Whatever Happened to CALIFORNIA? Socialism.
August 16, 2012

California's very rich...can avoid the rising and aching lower class.

Brilliant writer Victor Davis Hanson published in National Review Online, nails California to the wall:  The state is actually two incompatible countries.  One half of California is filled with residents wealthier than most in America.  People who can afford to look away from poverty, crime and decaying schools.    The rest of the state is trapped in a giant web of social entitlements.  The state’s population between 1980 and 2005 grew by at least ten million.  But California’s Medicaid recipients increased during that time by SEVEN MILLION.

One third of all the nation’s welfare recipients now reside in CALIFORNIA.

Here’s another reason why every American should be voting for economic-conservatives Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  Two men who have the skills and the creativity to save America from the same destiny that is crippling California:

There Is No California

By Victor Davis Hanson

Stanford...you have to KNOW someone to get in today.

“On the coast, blue-chip universities like Cal Tech, Berkeley, Stanford, and UCLA in pastoral landscapes train the world’s doctors, lawyers, engineers, and businesspeople. In the hot interior of blue-collar Sacramento, Turlock, Fresno, and Bakersfield, well over half the incoming freshmen in the California State University system must take remedial math and science classes.

In postmodern Palo Alto, a small cottage costs more than $1 million. Two hours away, in premodern and now-bankrupt Stockton, a bungalow the same size goes for less than $100,000.


In the interior, unemployment in many areas is over 15 percent. The theft of copper wire is reaching epidemic proportions. Thousands of the shrinking middle class have fled the interior for the coast or for nearby no-income-tax states. To fathom the nearly unbelievable statistics — as California’s population grew by 10 million from the mid-1980s to 2005, its number of Medicaid recipients increased by 7 million; one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients now reside in California — visit the state’s hinterlands.

What Me Worry? (If you're star is rising that is)

But in the Never-Never Land of Apple, Facebook, Google, Hollywood, and the wine country, millions live in an idyllic paradise. Coastal Californians can afford to worry about trivia — and so their legislators seek to outlaw foie gras, shut down irrigation projects in order to save the three-inch-long Delta smelt, and allow children to have legally recognized multiple parents.

But in the less feel-good interior, crippling regulations curb timber, gas and oil, and farm production. For the most part, the rules are mandated by coastal utopians who have little idea where the fuel for their imported cars comes from, or how the redwood is cut for their decks, or who grows the ingredients for their Mediterranean lunches of arugula, olive oil, and pasta.

On the coast, it’s politically incorrect to talk of illegal immigration. In the interior, residents see first-hand the bankrupting effects on schools, courts, and health care when millions arrive illegally without English-language fluency or a high-school diploma — and send back billions of dollars in remittances to

California....not just a moon, but another PLANET.

Mexico and other Latin American countries.

The drive from Fresno to Palo Alto takes three hours, but you might as well be rocketing from Earth to the moon.




One Response to “Whatever Happened to CALIFORNIA? Socialism.
August 16, 2012

  1. Spot on. First let’s get R/R elected…then have reform sweep over California, too. As a taxpayer living here all my life, I’m plenty tired of paying for those who don’t contribute one dime into our tax base for all the services they use. I am not alone. Sooner or later, the silent majority is going to rise up and revolt. It will not be a pretty day when that fuse blows.