PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: What National Women’s Leaders Are Saying
October 4, 2012


Sonja Eddings Brown, President, The Kitchen Cabinet – CALIFORNIA

Barack Obama made up the minds of every Independent-thinking woman in America.

He didn’t respect the American people to even come prepared.  Or worse, he demonstrated once and for all, that he simply ISN’T prepared to lead America.

Mitt Romney stepped forward and displayed that he is one of the most prepared men ever to run for the presidency.  Every single woman, every working mother, every family without a roof over its head, could draw a breath and say, “Perhaps the country CAN be saved.”

Anne Hathaway, President Hathaway Strategies, Former Chief of Staff, RNC – INDIANA

Mitt Romney exhibited the leadership and enthusiasm for making our country great and getting Americans back to work. The contrast couldn’t be greater between the current White House occupant who couldn’t articulate his vision for the future and the GOP candidate. Governor Romney talked about solutions and working together to solve our country’s problems.

Jo Ann Davidson, former Ohio Speaker of the House, Founder of The Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute – OHIO

We all know how much was at stake in last night’s debate and our presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, delivered a home run performance. He shared his determination and passion for what he knows he can bring as leader of the free world with the viewers. In other words, he was PRESIDENTIAL! I believe the debate is a game changer. This morning you can sense the enthusiasm and energy among the Romney supporters who are working their hearts out because they understand how extremely important a victory is on November 6. Let’s redouble our efforts in what we are doing to reach out to women voters across the country and share the message.

Jennifer Daniels, Public Affairs Strategist, Catholic Advocate – WASHINGTON, D.C.

Obama’s debate performance last night was really no different than the last four years — a lot of rhetoric with no substance. Obama is not a leader, he is a pontificator. For many Americans last night was the first time they have seen President Obama and Governor Romney standing side by side. With Obama’s rambling, half interested responses he showed America, what many of us have know for years: This man does not have the backbone to stand for American Exceptionalism and he does not have the courage to make tough decisions. All Obama’s decision are political calculations. In contrast, last night you saw Romney stand firm on conservative principles. Romney double downed on Medicare, Social Security, tax cuts, job creation, and even his Massachusetts health care plan – not pandering to interest groups — but reinforcing how he will make America stronger with pragmatic, strategic, decision making based on experience and personal conviction. If you believe American policy is not just off course, but needs to do a U-Turn, then RUN, don’t walk, to your closest Romney Victory Center. This election will be a dead heat, don’t wake up Nov 7th hoping you had done more!   

Yvonne Donnelly, The 912 Project – National Chair

Governor Romney was the clear winner in the debate focusing on Domestic Policy.  This energized the base of supporters tremendously!  But let’s continue to stay focused and working.  We can not sit back and rest on this victory.  We must connect with our communities through education, volunteering with the campaign and motivating others. 

Sue Lynch, Former President of the National Republican Federated Women – WISCONSIN

I am so proud of Governor Romney. He hit the ball out of the park last night. His answers were right on and he never waived on any question asked. He was prepared and he understands what was at stake in this election. Spending must be controlled and he will do that when elected president .. America is the land of freedom and prosperity! On to Victory in November!

Becky Norton Dunlap, VP External Relations, The Heritage Foundation

Romney came across as principled, courageous and Presidential.  This will demonstrate to undecided voters he is a man of conviction and would be a President they can trust.  Women who are concerned about jobs and the economy would be particularly pleased with Romney’s performance.

Karin Hoffman, DC Works For US

At our Debate Watch Party of Tea Party activists, and both Independent and Conservative women, the enthusiasm could not be contained and it grew throughout the hour and half event. Gov. Romney was calm and relaxed, comfortable in the saddle as he seemed to steer the direction of the debate. He confronted the President’s policies over the past four years with irrefutable facts. Relentless in his effort to expose the truth of how the current administration’s policies have had a tremendous negative impact on our nation and its economy, while at the same time, carefully explaining the plan and solutions he would immediately bring to our nation.

