The REAL Numbers? Obama is Losing BIG
November 2, 2012

A new breeze is already blowing.

Looking at the media-driven polls, you would think Barack Obama is on the cusp of a win. In actuality, he’s losing.  And not in a close nail-biter.  Mitt Romney is moving past him like a LOCOMOTIVE.

Real Clear suggests that Obama is leading almost everywhere, and that Mitt Romney is lucky to be in the fight.  Not true.

Ignore all the national polls except Rasmussen and Gallup.

Rasmussen consistently shows Romney up by two, and nationally, Gallup consistently shows Governor Romney leading by 5 or 6 points.  An average of the two is the most realistic.  Karl Rove predicts at least a FOUR POINT

The Election Guru? Picks Romney By 4.

win for Governor Mitt Romney on November 6th, if Conservatives and Independents deliver their vote.

Swing State polling in suggests that Democrats are disenchanted and are staying home.  Republicans, never more motivated.  Independents…record numbers turning out early as well.

All in all, the political landscape looks rich and fertile for Governor Mitt Romney and thorny at best for the President.

Digging deeper, here are the numbers political strategists are watching which could set the stage for a big ROMNEY win:

Early Florida voters in Republican neighborhoods…can’t even get a parking place.

1-VOTER INTENSITY:  In 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain because of unprecedented voter intensity for his landmark candidacy.  Obama led John McCain in voter intensity by eight points.

Today? Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama in Voter Intensity by TEN POINTS.

2-INDEPENDENTS:  This vote decides the election, particularly among women.  Today, Mitt Romney leads the President by TEN POINTS among all Independents.  In some states that lead is as high as 23 POINTS.

3-FLORIDA:  This state is essential for a Romney win.  Reports from the ground indicate that REPUBLICANS can’t even get a parking place near polling places, they’re so full.  Democrats on the other hand, can just walk right in!  Traditionally Democrat-voting neighborhoods have NO WAITING.

4-COLORADO: Today’s Early Voting summaries show Republicans

outvoting Democrats in this swing state, by three solid percentage points.

Colorado Romney rallies so packed…thousands turned away.

But Independents are also coming in droves to the polls.  Add an eager turnout among Independents, and Romney may already be WINNING COLORADO.  Even in its most Democrat county of Arapahoe.

5-AN OBAMA PANIC:  With Early Voting numbers looking weak for Obama, there are indications that his campaign is already pushing out its most committed voters to PAD THE EARLY RETURNS.  Take a look at this from Ace of Spades Blog:


Obama crowds showing up at events…but not hurrying to the polls.

“They are using their highest propensity voters to pad their absentee and early vote numbers. Incredibly, half of Iowa Democrats who have voted in all four of the last four general elections have been made to request absentee ballots or vote early by the Obama campaign.

The upshot is that Republicans have twice as many reliable, high propensity voters available on Election Day. Republicans already have a natural advantage on Election Day – after all, we invented the 72-Hour Program – which will only be larger in 2012 due to our record-shattering volunteer voter contact effort and the Democrats’ foolish decision to cannibalize their most reliable voters to pad their early voting figures.”

All in all, the Obama campaign is scrambling.  Not just in the Battleground

The President’s Last Stand

States, but apparently inside The White House.  Why else would the weakest of minds RULE in a choice over whether to rescue Americans attacked by terrorists….or chance creating a defining military conflict which might turn the election?   SEND A MESSAGE:   VOTE.



17 Responses to “The REAL Numbers? Obama is Losing BIG
November 2, 2012

  1. Fasting and praying for Mitt Romney and this election. Praying that it will be a landslide and cannot be contested.

  2. Many devoted Christians have been praying…some fasting…for God to help us save our freedom loving/losing country.  It’s obvious that He answers the humble, sincere prayers of the righteous.  May He always be revered!

  3. This information renews my faith in the American Public to see a wolf in sheeps clothing.  I for one do not want to live in a socialist country and that is exactly where this President Obama wants to take me.  I have always known that the pools can be made to look anyway one wants.  Just take a statistics course to see how.  Mitt Romney will win this election and if I have to pay a bit more tax and that’s if then my great grand children may not have to be paying off this national debt…

  4. I sure pray that this is so!  I can’t imagine our country if it is faced with 4 more years of this person that doesn’t believe in our US Constitution and is trying with all his might to do away with our freedoms.  I cannot believe that a person that has had so  little to say that he has done; wait nothing he can say he has done; is getting any votes at all!  I know my vote is for Romney but I do know that there are those people, afraid of him because he is Mormon; afraid of his values that are holding on to Obama.  I would be MORE afraid that Obama has NO religion and NO values and you are giving him a vote.  I read all of these things about people being threatened at the polls, rigged machines, lost ballots.  Even my mom, who is 94, got a letter from some company offering to come help her vote!  Yep, don’t think that will be happening!  I just pray that there are so many votes for Romney that there is NO question that the US is unhappy with what has taken place in these past four years.   I honestly don’t know what is ahead if he doesn’t win.

  5. I wish Obama would Get out right now,I see all these people lie to people about what a great job he has done it makes me sick,They lie ,lie ,lie that man has done more damage than he has any thing else since he took office…
    Get Him Out Of The White House!!!!!!

