The Two Brightest Thinkers In America: Romney/ Ryan
August 10, 2012

Romney Picks Ryan..Because He Is A MIRROR

It’s very simple.  Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan because he is the best and the brightest of all the young thinkers in the GOP.  Mitt Romney ALWAYS identifies the smartest people and HIRES THEM.  All any Independent-thinking woman have to do is watch Paul Ryan’s CAPACITIES in this White House meeting with President Obama…to see why he poses a giant threat to Democrats.

And a giant ASSET to Mitt Romney:

From National Review:

Charting A New Course For America

According to Romney insiders, Romney deeply appreciated Ryan’s willingness to privately share his critique of the campaign during the heated Republican primary, where Romney often struggled to make his case. As he watched from afar, long before he endorsed, Ryan drafted a series of detailed strategy and policy advisories, and discussed them with Romney over the phone. For Romney, those corporate-style memos made a lasting impression — and catapulted Ryan into Romney’s circle, where he has remained since.

Paul Ryan and Family

Sounds as if Ryan is ready and willing to be a change agent…and now Mitt Romney will give him a new national stage.






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