Nancy French, co-founder of Evangelicals for Mitt

The debate was dazzling because it was the first time Romney was able to present himself without the media’s deceptive twists and turns. In 90 minutes, the millions of dollars of negative ads, characterizing the GOP candidate as aloof, mean, and out-of-touch, were shown to be wasted. He’s smart, he’s competent, he’s ready for the job. As Jim Leher said, “Mr. President, your time is up.”

Heidi Leupp, Enlightened Women – CALIFORNIA

This was the Mitt Romney that we have always known–smart, analytical, compassionate, fair and prepared. He was relaxed and showed confidence, which is what a candidate exudes when he is passionate about his values and knowledgeable about his data. He was the winner last night and IS a winner every day of his life because it’s clear that his convictions and his goals for America extend beyond a debate stage.

President Obama, likewise, was the same person we have known for the last four years–uncomfortable without a Teleprompter and having a loose relationship with the truth.

It’s incredible that when the media is out of the way and candidates are free to speak their minds voters get a clear sense of the candidates’ true selves and their goals.

Elaine Miller (NM) Federated Republican Women, President

I thought Romney showed himself to be the leader he is and will be –he didn’t get off topic at all – even though Obama kept trying to lead him away.  I believe Romney won the debate and it will make a difference.

Tina J. Benkiser (TX) Attorney and Counselor at Law

In the first debate, Gov. Mitt Romney was in command, demonstrating why he has been a successful businessman and community leader while showing us his compassionate and even humorous side.

In one night, Gov. Mitt Romney made this election about leadership; effectively laying out the case that he will provide a clear vision based on principle and will be able to inspire others to follow him in accomplishing that vision. Gov. Romney established that he is the only candidate who will help us in restoring our constitutional principles, reforming our government and creating an environment of opportunity for security and prosperity for all Americans.

Debbie Brown, Director at Colorado Women’s Alliance (CO)

Spent all day at CPAC Colorado … the energy and enthusiasm is up 200% among grassroots in Colorado. Marco Rubio addressed a crowd and the surprise appearance by Mitt Romney himself electrified the place. We were all high fiving each other all day.

Lisa Stickan, Chairman Young Republican National Federation

“Gov Romney’s performance in the first debate proved who the real leader will be for America this November. With 53 percent unemployment and under-employment for recent college grads, our future needs someone of Romney’s caliber to put our county back to work!”

Ulster County Legislature Chairman Terry Bernardo (NY)

“Mitt Romney hit it out of the park.  Americans want a President who is focused on jobs and innovation, not one who put more debt onto our children and grandchildren than nearly all other Presidents combined.  President Obama is a nice man who is simply in over his head.  He had four years to bring us together and get things done. He failed. It is time for someone with private sector experience who has signed the front of a check, not just the back.”



3 Responses to “PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: What National Women’s Leaders Are Saying
October 4, 2012

  1. Wonderful, magnificent and God is with him.  Gov. Romney was fantastic and I was so proud of him.  His beautiful wife and family are a very important part of Gov. Romney’s life.  My husband and I wish you all the best and our prayers will be with you.  Gov. Romney, every person with a brain in their head and a love of country will be rooting for you. 
    God be with you.

    Arlene & Enrico DiRocco   

  2. Amen, to all these comments, Romney is right on!

  3. Mitt was my classmate at BYU.  We were so proud of him in the debates and proud of all that he has done since leaving this university.  I am so glad for Anne deciding not to marry Kim Cameron.  He was also a cool person and friends with Mitt, but Kim found a great gal to marry, too – the daughter of Bob Cummings, Melissa Sue.  Mitt has ALWAYS been a gracious and strong man, with credentials so outstanding maybe he doesn’t deserve what WILL COME to him as President.  I’ve already suffered through Jay Leno letting humiliating things cross his screen, and cringe to think the unfair judgements given this man.  But he TRULY did shine in this debate and will be even more amazing in the next.  Do all you can to get him into office – I wrote him over 10 years ago after reading TURNAROUND, and experiencing his leadership in Salt Lake City.  He is our Moses – and would be the BEST president ever.