Who Called The Police In The Penn State Scandal? A Woman.
November 19, 2011

Former Penn State Coach and Accused Sexual Predator Jerry Sandusky

The Kitchen Cabinet received this post today from Fox Sports:

“I have news for … any … man trying to rationalize McQueary’s behavior: (Assistant Coach who may or may not have intervened in an attack on a young boy)

If that had been a woman, damn right, she runs into the shower to save the boy.

I am a mom. And what I know for sure after 2-1/2 years on that job is there is nothing more scary than the thought of your kid hurting — any kid, really. If a woman had happened into that shower scene, I almost guarantee she does not leave without the kid.

If that opinion is sexist, I’m OK being viewed as one. Because that opinion is the absolute truth. Of the 20 people listed in the grand jury report as being alerted to Sandusky’s criminal perversion, one was a woman. Guess who called police?”

Good men and good women are protecting the interests of children throughout the U.S. to the best of their ability.  But at Penn State, there was a breakdown of character, of priorities, and of conscience, and The Kitchen Cabinet looks forward to hearing evidence that will shed light on the misfortune for all involved.

Hopefully there will be lessons to learn.



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