America Shouldn’t Apologize For Christianity…Or Christmas
November 24, 2012

By Sonja Eddings Brown, President of The Kitchen Cabinet

With all the annual protests and parades PERMITTED in the streets of Los Angeles, there is no tolerance for a pageant of nativity scenes?


Whenever a Nativity scene is forced out of a town, not only is our constitutional freedom of religion diminished, but a little bit of America is erased.  One doesn’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the history of America.  Christianity is intertwined with the great sacrifices which preceded the birth of our country, and the beauty of our founding principles.  

Why should we apologize for it?

In our own “American way,” and in an effort to be welcoming and inclusive of other faiths, we have been too accepting of activists and atheists who have lobbied to “strike” nativity scenes from our communities.

The latest assault on a treasured religious tradition has emerged in Santa Monica, California.  Santa Monica is the home of “everything goes” in California…except freedom of religion.  This week a federal judge ruled that the City of Santa Monica does not have to permit Nativity scenes within its city boundaries.  This ruling means shutting down a beautiful tradition and community event in Pacific Palisades Park enjoyed for over 50 years.

Can you imagine the outcry if someone made a poster defiling Judaism, or Islam, or even the rights of Gay Americans to gather in celebration?

Here is how a longtime, cherished, public display has become the object of a political battle between people of faith and Atheists:

“In a closely watched case that has attracted national attention, Judge Audrey B. Collins denied a request from the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee to erect multiple large displays depicting the story of the birth of Jesus in the park overlooking the ocean. The coalition of churches has erected the displays every December since the 1950s.

But last year, after requests for display spots exceeded the space allotted, the city held a lottery to allocate spaces. Atheists won 18 of 21 spots. A Jewish group won another. The traditional Nativity story that used to take up 14 displays was crammed into two.

Controversy erupted, and as a result, the city decided the lottery would become increasingly costly. Last June, the City Council voted to ban all private unattended displays.”

Is the example of Jesus Christ a bad one to be remembered?

The Pacific Palisades Park had celebrated a nativity for over 50 years. All of a sudden, the display of hope and peace became offensive to non-believers and non-Christians?

In October, Nativity scene proponents filed suit in federal court to allow the traditional Christian displays to continue. In a 27-page tentative ruling, Collins denied the group permission to erect their displays this year while the case is pending.

“The atheists won,” said William Becker, attorney for the Nativity group. He then went on to compare the city to Pontius Pilate, the judge at Jesus’ trial, saying: “It’s a shame about Christmas. Pontius Pilate was exactly the same kind of administrator.”

Santa Monica’s attorney, Barry A. Rosenbaum, said the city is “very pleased” with the ruling. The judge, he said, “understood the government interests and that [groups wanting to put up displays] have a number of alternatives to erect displays.”

The annual Pacific Palisades “Nativity” pageant has suddenly gone out of style.

What really happened in Santa Monica, is that non-Christians and non-believers decided that the Nativity tradition did not represent THEM.  They flooded the annual lottery with counter applications to hijack the tradition.  The City of Santa Monica not wanting to referee the battle for space in the park, decided to shut the whole thing down.

Here’s what REAL leaders could do:  DEFEND the historic importance of Christmas and Christianity in America.  Give it a place of honor.  ALSO make room to include displays of other faiths which celebrate this time of year.  Invite non-believers to respect the treasured traditions and faith of America.  Reject pleas and legal challenges by those who endanger this history and reverence.

In America, we should not apologize, marginalize or reject the traditions of Christianity which FOUNDED our nation.  City and national leaders should set an example of remembrance and reverence for what is a peaceful and hopeful celebration, ONCE a year.

All the parties are due back in court Dec. 3, when the judge will hear additional arguments in the case.



5 Responses to “America Shouldn’t Apologize For Christianity…Or Christmas
November 24, 2012

  1. It is high time that our so called leaders “grew a pair” letting things like this slide is just part of the reason that our country is in as bad of shape as it is! I for one will not be intimidated by other religions, or ethnic groups, I AM A CHRISTIAN AMERICAN! If you don’t like it please feel free to go back to your home country!

  2. Of course the atheist won. Obama is their president.

  3. I believe the constitution states freedom OF reliigion not freedom FROM religion.  These non-christians, which are just 14% of the population) may have the money to force their way and it appears that the liberal judges will not use the constitution as the basis of their ruling. 

    I still do not understand how 14% of a population dictates what 85% can do?  It does not make good sence. 

  4. No God, No Peace. I am sending my letter to Santa Monica in protest of their weakness to the values that founded this great country. Would like an atheist to explain why they are offended by the displays. There is no history for a logical explanation.

  5. well lets look at what has happened at these places lately  New York Jersey Penn,Vermont,Oh and when you time come,s cal. there will be nothing left of the filth you grow there .I for one can hardly wait to see you all whaling on my TV screen you asked for it when states take God out he takes every thing out. as for atheist there is no such a thing because they have to believe in some thing.