Tagg Romney reveals the truth about his mother and father.  In an interview with The Boston Globe he shares that his father really wasn’t eager to wage another campaign for the presidency.  What WAS the story behind the Romneys decision to jump into the poisonous waters of a national campaign a second time?  The Kitchen Cabinet sorts it out.

How About Some Civility? One Women’s View

It seems that viewpoints have begun to smack of rage and abuse towards one another, especially on social media.  As I observed the methods, on all sides, of expressing disappointment, I was reminded of one glaring truth.  What we say in rage laced with profanity, no matter how we find ourselves justified, can only serve to divide and destroy.  If we continue in this vein we may find that the damage done is irreparable, rendering us incapable of restoring our nation’s greatest asset – strength in unity despite differences.

The Plain Truth About Election 2012

All the experts having exhausted themselves with their excuses, a Rabbi from New Jersey pulls back the curtain on the ugly underbelly of our November election.  Obama and his team bought the election and most importantly, increased their power over the country.

How To Win A Modern Election? With NUMBERS Not Votes

Look at your local school.  Check out the grocery store.  Take a peek at who’s working behind the fast-food counter.  America doesn’t look like The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, OR The Adams Family!  The 2012 Election proves….we’re living in a whole new country.

Very Little Of “AMERICA” Left In American Politics

Is our country “owned” by the social elite after the 2012 Election?  We’ll see as the “fiscal cliff” is negotiated.  As P.J. O’Rourke famously observed: “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”  Instapundit Glenn Reynold’s has a unique vantage point.  Read on.

America Shouldn’t Apologize For Christianity…Or Christmas

The latest assault on a treasured religious tradition has emerged in Santa Monica, California, the home of “everything goes” in California… except freedom of religion.  Here’s the behind the scenes on the battle between faiths and atheists.

Congressman Allen West Bows Out…Social Agendas Bow IN

Congressman Allen West…calls it quits.  The recount wasn’t helping his numbers and in ANOTHER Election 2012 shocker for Republicans, the Tea Party favorite West…is going home to Florida.  There’s lots of humble pie waiting for the GOP this Thanksgiving.  But there’s a thread running through every single loss.  Take a look.

The Mastermind of the Barack Obama ONLINE VOTING “MACHINE”

Name this face.  You may not know him now, but you will  hear a lot about him in the future. His name is Harper Reed, and he led the most hi-tech online attack on the GOP ever attempted.  Simply put, Harper and his colleagues won the Election of 2012, even with an ailing candidate.


The question is, was it legal?

IT WAS A COVER-UP: The Obama Administration LIED About Al Qaeda

A Cover-Up to protect the re-election of Barack Obama.  That’s what the Benghazi tragedy has wrought.  Today General Petraeus told the truth.  Awkward in a week where he was exposed for hiding an affair.  But the general may be displaying more character than anyone knows.  Read on.

The Soapy Details Of The Petraeus/Allen Probe

Take an overly-ambitious and married biographer, mix her with a bombshell, Tampa Bay, Florida “social liason,”   toss in two Generals who should have known better and you have a recipe for….DISASTER.  Four families in self-destruct mode, and the country praying that General Petraeus will not be under pressure to limit…..his testimony on Benghazi.  Associated Press has the inside story.