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Very Little Of “AMERICA” Left In American Politics

Is our country “owned” by the social elite after the 2012 Election?  We’ll see as the “fiscal cliff” is negotiated.  As P.J. O’Rourke famously observed: “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”  Instapundit Glenn Reynold’s has a unique vantage point.  Read on.

The Mastermind of the Barack Obama ONLINE VOTING “MACHINE”

Name this face.  You may not know him now, but you will  hear a lot about him in the future. His name is Harper Reed, and he led the most hi-tech online attack on the GOP ever attempted.  Simply put, Harper and his colleagues won the Election of 2012, even with an ailing candidate.


The question is, was it legal?

IT WAS A COVER-UP: The Obama Administration LIED About Al Qaeda

A Cover-Up to protect the re-election of Barack Obama.  That’s what the Benghazi tragedy has wrought.  Today General Petraeus told the truth.  Awkward in a week where he was exposed for hiding an affair.  But the general may be displaying more character than anyone knows.  Read on.

General Petreaus’ Affair “Remarkably” Revealed On ELECTION NIGHT

Is General David Petraeus, a decorated, admired and most effective U.S. General being blackmailed because of an affair?  Stepping down as Director of the CIA just before he was due to spill what really happened in The White House on September 11, 2012 when Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, is opening eyes even in the major media.  Here’s what we think.

There Really WAS A War On Women

We lost the women’s vote.  The youth vote.  The Latino vote.  Basically everything but the votes of white men and married women.  Hmmmm, this might be reason to assess the GOP’s strategy in a new century when America is now a quilt of increasing colors and interests.  Because Tuesday, November 6th will go down in history as the day…we missed the boat.

It’s All About The U.S. Supreme Court

It is foolish to ignore the carefully-crafted trends and the masterful outcome of this shocking election  This has not been about the economy.  This “Battle for the Soul” of America has always been about the U.S. Supreme Court and gaining control of it.  Social liberals in America have gladly brought our economy to its knees by installing an absolute NOVICE in The White House.  One agreeable to carrying water on gay marriage and other social agendas, and now blessed with four more years to deliver it.

A List Of The Unanswered Questions From BENGHAZI

Is the Benghazi tragedy impacting the re-election efforts of the Obama campaign?  Yes.  Would you know anything about it if you watched the Nightly News?  No.  The major media is PASSING on one of the most important stories of the Obama presidency.  But that doesn’t mean WE have to.  Here’s what former Bush Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz is saying.

T.J. Woods’ Father Tells The Truth…About Benghazi

There is nothing more honest than a father speaking of a lost son.  Unfortunately, when Charles Woods was greeted by the President as he received the remains of Benghazi hero T.J. Woods, he did not receive the same honesty or even sensitivity.  You must read his account of meeting the President, Secretary of State Clinton, and Vice President Biden in his toughest hour, and….weep.

No One Died In…Watergate

The sickening mismanagement of the Libyan tragedy and the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, has erased any shred of faith women voters could have in President Obama.  He failed the test of Commander-in-Chief when our Consulate was under attack by Al Qaeda on September 11th, and he fails the test of integrity….by not owning it.

Mother Of Libyan Attack Victim Sean Smith…Slams Obama

Somehow the President seems to have a tin ear for foreign policy, especially when it involves attacks by Muslim’s on the U.S.  Today Pat Smith calls out the President for minimizing the death of her son, which probably could have been avoided, and for which there is still no HONEST explanation.