Women Changing America

It’s About Jobs: Why Governor Haley Picked Romney

Governor Haley Endorses Mitt RomneySouth Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has come out in support of Mitt Romney to be the GOP Presidential nominee just in time to help Romney in the Iowa Caucuses.

The Iowa polls are very fluid and candidates like Newt Gingrich are hitting radical highs and then coming right back down to earth. Ron Paul is now barely the front runner, but Romney looks to be picking up those leaving Gingrich.

In The Military? Run Don’t Walk To MilitaryConnection.Com

If you are a military family, or have friends and loved ones who have served, they need to know about www.MilitaryConnection.com.  It’s one-stop shopping for all of the valuable information, benefits, educational resources, calculators, products and personal help that a soldier or his or her family could need.  And not so surprising?  It is the work of a woman…who is Changing America.  Meet a real patriot:  Debbie Gregory of Simi Valley, California.  She might inspire you to start YOUR own business.

Women Changing America: JoAnn Davidson, A Pioneer, And A Leader of Women

WOMEN CHANGING AMERICA:  Find out why American Crossroads and Karl Rove wants Ohio’s JoAnn Davidson on the Board of that political powerhouse, and why Davidson is not only a 40-year pioneer in politics, but remains…on the cutting edge for 2012.

Women Changing America: Texas Tea Party Leader Katrina Pierson Is Making A Dent In National Politics

Women ARE Changing America, and Katrina Pierson from the Texas Tea Party is a single mother whose volunteer ground efforts have made the Texas statehouse sit up and LISTEN!  Must read her story.

Women Changing America: Anne Hathaway “Roll Up Your Sleeves America”

Running a campaign?  If you are, Anne Hathaway is someone you want on YOUR side.  Read a slice of political wisdom from the REAL Anne Hathaway, one of the most admired ground strategists in the country and a woman who is Changing America with her service.  Pictured here with TKC Chief of Staff Kathy Rust!