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THE HILL: What Really Happened In Libya

Become an expert.  When President Obama faces Mitt Romney and the nation tomorrow night, make sure YOU know what really happened when Al Qaeda attacked and assassinated our Ambassador to Libya. Then let’s all measure our President by how much the TRUTH matters to him.  At present, his administration appears to have perpetrated a cover-up, more misleading than anything seen since WATERGATE.

Russian Immigrant: You Don’t Want Obama’s Socialism

Today a Russian Immigrant, Luba Wold, writes about her memories of how crippling Socialism was to her family.  It is a must read:

“What is admirable about people in this country is how compassionate and giving Americans are. Not because they were told by the government to give, but because they want to help. How many nonprofit organizations, not subsidized by the government are in the United States? Think about it. And I am not saying that Russian people are not compassionate or not giving. It’s not true. But when we are all equally poor, we have nothing to give.”

HOUSTON We Have A Problem: Al Qaeda Attack Funded By Obama Administration?

Evidence is emerging that American taxpayers may have been FUNDING the Al Qaeda terrorists who killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his colleagues. Did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton know?  Probably.  Did President Obama know?  If he didn’t skip his important top secret security briefing…where the news would likely have been shared.

It will make you sick.  Read on.

NBC & David Gregory: A Backroom For Obama

Tuned into Meet The Press and thought you were watching “Coffee with The Obama Campaign?”  That’s how it feels when NBC Political Director Chuck Todd and David Gregory lead the discussion.  But there’s a clear reason why.

They have bosses to please, and one in particular.  Read on.

Obama And Bill Clinton Have Much In Common….

Two Democratic presidents, both have leaned heavily on their personalities in office to get them through.  After the attack and death of four Americans in an exposed foreign consulate, a smile can’t cover up the ugly facts.  President Obama is lying about Al Qaeda’s involvement in the 9-11 attack on our Libyan Consulate.  And the voters don’t know it yet….they will.

What Women Need To Know About The Violence Against Americans

Stop and read:  The only thing more frightening than not knowing how to pay the mortgage, is not knowing if your family is SAFE.  This week attacks ramped up against Americans, and Barack Obama’s lack of leadership is at the heart of it, of according to one foreign service veteran:   “Because of his lack of decisive action in response to attacks in both word and deed, our President is neither feared nor respected by our enemies”   Saturday morning required reading.


Women must be TRUTH-TELLERS on the Economy to their friends.  The crucial 2012 election is not as much about PARTY as it is about our PAYCHECKS.  Families are buckling under the weight of our failing economy.  Here’s how to explain to worried women, WHY OBAMA MUST GO.

Clint Eastwood Speaks: Here’s What He Was Thinking

CLINT EASTWOOD spills the whole story in his community newspaper today…and it is just as great, spontaneous, and creative as you might expect from the Hollywood superstar.  You won’t want to miss a word!



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Ann Romney Shines A Light….On Women

In care you missed it, some highlights from Ann Romney’s important Convention speech.  She talks about Mitt, about how he BUILT his business,  and promised “no one will work harder” to make the country

You might think the Romneys are too good to be true!  But the truth is? The more folks dig, the more real they get.