Women Changing America: Bonnie Carroll Comforts Families Of American Heroes

There are Women Changing America in courageous ways and in ever corner of our great country.  Washington’s Bonnie Carroll is one of those.  Her organization serves the spouses, family and extended family members of soldiers lost in war.  She created TAPS, the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors after she experienced her own heartache.  Today tens of thousands of families turn to her for information, financial information, and a shoulder to cry on.

Inside Politics With KARL ROVE

Who will be the GOP architect for 2012?  Mitt Romney’s campaign manager?  Herman Cain’s campaign manager?  No.  KARL ROVE.   Here, Rove writes his observations on the week’s political news, and calls out former President Clinton for undercutting President Obama in his new book.  The Clintons’ stealing the limelight?  Never.

Do You Know Your Real Talents?

Has your life come to a standstill?  Need a new job or pathway?  Time to assess your gifts and talents and perhaps find a new direction. offers a way to “imagine” yourself in next steps.  Read, and see if there is a new “you” waiting to launch.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Chicken Pox Parties Illegal.

Some Tennessee parents are going to the extreme, breaking the law, and putting their own children in jeopardy by using Facebook to get lollipops licked by kids sick with Chicken Pox.  Chicken “Pox Parties” are another rage among parents who oppose vaccinations.  Couldn’t be a WORSE idea according to federal and health officials.  Kids can pick up much more serious things than Chicken Pox….from virtual strangers.  Must read for Moms and Grandmothers.

Janine Turner: A Conservative Heroine For Our Time

Conservative favorite and woman activist Janine Turner is ramping up her own national effort to inform women and give them voice in the decisions of Election 2012.  Turner is building a new career in talk radio and is a favorite on Bill O’Reilly.  She appears on his show tonight speaking about the impact of women in 2012.  Janine Turner’s life has been a fascinating one, and her impact on America:  growing.

Mice Might Teach Us How To “Freeze Our Ages”

What else can mice teach us?  The Mayo Clinic makes a breakthrough in the science of aging, and determines that without a few less senescence cells we could all live healthier, maybe even less-wrinkled lives!  The Kitchen Cabinet staff selflessly offers to serve as research models!

FOX Pundit Says: Obama NOT A One Term President

Surprise Surprise!  A Democrat Strategist tells Fox News in an op-ed today that BARACK OBAMA is NOT a one-term president!    He predicts that Rick Perry will get more and more desperate and spend all of his money trying to destroy Mitt Romney.  Does that mean Perry is the one who sent a flaming arrow to Herman Cain?  Inquiring minds WANT to know.

Gingrich Says What We’re Thinking: Muslims Don’t HAVE To Attend Catholic Schools If They’re Uncomfortable!

Newt Gingrich says what no one else in his political class can, because he is running for President…only in debates!  The former Speaker of the House is invaluable on the national stage.  This week he adds to the discourse by standing up for the right of Catholic University to tell Muslim students… make themselves comfortable….or leave.

Do You Want Your Children To Have An Anthrax Vaccine?

Did you see the movie, “Contagion?”  The government is contemplating providing anthrax inoculations for children all across the nation.   Not only could such a biological attack be visited upon the U.S. by terrorists, but it has already happened in America and elsewhere.  In an epidemic we would all want to protect our families.  But are you ready to be FIRST?

WOMEN WORKING FOR CHANGE: Time To Meet The Greatest Women In The U.S.

The event of the year for Conservative women who want to make a difference!  Form a line to Washington, D.C. and be part of a conclave the greatest women in the country.  Learn how to run for office.  Learn what NOT to do when you’re running for office.  Hear inside strategies about the upcoming election year.  Meet top Congresswomen, former high-ranking administration officials, and all of them….tried and tested Conservative women who have served our country.  Read more here and how to register!