  6. I am not a religious man, but I have been praying hard that Mitt defeats Obama.  I have many reasons, but the most important is to stop Obama from destroying the country I served so proudly in the AF for 30 years.  There is no question in my mind that Obama hates America and that he is intent on destroying everything America has stood for since the founding fathers defined our government and our values.  He must be stopped and if anyone can’t understand why, they deserve what will happen to them if he wins again.  I, for one, will not accept it and will join the multitude of others who will do whatever we can to throw Obama out of office as soon as the election results are validated.  God bless America and let the devil take Obama to his domain.   

  7. Never in American History has our country….America been under such scrutiny, corruption, and ultimate financial collapse.  The past four years have been the most damaging, and disappointing years this country has ever experienced due to lack of real leadership in our president and his administration.  This country has witnessed a major change in the almost  total destruction of out own Constitution that or Fore’fathers set forth…fighting for…dying for to protect the sovereignty that it contained. *America cannot survive another four years of Barack H. Obama’s presidency . We need real leadership, real American Spirit, Real Godliness, Real Patriotism once again, and I believe that will be achieved if Mitt Romney will be elected our new President this November 6th 2012.  God Bless America the Land that I love.

  8. We need to get that communist Muslim the hell out of our country hanging would be to good for Him

  9. Since you put the question like that, I’d have to say the latter is true. Obama didn’t want there to be another war on his hands when he’s going for a re-election. He didn’t want to start up trouble and to have Americans turn away from the President, like they did with Bush (2 wars). That would’ve definately been a “game changer” like it was George W. Bush, and losing re-election, a defining moment and a critical one at that.  But he wasn’t thinking that doing nothing would also make him look bad and ruin his chance for re-election. Great job, Obama because 9/11/12 was your “Ground Zero”  in Benghazi!!! Let that sink in for awhile & may you dread that decision for the rest of your life. I hope that it haunts you for the rest of your life how you let someone die, several die out of your selfishness. Let their blood be on your soul & remain in your veins for as long as you live. I hope that their cries come back to haunt you every day of your life. You’re on your way out of there, thank goodness. Even your cronies don’t seem to be very thrilled these days. What are they supporting, just the Democrat party, certainly not you. All you care about are your agendas and your immediate family. But you love yourself the most. I hate the sin not the sinner, so I’ll be praying for you and your family for the rest of your lives. I didn’t vote for you last time and I’m not voting this time. I’ve already voted absentee ballot but not for you. You could’ve been somebody great if it weren’t for your selfish plans & trying to take over the world and to be its leader. Well, good try. It almost worked, NOT!!!
     Michelle Lemal, a non-Obama supporter. There aren’t many supporters left. Nobody want
    s more of the same when we can have a better life and country. That’s a NO-BRAINER!!! 

  10. I’m praying so hard for Mitt to win.  I love America, came here with my military husband, and Obama is destroying the country that so many flocked to in the past because of what it stood for.  I have found him to be nothing but a horrible fraud, liar, and a radical communist by all intents.  I, loving America the way that I do, voted for Mitt and encourage my FB friends to do the same.  It really sickens me as to how stupid some people can be in that they still beleive Obama.  This has become, I think, a political race where many are voting because of color and not because of the politics and the issues of those running that would restore America to what it was before Obama, with all of his fabrications, got into office.  If you truly love America, if you have any sense at all, and wish to see America restored to what it always stood for, vote Romney, there is no other legitimate choice, really!

  11. The media predicted a Jimmy Carter win up to election night in 1980, and President Reagan beat him so bad that Jimmy conceded the race by 10:30 that evening. It was a landslide victory for President Reagan, even though the media said Carter was in the lead by 10 points.

  12. Let it be so, Lord Jesus. Let it be so…..

  13. This is not a Republican-vs-Democrat race, This is AMERICAN-VS-ANTI-AMERICAN race!!! America will always stand her ground!!

  14. I feel Obama will loose this year because people are so sick of what this country has become even people that voted for Obama last time. I am thankful to say I never voted for him. He is trying so hard to put this country in a communist state. We have seen so many things that have gone wrong with this country since he was elected. I think Romney will win by a landslide victory. There are so many people on Facebook that are praying for Mr. Romney and I feel God will take care of us all and put this country back the way it should be and back up to #1. May God Bless America, the land of the home and the brave!!!

  15. Always remember:  he is a marxist muslim so stated IN HIS OWN WORDS IN HIS OWN BOOK. 

    He is an evil traitor.  We drank the kool aid last time.  NEVER AGAIN! 

  16. Praying for Mr. Romney. Our country can not take 4 more years of lies, contempt and deceit. I am the proud wife of a Desert Storm vetern who just retired after 24 1/2 years. I am also the proud mother of a daughter in the National Guard and a son in the Marine Reserves. God Bless America and the men and women who defend her!

  17. I too am praying for this election.  However, I do believe that the 2nd coming of Jesus is near.  If Obama needs to be in the White House to set up the 2nd coming, so be it.  God will be with us.  However, like Hezikiah, I have turned my face to the wall and prayed that this willnot happen and we are given more time.