The 2012 Obama Campaign: The Most Corrupt Presidential Race In History
May 19, 2013

The scandals flooding out of the Obama administration are all rooted in the corrupt campaign waged in 2012 to re-install Barack Obama as President, even in a horrible economy.


Who directed the IRS to intimidate Conservative groups?

Who directed the IRS to intimidate Conservative groups?

The IRS doesn’t “act” upon Americans with demands for Facebook pages, members lists, and calendars of events…unless a political operative orders it.  Obama campaign deputies will likely be found to be behind these orders, using the power and position of The White House and other government agencies to direct career IRS employees to DO IT.  Today’s announcement that giant Democrat donor George Soros dropped breadcrumbs for the IRS just don’t hold up.  What button-down IRS auditor or executive would gamble his or her career to TARGET a political group, without DIRECTION from the top?

In 2012, the re-election campaign of Barack Obama was preparing to wage an unprecedented “digital” grassroots campaign to beat Mitt Romney.  It was imperative to unpin the rapidly-growing, conservative powerhouse of Tea Party networks to make sure Republicans were not able to compete on the ground with the Obama campaign in 2012.

Tea Party members united because they didn't trust the federal government.  NOW they're EXPERTS.

Tea Party members united because they didn’t trust the federal government. NOW they’re EXPERTS.

Women formed the backbone of leadership in The Tea Party.  Most of the letters from the IRS went to housewives, working women, and mothers leading efforts from their kitchen tables.  Frightening and costly demands from the IRS successfully shut them down and buried their families in paperwork.  The Tea Party was dramatically weakened in 2012 because of the IRS effort.  The “lost 3 million votes” GOP strategists have struggled to explain, may simply have been the valued slice of volunteerism lost because of the intimidation of activist Tea Party groups.

The cunning strategy was illegal, a violation of civil rights, and a masterstroke of corruption. If tied to The White House, such corruption should also be impeachable.


Obama's own "Kitchen Cabinet" of personal advisers during his 2012 campaign.
Obama’s own “Kitchen Cabinet” of personal advisers during his 2012 campaign.

Don’t be surprised to learn that Obama campaign advisers, if not campaign managers, were quietly involved in the debate whether to respond in Benghazi on the night of 9-11.  Look who sits center-stage on Air Force One with the President in this photo:  Bill Clinton.  He became a more and more trusted adviser during the difficult days of re-election.  What is the likelihood Bill Clinton was weighing in on a 9-11 terrorist attack by Al Qaeda?  Do you think HIllary Clinton has her husband on speed dial?

The administration had almost EIGHT hours to help...and did nothing.

The administration had almost EIGHT hours to help…and did nothing.

President Obama was notified that afternoon at 5pm of the attack.  He was preparing to leave for a campaign appearance in Nevada.  WHO WAS WITH HIM?  Who joined him in The Situation Room?  Who weighed in from the campaign just eight weeks out from election day?  Do you really think Barack Obama “went to bed?”

Obama and Hillary walk to rose gardene

Enroute To Lie To The American People

Mitt Romney was surging.  The secret Obama campaign digital platform was in place and ready to deliver winning votes in ANY precinct and deliver the ELECTION for Obama donors.  The only roadblock to success would be some kind of unforseen, break-out, terrorist attack, or national security breach which could shift the election.  A terrorist attack, launched with  U.S. weaponry secretly intended for Syrian rebels, which had fallen INTO THE HANDS of Al Qaeda, could be enormously damaging and reveal unpopular foreign policy decisions by the Obama administration. The horrendous crimes in Benghazi on 9-11 were likely directed not just by a desperate Hillary Clinton and incompetent Leon Panetta, but influenced by senior White House advisers who also DOUBLED as Obama campaign managers.  The phone lines we should be investigating are those of David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Valerie Jarrett, and Jim Messina.


Chilling surveillance by the Justice Department.

Chilling surveillance by the Justice Department.

If the Justice Department wants to provide surveillance on ANYONE in America because of serious national security concerns, under The Patriot Act, it can.

Why reveal it, as Eric Holder’s Justice Department did this week…and to much shock and opposition?

Spying on the press has sent chills through members of the liberal media.  Their response has been anger and rejection of their superhero president and administration this week.  Was this surprising move by the Justice Department meant to send a message to insiders and potential leakers?

Let them know that The White House will find the trail of anyone who talks to the press?  Not everyone has the courage to be a whistleblower like the State Department’s Gregory Hicks, but there are probably others within the Obama administration struggling with their conscience.  The WhiteAssociated Press doors House seems to have much to hide.   Eric Holder may simply be waging yet another campaign to intimidate staffers with weak knees.

That the Obama administration would strike at the underbelly of the sacred media corps, suggests desperation.  But the dam is breaking. If the Obama administration was willing to stand by while brave Americans died under terrorist attack, what other misdeeds have been quietly held?

The War Is Now Coming To The White House.

The War Is Now Coming To The White House.

Weeding through private phone records of the respected Associated Press, which is the main artery of news for all newsrooms, was a declaration of war.



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