PINNED: Two Energy Executives Wedged Between The White House And A Billionaire
September 24, 2011

Held Hostage By Billionaire George Kaiser AND The White House

You’re sitting at lunch one day, and you think, “There’s just got to be a FORTUNE in solar energy. ”   Were they scientists without any business expertise?  Opportunists without any knowledge of energy or business?  Investors with bad tips?  It doesn’t matter now, Solyndra’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Harrison, is the man responsible for several billion dollars in losses and waste poured into solar panels and solar fields in California, and maybe elsewhere.    Chief Financial officer Bill Stover is also on the hook, because HE was supposed to be watching the checking account!

Kitchen Cabinet women could probably have taken better care of the millions than these “experts” did.

Now, it stinks to be them as high schoolers might say.  The White House is on the run,

Former Senior White House Confidente David Axelrod Says He Knew Nothing

after buckling to pressure from billionaire donor George Kaiser, who squeezed and squeezed senior officials in the early Obama administration until they  forced the Office of Budget and Management to let fly over $350 million in green energy taxpayer loans.  Solyndra was the poster child for these new projects, it had a couple of other large investors, and putting the federal government behind the project cemented it.

Now no one is talking.  In July, Solyndra apparently came begging for $75 million MORE, claiming all was well.  The money was granted

Obama: It Seemed Like A Good Idea...At The Time

.  Not only had the Vice President LAUNCHED the company, but President Obama had personally visited and taken campaign photos there!  Within four weeks, ALL OF IT WAS GONE.  The White House had invested not once, but twice, in a failed enterprise.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest adviser, has been mentioned as one in the White House inner circle involved in the deal.

But the silence is deafening on Pennsylvania Avenue, and from George Kaiser’s house as well.  Two sacrificial lambs are being offered to

Kaiser Wanted Payback From Obama Administration...And He Got It

Congress to testify.  Both CEO Brian Harrison and CFO Bill Stover are taking the 5th!  Taking the 5th!!!!!!!

But how can these two men do anything else?  If they talk, just as in Watergate days, they will expose the Obama administration and it will likely lead straight to the President.  If they implicate George Kaiser with revelations of inappropriate access and favors, they will both be broke and hung out to dry by their billionaire boss.

It stinks….to be them.    The whole lot of them are responsible for a failed mess and for ripping off taxpayers.  The only question now is,

White House Deadly Silent On Solyndra

“How many other such taxpayer frauds have been funded by the inept and inexperienced Obama White House?”

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