The Economic Downturn Hits CNN
November 12, 2011

Downsizing Because Of Tough Times

Television networks and cable television networks are holding on by their teeth.  The business of selling and even making commercials has fallen into tough times just like all other U.S. industries.  The challenge broadcasters are facing is that a major transformation and “re-organization” of audiences is occurring.  For instance, how many sitcoms do you watch on ABC?  How many compared to ten years ago, or 20 years ago?  How often do you watch network or cable news?   No doubt your days are filled now with internet reading, NetFlix, Skyping, and other 21st century pursuits.

The Kitchen Cabinet Front Page offers alternative, honest, news for women tired of the bent of network news.

The Kitchen Cabinet’s Front Page is one of those new, online vehicles of information which is striking a death blow to broadcasting networks who used to control ALL of our news and all of our viewing.  Conservative FOX News draws the highest numbers, but even FOX only attracts a couple of million households to its most popular shows each evening.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the network’s lead anchor, is fortunate if 500,000 viewers catch his evening broadcast each night.  That’s a long fall from the days when Walter Cronkite and others spoke to 40 million viewers at dinnertime in the booming years of the 1970’s and 80’s.

Clinging to a small audience

It is no surprise that CNN announces this week that it is cutting back staff, re-organizing its work structure, and promising to run a leaner and meaner machine.  CNN has actually shown improvement in balance and news coverage since re-shuffling executives a year or so ago.  Even so, Anderson Cooper still presents the news as if the days headlines are true only when they reflect his particular, liberal, political views.

We’d just prefer to get THE NEWS!  That is why so many are looking elsewhere for true news and clicking online to find the latest and most diverse news stories and views.  Fewer and fewer Americans are watching the Big 3 or the Big 5 broadcasters at ALL in 2011, and that means advertisers aren’t willing to pay millions of dollars per minute for an audience that…isn’t there.

Kitchen Cabinet readers are looking for perspectives to counter the constant drumroll of liberal- bent media.  Women would prefer to get only the FIVE W’s!  Who, What, Where, Why, When and HOW . . . straight out of the Journalism textbooks.  TV News stars like to say “You Decide”, but their programs lay out the day’s happenings as if THEY have decided for us.  In 2012 voters will be much more picky about who tells us what is REAL in our world, and THAT’s . . . The Way It Is.

Click here to read at and find out who goes, and who stays at CNN.



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