Calling All Mothers
November 15, 2011

Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Tarnishes The Paterno Legend

There is just too much evidence.  The Penn State sexual abuse scandal is so cancerous, so deeply embedded in the previously- respected university that it begs the question of who wasn’t involved in the cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s sickening abuse of young boys.  How could so many family men sleep at night knowing the secrets they were keeping?

Jerry Sandusky called Bob Costas on NBC  and offered the best evidence yet that he is a psychopathic figure, an abuser, and amazingly able to compartmentalize evil.   His calculated phone call and his carefully-worded answers to Costas’ questions should be heard like a police siren by mothers, fathers, and guardians everywhere:

Law enforcement officials can quote shocking statistics about sexual abuse of children in the U.S.    Almost 1 in every 3 girls will experience sexual abuse before they are 18.  One in every six boys.  Ninety percent of all sexually-abused children know their abusers in some way.  Catholic News Service provides the following report of abuse cases in that church.  These would be only the cases that are known and have been adjudicated:

“About 4 percent of U.S. priests ministering from 1950 to 2002 were accused of sex abuse with a minor, according to the first

Kids Deserve To Be Protected

comprehensive national study of the issue.  The study said that 4,392 clergymen — almost all priests — were accused of abusing 10,667 people, with 75 percent of the incidents taking place between 1960 and 1984.   During the same time frame there were 109,694 priests, it said.   Sex-abuse related costs totaled $573 million, with $219 million covered by insurance companies, said the study done by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.”

But the shocking difference of the Penn State scandal, is that it happened almost completely out in the open, and with children who may not have had a mother or a father to watch out for them.  Children in Jerry Sandusky’s “charity.”

Taxpayers will also want to take note:

Sandusky was quietly retired by Penn State in 1999, at the height of his career.  He was the intended successor to the great Joe Paterno, who incidentally, never had even one NCAA violation in all 50 plus years of coaching.  Interestingly, no other colleges came calling for Sandusky in retirement.  He took nearly a $150,000 lump sum payment at retirement, and was given “emeritus” status as a coach.  He still gets $60,000  a year pension from the people of Pennsylvania in in

Hiding Behind Success

compensation.  The People of Pennsylvania are also paying large sums to others involved in the scandal.  Former Penn State Vice President Gary Schultz, charged with perjury in the grand jury and failing to report child abuse, retired from his position in 2009.  He received a $421,847 lump sum payment and now reportedly receives a monthly pension payment of $27,558.  Or $331,000 a year. Former Penn State President Graham Spanier was also fired, but the figures of his employment settlement are not known.   Former Athletic Director Tim Curley, also charged with perjury, did not participate in the state pension system.  All maintain their innocence.

Mothers are usually the guardians of their own children, or others.  In this day and age, parents should be at practice, in the gym, at camp whenever possible, and even at church with their children’s extracurricular activities.  These are our times….when we give almost more deference to the perpetrators, than the victims.



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