Enlightened Women Are EVERYWHERE…But Especially In Northern California!
April 18, 2012

How many Republican women would you expect to find in the most liberal pocket of the United States?  Almost In Nancy Pelosi’s  backyard?

WHERE IS Nancy Pelosi These Days????

In the San Francisco Bay area each month, you can find around a hundred economically-conservative women meeting in a library or in the living room of energetic founder Heidi Leupp.  They have donned the name “Enlightened Women Of Northern California”  (EWNC) and they ARE.  The Kitchen Cabinet visited with them this week and discovered a united team of thoughtful, conservative, independent-thinking women holding their own monthly educational forum on issues and politics.

A Breath Of Fresh Air...In California's Bay Area

This group of “enlightened women” are doing what women all across America need to start doing:  informing each other with their opinions, sharing discussions, listening to informed speakers, and building a network of smart, able, Republican women all focused on winning the 2012 elections.

Living in the regions of Barbara Boxer’s deep support and the lush earmarks hand-delivered to Nancy Pelosi fans, you might wonder if they have to meet in secret!!!   But EWNC is a sophisticated group of women who proclaim their conservatism proudly, and are measured, intelligent, and kind in how they profess their opinions.

This is the key.  As women, we can almost single-handedly win the 2012 election if we can reach conservative-leaning, independent-thinking women…and TELL THEM THE TRUTH.  Diehard Democrats will vote as always.  Entrenched Republicans will turnout to vote with fervor to oppose Barack Obama.  But the game-changers in this election year will be Independent Women who are worried about the economy.  If informed women like those at EWNC take to the streets and reach out to women desperate for guidance, Republicans will WIN this election.

CLICK on Get To Work and Try It Out!

If building an brigade of women as Enlightened Women’s Heidi Leupp is doing is not your talent, then be an army of ONE.  Jump on The Kitchen Cabinet’s Election Headquarters, sign up and log in, and reach out to your friends on Facebook, e-mail or cell phone and encourage them to get registered for this election.  At www.thekitchencabinet.us there is unlimited information to help you.  So seize the day! Why wait until November?  Let’s start preparing women to vote out Barack Obama and his team…right here, right now.

This year, American women are all in the SAME Party:  It’s the “Keep Your Hands Off Our Paychecks” Party.  Your friends will THANK you.



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