Romney Campaign Hires Controversial Adviser?
April 25, 2012

Mitt Romney IS The Real Thing Conservative Women Are Searching For.

The Kitchen Cabinet is getting…calls.  JUST when deeply-conservative women were beginning to consider Mitt Romney he welcomes a gay mid-level staffer to help with communications on foreign affairs!   This creates worry for some that Mitt Romney just isn’t committed to their values.  That, unfortunately, would mean that  George W. Bush is also not committed.  He hired Richard Grenell first.  Grenell, has been vetted and served as a specialist in communications on foreign affairs issues for REPUBLICANS for many years.  He has worked at the United Nations and in The White House.

Part Of Foreign Affairs Communications Team For Romney Campaign

We understand the concerns of many in the Cabinet, and we would like to bring some information to the table.

As the nation grows to know Ann and Mitt Romney, they will probably find that the Romneys are exactly the people their longtime friends say they are:  Kind and fair.  Romney also has very high expectations of professionalism in all of his endeavors.  So it is actually no surprise to The Kitchen Cabinet that Mitt Romney would hire one of the best specialists in foreign affairs he could find, despite his dramatically different social views from the Governor.   Many Republicans have selected Grenell for his professional skills.

BIG LOVE? Created By Hollywood Talent Who Strongly Opposed Mormons & Romney.

In the past ten years, more than just a few activists in the gay community have dedicated every breath they have to try and destroy Mitt Romney.  He was the first U.S. Governor to wage a major state battle against gay marriage.  He opposed and worked hard to stop gay activists from using the legalization of gay marriage to bring gay EDUCATION into public schools in Massachusetts.

The Mormon Church Defended Family Rights In California's Prop 8 Battle

With all this history, why would Mitt Romney extend a hand of professionalism to a long-valued gay Republican with depth of experience in foreign relations assignments?

Those who have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Mitt Romney say he makes his judgments in the workplace on talent and commitment. The former Governor doesn’t budge on his values, but he also understands that there are many in the gay community who are making contributions in the GOP and in the community.  Some have been dedicated servants in government, and Grenell is apparently one of them.

Even so, Romney also makes clear that he opposes the agendas of gay activists.  But in a year when the economy is the moral issue of our time….we need to unite EVERY vote and every fiscal conservative to remove Barack Obama ad his LEAGUES of social liberals from office.

Perhaps We Just Don't Recognize The Old-Fashioned Values Of The Romneys?

Kitchen Cabinet women shouldn’t doubt Ann and Mitt Romney’s hearts for marriage, for family, for the futures of our children.  We should follow Romney’s example in being kind and fair to the families, the neighbors and the colleagues who have sons and daughters who are gay.  Many are sorting out challenges they never expected.

It is gay activists who are willing to re-shape America to satisfy their own agendas.  It is with them that we part ways.

There Is Only On Mission In 2012: Get Obama Out.

The Kitchen Cabinet is filled with women who ALL have deeply-held and personal beliefs on all the social issues.  This year, we must not be side-tracked by distractions that will favor the Democrats. They want this election to be about contraception, and other ridiculous things.

The truth is, this election is about the remarkable failure of Barack Obama.  A man who took a job he was not qualified for.   Conservative women don’t have to like every appointee of a candidate or a president.  What we must do is support the candidacy of Mitt Romney at all costs.

He is the only line of defense we have in restoring the economy and protecting the U.S. Supreme Court from Obama and his team of liberal, activist Democrats.  Their mission is unshakeable and destined to create an America none of us will recognize.



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