It’s Not Just Mitt’s Looks Women Love…It’s His HEART.
September 24, 2012

Mitt Romney is the REAL THING. Something to be cherished nowadays.

The Obama campaign can keep trying, but the decent man everyone knows Mitt Romney to be…keeps cutting through.  Today a handful of outstanding women who have worked with Mitt Romney since he was a Governor, have begun telling THEIR stories about Governor Romney.  And they are AMAZING.

What impressed The Kitchen Cabinet the most?  One woman working in the Governor’s office was reminded by Mitt Romney that when and if she made mistakes….”they would be OUR mistakes.”   Who wouldn’t want a BOSS like that?  READ ON from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Mitt Romney’s Cabinet as Governor….was FULL of outstanding women.

“Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faces a gender gap. And Cindy Gillespie would like to help him close that gap in the race to unseat President Barack Obama.

So she and other women who have worked for Romney have hit the campaign trail, to talk about a boss and a leader they describe as kind, caring and committed to equality in the workplace.

“No surprise, when he goes looking for strong players, a lot of times he finds women,” said Gillespie, responding to national polls that show Romney trailing Obama among women voters.

Ann Romney joined women colleagues of Mitt Romney on campaign swing in Wisconsin.

On Thursday, Gillespie and three others who served with Romney while he was governor of Massachusetts came to Marquette University and sat on a stage. They listened as Ann Romney talked about her husband.

“We know he cares about women, about making the economy work for women,” Ann Romney said.

She pointed out Gillespie, who worked with Romney at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games and then followed him to Massachusetts, where she served as a counselor while Romney was governor.

And Ann Romney talked about three other members of Romney’s governing team in Massachusetts: Ellen Herzfelder, environmental affairs secretary; Beth Lindstrom, secretary of consumer affairs and business regulation; and Renee Fry, deputy chief of staff.

Former Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Romney, Renee Fry…still a FAN.

“Mitt put women in key leadership positions to help create job growth, cut regulations, red tape, make energy affordable and turn around the economy,” Ann Romney said.

In interviews, the women provided snapshots of their time with Romney.

Fry said, “From the personal side, after government, in 2008, I had a massive (noncancerous) brain tumor and nearly died. I can tell you one of the first phone calls I got was from Governor Romney.”

“I was a little medicated at the time and I was telling him, it just wasn’t fair. In his very reassuring voice, he said, ‘Whatever I can do to help, I will be there for you,’ ” she said.

Lindstrom, who had young children when she served with Romney, said the governor told her: “Family comes first.”

“To have a boss say, ‘We’ll have mistakes but they’ll be our mistakes,’ was very empowering,” she said.

Women love to work for Mitt Romney because he respects and promotes women.

Herzfelder said: “I see this man up there that I know has this great strength, this great warmth. His actions really speak to the kind of man he is.”

Gillespie recalled how Romney called her every night, for 10 straight nights, when her father was in a coma after heart surgery.

And she told one more story. The day she moved to Massachusetts, the moving company didn’t get all her furniture inside the house. The governor called and asked her how things were going. She said furniture was still on the driveway.

“I’ll get the boys,” Romney told her.

The stories about Mitt Romney’s servant’s heart, just keep on coming.

At 9 p.m., Romney and his sons moved the furniture into the house.”



One Response to “It’s Not Just Mitt’s Looks Women Love…It’s His HEART.
September 24, 2012

  1. I love this article and finding out more about Mitt Romney … God Bless you Mitt and your wonder family!  Looking forward to see you in the White House for the next 8 years!