The Only Way Obama Can Win…IS TO CHEAT
August 12, 2012

Yes It Will Be A Close Election..Not Necessarily Because Of Voters.

And the Obama camp has invested 4 years in preparing to do just that.

*In Virginia, the Romney campaign is currently challenging 200,000 registration forms mailed out PRE-POPULATED with the information of dead people.  A total of 15,000 WERE RETURNED.

*In Ohio the Obama campaign is desperately trying to marginalize the right of the military in that state to have THREE extra days to vote, to accommodate their service.  David Axelrod wants EVERYONE in Ohio to have three more days to vote!  Especially the unions.

*In Florida, True The Vote and others are working around the clock to ferre

It Will Take ALL OF US

t out long-permanent names on Florida voter data lists of dead people!  It’s almost a hobby there to elevate registration for absentee ballots with voters who are no longer living.

*In Colorado, EVERYONE gets to vote from home.  Keeping that kind of election honest…is almost a full-time job.

*On Facebook, the Obama campaign is waging an all out war to build its numbers among young voters and young professionals.  The campaign has a warehouse of employees devoted to farming the Facebook lists of supporters.  You reach one, and each young voter has as many as a thousand friends, you can imagine how fast mass messaging can be sent.  This is a major weakness for the GOP.  Barack Obama has 27 million followers on Facebook.  Mitt Romney?  2 million.  At a 3% response rate, Barack Obama will STILL be able to reach and

This is how you win an election in the 21st Century

activate an unprecedented force to get out the vote.

Make no mistake.  While the country is SICK of the Obama administration, the election will still be very close.  Over a hundred million in the country are on some form of Welfare.  For them, voting their pocketbook will mean protecting their government checks.  NOT their paychecks.



3 Responses to “The Only Way Obama Can Win…IS TO CHEAT
August 12, 2012

  1. Free and Fair? Really? Does anyone actually believe this stuff? If you’re going to make things up, at least make them somewhat reasonable. There are only 300 million people in the US; so, according this, 1/3 of Americans are on “some form of welfare.” Really? 

    Also, what’s wrong with states making their own voting laws? And, shouldn’t any voter misconduct be investigated, no matter where it started? By the way, don’t get me started on voter fraud in Florida….

  2. Why would you be surprised? That’s the Chicago way..David Axelrod is one of their ‘success’ stories..He knows how to game the system, knows how it works..He’s been involved w/this stuff as he worked w/O’s campaigns and with the Daleys…He could probably write a book on how to do all of the ‘behind’ the scenes organizing, etc. Obama was mentored by some of the ‘best’ of Chicago’s politicians..And here in this state you know darned well that in races that really count a republican or independent don’t have a lot of chance..Fortunately downstate and some of the suburbs do have honest elections and have representation from another party. But look at the ‘heirarchy’ in Springfield…the main players are the dems, and we have a ‘puppet’ governor who is managed by’s a shame and they always seem to come up w/same people, party in charge..

  3. Missy,
    If you’re going to make things up, at least do a little research. The US Census found that indeed there are OVER 100 million Americans on some kind of govt. welfare thanks to this administration’s disastrous economic polices –and this DOESN’T include SS or Medicare! Yes, you should be shocked. 45 MILLION are on food stamps; no jobs, no solutions from this prez. Read about it here:




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