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Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Chicken Pox Parties Illegal.

Some Tennessee parents are going to the extreme, breaking the law, and putting their own children in jeopardy by using Facebook to get lollipops licked by kids sick with Chicken Pox.  Chicken “Pox Parties” are another rage among parents who oppose vaccinations.  Couldn’t be a WORSE idea according to federal and health officials.  Kids can pick up much more serious things than Chicken Pox….from virtual strangers.  Must read for Moms and Grandmothers.

Deaf Woman Hears Her Voice For The Very First Time

What a time to be alive…to be able to watch a deaf woman, given hearing implants, receive the sound of her own voice, her own laughter, for the first time.  MUST WATCH.

PINNED: Two Energy Executives Wedged Between The White House And A Billionaire

The White House is facing its own “Solargate.”  In an effort to satisfy a billionaire donor, senior White House aides and probably an approving President, pressured government officials to deliver hundreds of millions of energy loans to Solyndra Solar Power.   Yesterday Solyndra Executives stood to testify before a congressional investigation, and were SILENT.   It’s Watergate all over again.   They know too much to talk.

Air Shows And Competitions To Continue?

Rare Home Video of Reno Air Crash discovered…Associated Press looks at whether the U.S. NEEDS these expensive and often dangerous air shows.


Solyndra: Obama’s ENRON

When it gets bad, it just gets worse?  The Obama administration faces its own “Enron.”  Solyndra Solar Power absorbed $500 million of taxpayer money.  The green energy company was backed by a giant Obama donor, and all evidence suggests that special delivery loans from the “Stimulus” were shuffled in a hurry to billionaire George Kaiser.  Dig in.  The cost of doing business for re-election?  If you’re the president, it must be hard to get up these days.

How Much To Feed YOUR Son For Five Years?

How would you EAT on a mission to Mars?  How would the U.S. AFFORD a Mission to Mars.  Answers few and far between, but research is apparently underway!