Ambassador Stevens: In His Own Words
January 22, 2013

Lies told with a hand over their hearts?

Lies told with a hand over their hearts?

There is no shortage of guilty consciences quietly simmering in Washington because of the administration’s unethical, if not illegal cover-up of an attack by Al Qaeda on 9-11 in 2012. Keeping the facts behind this murderous and deliberate failure by The White House a state secret, has been crucial to Barack Obama’s literal “installation” for a second term.

This is also why Hillary Clinton no doubt “fell” ill.

Did you notice how carefully she worked from notes during her grilling on Capitol Hill?  The past weeks of delays, illness, travel and diversion, have given The White House and Hillary’s inner circle (Bill) the chance to shape her testimony, preserve her



perceived legacy, and cover the President.

Clinton was masterful in crafting her testimony.  She exhausted each representative’s time by discussing the detailed workings and the budget of her State Department. Except for a single, catastrophic flash of temper, never did she stray.

It was as if the President of the United States was absent on 9-11.  She never spoke with him, never discussed how to respond to the incident with him, and as if he never commanded the incident from the Situation Room.  Democrat committee members willingly choreographed their questions, asking only about the dramatic cuts in funding for State Department security.  Anyone half-listening would think that this entire mess wasn’t of Hillary’s making.  It was CONGRESS.

Benghazi situation roomCleverly veiled was the fact that four brave Americans were allowed to die… for the cost of a single phone call.

But Ambassador Stevens speaks from his grave.  His ambitions, his worries, his pleas are all alive in his desperately- sent cables.  Cables which Secretary Clinton made clear, were accidentally IGNORED.  She gets so many!  A million and a half or more a year!  “ALL ADDRESSED TO HER!”  (But handled by her staff of course.)  No one pays attention to a cable sent by an Ambassador, after all!  Especially one like Christopher Stevens, leading peace-keeping efforts in the most dangerous and terror-rich regions of the world?

HER personally-selected Ambassador to Libya, and her dear “friend”  Chris Steven’s pleas for help, were lost in a stack of purchase orders and State Dinner menus?

Christopher Stevens and Hillary Clinton

Secretary Clinton and her friend, Ambassador Christopher Stevens

With friends like Mrs. Clinton………….who needs enemies?

Hillary Clinton’s future depends upon the present.  Of course the Secretary of State knows all of the damning details which have been withheld from the public.

One of the most agonizing discoveries by investigators is that Chris Stevens not only expressed his worries about the lack of security in Libya for many months, HE SENT A CABLE ON THE DAY OF HIS DEATH, reinforcing his concerns.  All were ignored.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens even desperately dialed his own cell phone

Seven hours of battling back Al Qaeda, and The White House didn't have "time" to respond with support?

Seven hours of battling back Al Qaeda, and The White House didn’t have “time” to respond with support?

begging friends in Washington to respond and send help.  Still, somehow The White House, President Obama,  and his crack national “security” team decided Ambassador Stevens was expendable.

Read his own words as published in The Washington Guardian:

“Stevens’ concerns about militia security were previously mentioned by news outlets such as The Daily Beast, but the full details of the diplomatic cable and the exact language Stevens used to alert his bosses in Washington show the State Department had plenty reason to know the city he was visiting was in violent disarray and that there A protester reacts as the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flameswas growing distrust of the security capabilities of local police and militias.

The document described a “state of maximum alert” that had just ended a few days earlier in the city, detailed “extra-judicial killings” of Libyan government officials that were ongoing in the vicinity, reported on a deadly car bombing, and noted the destruction of power lines that blacked out part of the region.

One Libya security commander “expressed growing frustration with police and security forces” and suggested local security was “too weak to keep the country secure,” the memo said.

The cable also warned that Salafists had engaged in a gun battle at aLibyan salafists Muslim shrine less than 22 miles (35 kilometers) outside Benghazi three days earlier, killing three and injuring seven. Stevens specifically flagged concerns about official security exposed by that incident,

Ambassador Stevens was a hero, doing a tough job.

Ambassador Stevens was a hero, doing a tough job.

saying a militia brigade sent to protect the shrine was “late responding” and some Salafist members in the brigade “were actually fighting against local residents in support of efforts to destroy the shrine.”

Likewise, the ambassador wrote he also had received a warning of “expanding Islamist influence” in the nearby community of Derna,

Ambassador Stevens begged for more security, but no one listened.

Ambassador Stevens begged for more security, but no one listened.

noting another local militia brigade had “undercut police presence by accusing the police of being loyal to the former regime.”

As for the explosives attacks on power lines, Stevens wrote, authorities had “confirmed press reports that huge 400 kilowatt lines and towers, including their foundations, had been completely destroyed.”

Secretary Clinton’s mission on Capitol Hill was to dodge a boatload of trouble.

United in purpose and lockstep in containing BENGHAZI incident.

United in purpose and lockstep in containing BENGHAZI incident.

The bitter truth is not that the State Department was stingy with security, it is that The White House abandoned the Benghazi team when they were under attack. Possibly to avoid the risk of elevating the incident, on 9-11, in the middle of a close and crucial election.

Jennifer Griffin of FOX NEWS and others investigating Benghazi are circling the truth.  The stakes on 9-11 were dangerously high for the administration.  The media was injennifer griffin the administration’s pocket. The race was close but winnable, even in a tough environment for the President.  A surprise, hi-tech win was in the can as long as The White House could keep the race close.

The only wild card would be some uncontrollable national or international calamity or incident which might expose the administration to scrutiny in the final weeks of the election. Benghazi was their worst nightmare: An acknowledged attack by Al Qaeda, on September 11th, 2012, unexpected and sloppily-handled, by a President who regularly skipped security briefings, and who had boasted his victory over Al Qaeda.

A murderous attack of a U.S. Ambassador and his staff by Al Qaeda could have tipped the scales.  A 9-11 attack by protesters reacting to an “an anti-Islamic video fit the narrative of The White House agenda.

Now...nothing but excuses.

Now…nothing but excuses.

The real landscape of September 11th 2012,just  eight weeks prior to election day is becoming clear.  The State Department wasn’t paying attention to its ground representatives in an explosive part of the world.  The White House was in campaign-mode and interested in containment.

Most interesting, all are silent about WHO the one adviser was sitting with President Obama alone in The Situation Room that night.  Was it campaign manager and White House aide David Axelrod?  Do you really believe a member of the Joint Chiefs would have guided the President to direct the hugely-capable U.S. “Africom” brass to STAND DOWN?  NOT A CHANCE.

It DOES Matter Mrs. Clinton.

It DOES Matter Mrs. Clinton.

Americans must stand firm on this tragedy, and hold the first and the second administration of Barack Obama:  Accountable.


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