickly developed a genuine disdain for the man,” according to excerpts released by Politico.

Of course, we suspect that Romney’s views of Obama may be somewhat similar.”

Writes Thrush of the president’s anti-Romney views:

Obama Doesn't Like Eric Cantor...but He Likes HIm A Lot Better Than Romney

“Obama, a person close to him told me, didn’t even feel this strongly about conservative, combative House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the Hill Republican he disliked the most. At least Cantor stood for something, he’d say.

When he talked about Romney, aides picked up a level of anger he never had for Clinton or McCain, even after Sarah Palin was picked as his running mate. ‘There was a baseline of respect for John McCain. The president always thought he was an honorable man and a war hero,’ said a longtime Obama

Friends...Within Reason.

adviser. ‘That doesn’t hold true for Romney. He was no god—— war hero.'”

Politico has much to gain by stirring the fires of contention between the Mitt Romney campaign and the Obama campaign.  But there is no question that when the two presidential candidates face off in their first debate in September, there will be a lot combustion.  Mitt Romney IS in many ways, the Ivy League superstar which Obama tries to project, but hasn’t substantiated with his college records.

Face-Off Is Coming.....

Burdened with the ugly truth of his weak record, the President  must be mixing a Mylanta cocktail every night as he ponders a face-to-face match up with the more experienced, and economically-savvy Mitt Romney.



4 Responses to “POLITICO: Obama Doesn’t Like Romney
August 6, 2012

  1. Without his prompters Obama is toast in the debates. he has no record to speak of to stand on…..if he talks about obamacare Romney will counter with the stat that most Americans don’t want it. He can’t talk about the economy, his stimulus, his job creation….hell he can’t even talk about the green companies he helped (with our tax money) into bankruptcy! Obama is toast!

  2. President Obama is not a bad man, but his agenda for the country is unsustainable. If he is allowed to continue the unchecked spending, the United States will end up with the same bankrupt fate, as some of the Euro Countries.  In an effort to gain votes, he and the Democratic Party are promising and giving entitlements to create a dependency on government.  The bill for all this is being put on America’s credit card and will eventually have to be paid by the unsuspecting and idealistic young people of this country. Their future is being mortgaged. It is by design that attention the people is being directed away from these facts and onto matters of much less importance.  The upcoming election may be one of “tough love” for some, but our future and that of our children is at stake.

  3. Mitt needs to be ready and able at this debate, we all know the modiator will be picked to kill Romney and make Obama look good.

    I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators. Accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. And I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records… READ MORE HERE: