General Petreaus’ Affair “Remarkably” Revealed On ELECTION NIGHT

Is General David Petraeus, a decorated, admired and most effective U.S. General being blackmailed because of an affair?  Stepping down as Director of the CIA just before he was due to spill what really happened in The White House on September 11, 2012 when Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, is opening eyes even in the major media.  Here’s what we think.

There Really WAS A War On Women

We lost the women’s vote.  The youth vote.  The Latino vote.  Basically everything but the votes of white men and married women.  Hmmmm, this might be reason to assess the GOP’s strategy in a new century when America is now a quilt of increasing colors and interests.  Because Tuesday, November 6th will go down in history as the day…we missed the boat.

The Painful Truth About A Massive Loss

Mitt Romney has been a transformational candidate, and one of the most prepared men ever to run for the presidency.  The Republicans didn’t lose the Election of 2012 because we didn’t have a great candidate, we lost because we were outgunned on strategy and tactics.  The Democrats KNEW their audience and DELIVERED it with 21st Century tools.

Here’s what you may not know about how we LOST.

It’s All About The U.S. Supreme Court

It is foolish to ignore the carefully-crafted trends and the masterful outcome of this shocking election  This has not been about the economy.  This “Battle for the Soul” of America has always been about the U.S. Supreme Court and gaining control of it.  Social liberals in America have gladly brought our economy to its knees by installing an absolute NOVICE in The White House.  One agreeable to carrying water on gay marriage and other social agendas, and now blessed with four more years to deliver it.

Don’t Be Discouraged….Romney’s Coming On Strong!

Mitt Romney is leading remarkably in Virginia, and the Republican precincts in OHIO are reporting amazing turnout numbers, above 72%.   Florida…we lose the Senate seat to Democrat Bill Nelson, and that is disappointing.  But Mitt Romney has lead in Florida for weeks and the campaign feels confident that he will carry the giant state.

And Pennsylvania?  No one is even TALKING about it yet…and it has been TIED for

Don’t Believe Everything You HEAR Tonight

As the early returns come in…and the networks use EXIT POLLS to fill the gaps…remember that voters may not be that Democrats worrying about their wallets may be a little hesitant to admit that Barack Obama isn’t their choice.  This year more than ever, Exit Polling might be spotty.  Here’s some of the secrets you should know.


Exit Polling.  We love it and we hate it.  On Nov. 6th, the national media has agreed to put their representatives in a closed room without any electricity!  Straight-jackets might also be helpful.  Because everyone is going to want to be the first to share whether voter trends support all the bouncing national polls or not.  We’ll all have to wait until 8pm Eastern….and here’s the plan.

TKC EXCLUSIVE: Black Panther Faction At The Cleveland Board of Elections “Updated”

What’s the message when voters can’t enter a polling place in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio without going around a “Black Panther?”  That’s what our staffers captured at the Board of Elections in the crucial Cuyahoga County district, where Barack Obama must get at least 70% of the vote or his presidency….is OVER.

THIRTY-EIGHT Newspapers Switch From Obama…To Romney

The writing is literally…on the wall.  Mitt Romney captures the endorsements of finicky and liberal-leaning newspapers across the country.  Not just those with Conservative readers, but newspapers who stuck their necks out in 2008 and made the mistake of endorsing ONE Barack Obama.  See if you can guess who’s on this list!


12 Reasons One Woman Is Voting For Mitt

How will women vote on Election Day?  We have to vote our pocketbooks because the economy is hurting women and their families the most.  But does that mean Barack Obama and his promises of government checks and free birth control, or Mitt Romney’s promise to rebuild a healthy economy?  Christine Dudley, former Exec. Director of the Republican Party in Illinois spells out 12 reasons why women MUST do the right thing.