Sonja Eddings Brown

Bill Clinton Thinks THREE Terms As President Is Even Better

Former President Bill Clinton has a terrific solution to our nation’s problems:  Let the Chief Executive stay THREE TERMS in The White House instead of two!  If someone suggested this possibility to Barack Obama right now, he would probably make a run for it!  Listen to Bill Clinton explain why the public deserves 12 years of a president like him, instead of just two terms as prescribed by law.

Another Disappointing Day For Cain Supporters

Today at 5pm Eastern, Herman Cain has decided that he WILL talk about the continuing allegations of sexual harassment made against him.  He must.  Polling numbers are starting to reflect concern among voters.   American Crossroads’  Karl Rove suggests  that Herman Cain shut down the speculation and demand that the National Restaurant Association RELEASE the formal claims filed against him 10-15 years ago, redact the names of the women involved, and make his case.  If the claims were baseless:  CASE CLOSED.  In the meantime, Cain and his camp continue to point the finger at the media.  BIG TARGET.

Occupy D.C. Takes An Ugly, Violent Turn

78-yr old knocked down at Occupy D.C.Stop everything you’re doing. Forward this to everyone you know. This profane, oppressive, un-American view of the real world of the Occupy Wall Street Movements.

This 78-year old woman didn’t deserve to get knocked to the ground just because she was trying to attend an event the “occupiers” don’t support!

These hooligans are not the people to define our country. . .

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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Chicken Pox Parties Illegal.

Some Tennessee parents are going to the extreme, breaking the law, and putting their own children in jeopardy by using Facebook to get lollipops licked by kids sick with Chicken Pox.  Chicken “Pox Parties” are another rage among parents who oppose vaccinations.  Couldn’t be a WORSE idea according to federal and health officials.  Kids can pick up much more serious things than Chicken Pox….from virtual strangers.  Must read for Moms and Grandmothers.

Corrupt Lobbyist Jack Abramoff On 60 Minutes: He Knew It Was Wrong, But Enjoyed It.

60 Minutes gave convicted influence-peddler, Washington’ Jack Abramoff the national stage last night.  He enjoyed a little too much the opportunity to share the brilliance of how he worked Congressmen, Senators and staffers.  Before going to jail for four years, Abramoff made $20 million a year subverting the business of the people.  This interview is only valuable, because of what we learn from it.

Mixed Messages For Herman Cain

Herman Cain is holding his head high after a tough week of harassment charges and a media frenzy surround it.  Cain continues to campaign hard and trying to shutdown all media questions at appearances.  Today on Sunday talk shows however, leading Republicans called for Cain to tell the whole story.  End the speculation to spare his campaign, AND the GOP.  Could be another hard week.  Latest polling info here.

One Year From Today….We MUST Win.

Everything we hold dear will be on the ballot in 2012.  We will need every caring, and concerned woman in America to form a line and reverse the direction of the country.  The Kitchen Cabinet is preparing to unite the greatest women in the country, and that means YOU.

Joe Biden: Foot In Mouth

Good Job Joe.  What would the country do without your keen understanding of finance?  The Vice President made a special trip yesterday to teach Pittsburgh students that the GOVERNMENT owes them a college education, and that President Obama is the only real friend they’ll ever need!  Read his sage comments here.  It’s a shame we didn’t have the opportunity elect Obama/Biden in the 70’s!  We would be GREECE by now!!!!

Occupy Wall Street OAKLAND Price Tag? $2 Million AT LEAST

Occupy Wall Street New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, and any other place and Acorn could pay or con students and lost souls to protest, are starting to push back.  Police protection and overtime in the City of Oakland alone has cost taxpayers TWO MILLION DOLLARS to push back protestors who don’t even know their cause.  The Democrats might try education and Get Out The Vote instead.  That only costs THEM!

The Battlefield of Sexual Harassment Charges

Herman Cain’s troubles at the National Restaurant Association may have collided with a 1991 decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which suddenly opened the floodgates of sexual harassment cases, most of which were settled quickly and out of court.  Why?  The Kitchen Cabinet uncovers the case, and why it might shed new light on the rumors circling the Cain campaign.