Be Nice To Rick Perry Day- Sonja Eddings Brown
November 10, 2011

Be Honest...You've Never Forgotten The Name Or Occupation Or Anniversary Of Someone At The Big Family Gathering????

The same error which sank the Titanic for Rick Perry last night, I have ALSO made in  many conversations, business settings, or family gatherings!  Haven’t you?  A distant relative enters the room.  You’ve met many times.  You…just…can’t…come up with the name…where they live……she’s reaching out her hand……somebody HELP!!!!!!!

As awkward as his debate “moment” was last evening, most Americans really felt sorry for the Texas governor.

Honestly?  I wonder how energized Rick Perry has been about running for President.  Perhaps his wife WANTED him to run.  (During debates he behaves as if his wife makes him attend!)

Southern Conservatives came to the statehouse and invited Governor Perry to run as an alternative to Mitt Romney.  Some key national political fundraisers flashed big numbers in his face, and how flattering must that have been?  And by the way, Rick Perry has already served 12 years as the Governor of Texas, and many believe re-election is not likely.   Picturing himself in the Oval Office has probably been a much nicer vision than becoming an emeritus member of the Dallas Republican Club.

Deep down, Rick Perry knows that he is in over his depth.  Mitt Romney, always too full of facts, kept whispering “Commerce, Commerce” to him.  Did you notice?

There is something that is really likable and admirable about Rick Perry.  He loves education.  If you noticed, when his pants were on fire he tried desperately to close by talking about successes in higher education at the University of Texas.  Rick Perry is responsible for giving high school students in Texas a GREAT opportunity.  He encouraged the University of Texas to create a $10,000 diploma.  Many college students simply need the rubber stamp of having completed SOMETHING.  Crafting a simple, affordable diploma,  opens the door to thousands of students who may not be as strong in academics as they are working with their hands, or working in a business environment.  It’s a brilliant idea and it puts a tiger in the tank for some students who otherwise might not ever be able to afford college.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has created a way for kids to get a basic degree without going deeply into debt.

On the national stage Rick Perry is just overwhelmed and out of his comfort zone.  His core principles have been honed during a journey that has taken him all the way from serving as Al Gore’s Texas campaign director, to running as a Republican for President!

Is it any wonder that he waivers a little on his core issues?

Perry is not going to be the nominee of the Republican Party in 2012.  That leaves us with two remaining serious contenders:  Mitt Romney and Herman Cain.  Both businessmen, both bring a lot to the table in terms of solutions.  Let’s focus on them.



7 Responses to “Be Nice To Rick Perry Day- Sonja Eddings Brown
November 10, 2011

  1. my humble opinion, even before last night, Gingrich/ Cain in 2012!!!!!!!!

  2. Rick Perry is not through, nor should he be. The ones who intend to forcefeed us Mitt Romney are totally mistaken in which man should be the nominee. My strongest belief that Rick should win is not merely because Romney can’t win because he is not that well received; it is because Rick Perry is the only one who has WORN THE UNIFORM OF THE US MARINES AND HAS LEARNED WHAT LEADERSHIP IS. For that, I would vote for him all day, but winning the gubernatorial election in TEXAS is no chore for sissies. The “debates” look more like an inquisition than a search for the honest man, Diogenes and all that. He needs some folks to give him a second, or third look and see who is worth supporting, as he is also a man of faith and not a cult such as islam or others.

  3. You couldn’t be more right. Texas is a tough state to be elected Governor and Rick Perry deserves a lot of credit for the good that he has done. Force feed you Romney? Let’s count our blessings that in this dire time when our futures depend on SOMEONE with economic savvy coming to the rescue, that we have two men running…..who care enough to step into the hot lights and say they’re willing to try and fix it. ANYONE but Barack Obama. If that’s Romney, swallow hard and march forward!

  4. It is not just his debate performances that brought Rick down, but to many issues that Conservatives just could not support. However, your assessment that the only contenders left are Cain and Romney is premature. Newt Gingrich has been on a slow, steady rise in the polls, and for good reason, the man may have some old issues dogging him, but he has depth, he is very smart, with experience and a vast knowledge of the issues.
    Also, the idea of Newt debating Odumbo in a Lincoln / Douglas style debate is just to juicy to pass up! It probably won’t happen, Odumbo and his gang of thugs will do everything in their power to avoid That embarrassment!

  5. Agreed! Newt Gingrich debating Barack Obama would be a RATINGS BLOCKBUSTER! We appreciate the former Speaker’s presence in the debate because he is able to participate as a candidate, without having the burden of really BEING a candidate! Newt Gingrich knows better than anyone that his own staff has quit on him, TWICE. He has no campaign funds. He had to escape Washington after being caught in sexual misbehaviors of his own, and rise in the polling? Probably quite temporary. But the mind and the ideas of the flawed Gingrich are valuable to the GOP…probably more behind the scenes. His political organizations ARE helpful.

  6. I have defended YOU (the Kitchen Cabinet).I am now taking my loyalty else where. You have consistently “shoved” Romney down our throats and I am Just sick to death of you.I now believe you deserved the bashing that I defended you from. Goodbye and good riddance.

  7. Thanks Victoria. But we’re not. Romney is a frontrunner. And there are fewer frontrunners all the time!