April 21, 2012

Good Try Mr. President....Women Won't Be Bought In This Election

President Obama’s approval rating among women is fifteen points higher than challenger Mitt Romney, particularly in the 2012 Battleground States.

Historically, the Democratic Party always attracts more women voters than Republicans.  This year however, women voters are disenchanted with Barack Obama’s leadership, and that is why we see the unexpected windfall of FREE contraceptives for women!  It’s quite a generous offer, especially considering that there hasn’t been a peep out of women from either party, complaining about a shortage!

More than six percent of democratic-voting women already confirm that they will not repeat their votes for the President.  It is no surprise then that Obama strategists are desperate to find a way to distract women who feel the pinch of a bad economy.

Let’s not allow our friends and colleagues to be fooled by this clever, but disingenuous strategy.  Here are some water-cooler talking points to share with Independent-thinking women who deserve the straight story:

1.If the government provides you with free contraceptives, do you really think you will get to choose the kind you prefer?  Or will you accept what is selected by the federal government for your use?

2-How can the government afford to make free contraceptives available to women in America, when we can’t even afford to keep construction paper in our kids’ classrooms at school?  We CAN’T PAY FOR IT!

3- Women need to know that while the Obama administration promises with one hand to give American women free contraceptives, Democrats are paying for it by putting their other hand in your pocketbook.

4-Isn’t the contraception issue a red herring designed to distract women voters, from focusing on their disenchantment with President Obama’s handling of the economy?

5-The Obama campaign is targeting women with “free contraceptives” simply put, because the women’s vote will decide this election. Who is really waging the “War on Women?”

6-The votes of women are NOT for sale.  Especially not for the price of contraceptives, about $9 a month!

7-Contraceptives are ALREADY free to any woman who can’t afford them in clinics, school health centers, hospitals and of course, Planned Parenthood.

Make no mistake…this is WAR.  The Democrats will be pulling out all the stops to try and win the valuable vote of undecided independent women.  The Kitchen Cabinet sees the landscape a bit differently:  We support all women with paychecks, or who depend upon a paycheck.  ALL OF US should create our own new political party:  The “Keep Your Hands Off My Paycheck” Party!   We deserve to keep what we own, we deserve to be respected, and we should each let Rahm Emanual and David Axelrod know….OUR VOTES ARE NOT FOR SALE.



One Response to “CONTRACEPTION & POLITICS: TKC Talking Points For Women
April 21, 2012

  1. Contraceptives are free? Really? Can you cite a reliable, accurate, and unbiased source for that? Have you ever been IN a Planned Parenthood? THEY AREN’T FREE.
    Many clinics offer CONDOMS for free. That is true. That would be considered free contraceptives.
    ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES are NOT free from clinics, planned parenthood, or school clinics at colleges and universities. As a woman who has taken birth control pills for 9 years with a majority of those years as a college and graduate student, I can attest that they are NOT free. I always, always had to pay something based on my income, even if I didn’t have any income (or when my “income” briefly was actually my student loans!).
    When I was in graduate school, in fact, my school’s clinic did not offer a pill that worked well for me without terrible side effects. I needed to be on MY specific pill that I was used to in order to treat my hormonal depression and very heavy, very painful periods.  Any woman who has taken oral contraceptives knows that each kind is different. You can’t just sub one in for any other! The pills I needed to remain healthy physically and mentally COST ME $80 a MONTH! I had to get the prescription from my school health center and have it filled at a regular pharmacy.
    I was a student trying to get an education.  Since getting my degree have always been gainfully employed. That $80 a month when I was in school was a real burden to me.